> How to open a door with a round doorknob

How to open a door with a round doorknob

Round knob doors are used very frequently in interior spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. To be more specific, these types of locks are the ones that open with just one turn. Can you identify them?

Well, precisely because they are used indoors, they are the ones with the greatest use and the least security, thus having only the protection of the latch; They do not have a safety pin with a turn of the key, simply a safety since, due to the constant opening and closing movement, it deserves easy access, even if they are accidentally closed.

That is why having knowledge of how to open a door with a round doorknob, allows us to be heroes of our own carelessness. Forgetting the key, activating, without realizing it, the insurance button, would not be a problem and even less if the following techniques are taken into account:

Plastic card

This is the natural method of opening wooden doors. At least those of interior spaces since for many wooden doors in exteriors it does not work, the reason? They usually have a cover in the slot, where the card can be placed, which does not allow the entry of the tool.

Now, with the card the aim is to move the latch of the lock; This is the metal piece that is activated by turning the knob to open and, rests on the strike of the door frame, to close.

So what we need is to have a plastic card on hand, which can be a prepaid card, a credit card, a store affiliation card, etc. You just have to be aware that surely you will not be able to use it again, at least not to pay your bills.

  • The card is inserted between the door and the frame, right in that small opening that is formed there, if you are not sure, push as far as you can and you will notice the division.
  • Once the card is inserted, quickly slide it down to engage the latch.
  • When bumping into the latch, apply a little pressure, tilting the card towards the door frame, or rather prying to try to push the latch down.
  • With the other hand, while you carry out the previous step, you turn the knob, to generate jerks in the latch that facilitate the work of the card.
  • Additionally, with a part of your body, either shoulder or knee, you push the door a little to make sure that the latch does not collide with the walls of the strike and thus finish opening the door.

Using a knife

As we mentioned at the beginning, round knob doors have a simple opening mechanism and that simplicity makes it easy to use various tools, including a knife. Although understanding the type of locks there are two ways to use the knife that could be applied in this case.

For example, we have a first option in which the only purpose is to simply move the latch from the closed position by pushing it down, thus clearing the opening. Very similar to what we managed to do with the plastic card, force the latch.

For this, you need a knife, it can be of any type, but preferably resistant, that does not bend when pressing and is not very sharp or pointed because if you make a mistake, you could get hurt, so that a spread knife it would be better.

To open you must do the following:

  • Place the knife diagonally and insert the point between the door and the metal plate on the frame; that where the latch rests.
  • Continue until you feel that the tip of the knife has reached the bottom of the strike.
  • At that moment, press down to move the latch from its place.
  • When the knife moves to the latch, you must make the lever movement, tilting the knife, to be able to deactivate the mechanism and open the door.

To feel more confident when executing the method practice a couple of times before to do it with the true intention of opening.

To continue, as a second option, we use a thinner spreading knife, a file and carry out the following procedure.

  • Place the knife in the hole of the knob, if it does not fit you should file it until its size is reduced a little more than that of the hole.
  • Insert it into the hole and push it to the deepest point of the lock.
  • Without stopping pressing, turn the knife as if it were the key.

If the knife is filed enough, the knob will turn, the safety will come out and what you have been waiting for will happen, the door will be open.

Using hair clips

Hair clips are a good alternative for round doorknob doors as they are the perfect shape to fit through the keyhole. However, we must adapt them for use, so the rubber tips should be removed if you have them.

This will prevent them from getting tight inside the lock when inserted and obstructing it, adding one more difficulty to the process. Thus, once said plastic is removed, we proceed:

  • Insert the hook with the points forward into the keyhole, trying to go as deep as possible.
  • Once you have inserted the hook, you push it and move it to the side of the opening and while doing that you can turn the knob without removing the hook.
  • You can move the knob in both directions, until you fully force the internal mechanism of the lock. The idea is that you deactivate the insurance that you have active and give in to the opening of the door.

Another tool that fits very well at this point is an Allen wrench. These come in a variety of sizes, so you should only look for one that meets the keyhole dimensions, you insert it through the longest part and push until you feel that it has reached the limit, at that moment, without stopping pressing, turn it.

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