> How to open a door with a lock from the inside

How to open a door with a lock from the inside

You leave the house and when you return you notice that the door is closed and you do not have the keys, to top it off, it is secured from the inside.

To do? We are sure that you cannot, nor do you want to stay away from home. Then you must implement some plan to be able to open it. For this there are many alternatives, but the situation is difficult when the door is closed from the inside.

The credit card, the knife, or the X-ray, help only if the door is closed without a lock, it is only a matter of reaching the lock mechanism to release the pistons. But when there is insurance involved, somewhat more radical solutions must be applied.

We understand the problem and we want to be part of the solution, so we bring you some alternatives so that you know how to open a door with a lock from the inside.

closed wooden door with blue handrail

Disarm the lock

As a first alternative, disassembling the lock is a good option, of course, if the door is made of wood with a handle, this process is possible, since disassembling the lock on security doors or metal doors is really impossible.

To do this, you need a screwdriver, a razor or a knife. The joke is to remove the screws that hold the lock to the base. Once these screws are located, you must remove them and remove the cover or base that is under the knob as well.

On the opposite side you must remove the other knob, pushing it a little harder until it is completely removed. At this point, try to open the door by hooking the screwdriver to the element that moves the latch; If it does not open, we must force it.

So with the screwdriver, push, in the opposite direction to the latch, the springs that activate the lock mechanism. You must keep the pressure on the springs, still prying with the screwdriver, and finally push the door.

To remove the lock, you can also try other tools like; a drill, hammer and awl, or whatever you can hit with and direct the lock to take off.

It is important to clarify that if you opt for any of these other tools, you must be careful as you could break the door.

door and its locks pulled closed

The Bumping Key method

This method is widely used by locksmiths, precisely because of its effectiveness when it comes to opening doors with lock from the inside. It consists of the use of a key that is characterized by having many subtly filed teeth in its design, to the point that when it is inserted it is positioned lower than common keys.

The bumping key must be inserted, then hit with a hammer or if it is the front door and you do not have one at hand, a stone will do. The idea is lift the pistons away from their closed position. In this way, the lock is released and we can turn the knob or knob to open the door.

As we already mentioned, specialists (locksmiths) usually have their bumping key on hand; It is like a master or universal key that easily fits into any lock, basically you have to hit and lift the pistons that keep the lock.

But if you do not have a locksmith nearby, or you do not have money to pay for the service, or perhaps you prefer to try to solve your problem yourself, and you do not have one of these keys, you can make your own bumping key, you only need certain implements :

  • A key that can fit into the lock on the door that is closed.
  • A file or something that serves to file the teeth of the key and lower them until they are all aligned.
  • Now, to make your bumping key, first you must file each tooth that the key has until leaving them as small triangles, make sure they are all the same size.
  • Then, insert the bumping key that you made into the lock, with a hammer or something stiff and heavy, hit it firmly.
  • Once this is done, you can proceed to turn the handle.

When hit, the key will touch the pistons causing them to jump slightly, aligning themselves so that turning the key releases the lock.

Open Door Lock with Drill

Improvise your own implements

Let’s imagine that the closed door is the main one and you don’t have access to any key that you can modify, don’t worry! You can take the initiative to create your own implements to open the door.

You may not have a pick kit, but you can locate simple materials that you can turn into useful tools for your locksmith purpose.

The idea is to create a tension key and a crowbar that will act as a pick or as it is commonly called, a locksmith’s rake.

You only need two clips, in case you don’t carry some, a piece of wire or some hair clip can help. What we need is to assemble two pieces, the tension key and the pick.

Once the wire is located, you should consider a reasonable size and chop it in two, if there are two clips. Take a piece of this and stretch it linearly, this will be our tension wrench. The other clips or piece of wire, you will stretch it almost completely, because on one of its ends you must make a kind of hook (bend it), this will be the pick.

Now, you must insert the tension key into the lock. Perform rotating movements with it as if it were a common key, towards the side that the movements give the most is where you must turn and press during the entire procedure that you will do next.

The instrument that we determine pick, you must introduce it trying to position as shown they would locate the teeth of a key common; begins to move the rake key out and in, very carefully to determine the behavior of the lock.

Hearing and touch are of vital importance in the process, as they will help you detect the behavior of the lock in each of your forces and maneuvers, there you will notice for which side you should be more persistent.

When you feel the alignment of the pins or pistons in the lock, turn the tension key and the door will open.

How to open a door with a lock …

We think many times how to open a door with a lock, almost always at the necessary moment.
Although we know or have heard methods of how to open the happy door. We may not have enough to do it.

I hope to contribute in this mini compilation of openings, tools of use or the place where to open. And may it be good for you.

how to open a door with a lock from the inside

Well, in a way, the bumping method, as explained in the article, is one of the most effective. Then he drilling the bulb as seen in the video, it is also effective and noisy, by the way.

how to open a car lock door

Well I leave you the link to a youtube video of ways to open a car, car, car or automobile. That happens here.

how to open a locked door with a card

X-rays such as credit cards, debit cards or membership cards, identity cards, supermarkets, or plastic bottles are used to open doors but they should not have the security that makes it impossible to open with these objects.

how to open a rotary lock door

Rotary deadbolt locks are normally knobby and have a hole. This is located in the center of the knob. An Allen key is inserted into it, we press and turn the knob in the opening direction.

how to unlock a door with a paper clip

We really need a turnbuckle and a clip or 2 clips. Good in case it’s two clips. We must make one in the form of a tensioner to be able to turn the bowler when with the other clip in the shape of an old knife but on a small scale, we have equalized the cylinder pins.

how to unlock a door with a latch

A barrette in a way is similar to a paperclip and, therefore, we carry out the same action method as if it were two clips. It involves one rotates and the other equalizes the pins (pins).

how to open a door with truck lock

I’m going to leave you a link to a video of how to open cars. At least they are of the same procedure when opening a truck. At the end of the video more than opening … I am not going to spolier but you will be amazed with the mischief of the people.

how to open a locked door with a knife

The knife is a serrated one. You eat the door and then, as if it were not from saw. You open by pushing the lock slide through the gap between the door and the frame, attacking the lock.

how to open a door with a lock inside

how to open a locked door from the outside

how to open a locked door from the inside

These 3 ways of indicating how to know how to open a door can be done, either, breaking the cylinder with a cylinder extractor or with a drill or hammer. Both ways are destructive and render the lock useless. Due to proceed to its change once finished forcing and opening.

how to open a locked door with a wire

The wire, hairpin, pin, clip and any object of the same or similar shape. Will open the door as if it were to be opened with a pick and a tensioner. It is necessary to have two opening tools and to maneuver with them as we would with picks.

how to open a car door with lock

We can if you have not seen the video of the link above, open the door, in several ways. With screwdriver, tennis ball, plunger, cords or strings, air inflators or floats, etc. I leave you the link here. Do not hesitate and watch the short. Will not leave you indifferent.

how to open a door with button lock

Normally locks that have a closing button, on the other hand, have a perforation that leads to a mechanism that activates the release of the button. They are usually interior doors or doors that are not looking for great security. Just a measure of privacy when accessing the interior.

how to open a bathroom lock door

I know that I am going to get out of order but, a bathroom door is very flimsy and, therefore, with a kick or a lever or kickstand, we open it almost quickly and destructively. It is not a good way to open a door, although, there are light and professional ways, such as breaking and fast.

Today there are impression picks that allow you to open security doors quickly, without noise, without damage and, with the consequence, that if you are a thief (the home insurance may not take over).

Good to point out as the last one that you do not stop investigating and informing yourselves, why all knowledge is knowing and, it is good to know how to do.

how to open the door without key

how to open the door without key

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