> How to open a door with an old lock

How to open an old lockable door

We understand that nowadays door models and designs are simpler than those of antiquity and when opening them it is possible to do it without much complexity; turn a knob, knob or maneuver a cylinder.

However, although the mechanisms are sophisticated, they will always depend on a key. So if by bad luck they are closed to us, we look for common techniques to open them. But what if the door, although modern, has an old lock? How to open a door with an old lock? What technique would help us?

What to consider

It must be taken into account that in other times, the doors did not necessarily have to have a high degree of hermeticism, their function was not strictly security as it is today. Although in the same way they used to have their elements to close.

Now many will think that using an old lock as a means of security is synonymous with poor security, since it is necessary to clarify that it is not the case, many old locks have a solid security base, which could guarantee a good protection and many keep them because they have a sentimental or historical value.

In our days, security is the main factor in the use of a door, that is why we go to close with lock or key when we go out of our home, of the room or when we return from the garden of the house. But if any of those doors have an old lock, we must know what and how to use in terms of strategies.

Complicated but not difficult! Here we will give you some tips that could help you if you find yourself in front of an old lockable door that you cannot open:

Use a similar key

This can work depending on how old the lock is or how simple its mechanism is. So if it is a very old model and you don’t want to break the lock by forcing it, this is your best option.

In general, these doors with locks and old designs tend to exist in areas with a high historical weight, or in our homes when we want to give a vintage style or when we want to preserve their historical value, if it is old houses.

So you should take advantage of the ease of this condition to get a similarly styled key. Perhaps there is someone with an identical or at least similar key that could work; It may be a neighbor, or a grandmother in one of their drawers, although for safety you could check in an antique store. In these types of places they usually have keys for old locks.

Of course, if the lock is not that old, but you refer to it as old because it has been installed for a long time, then you will have to opt for one of the following methods to open doors with old locks without keys.

Pick technique

Surely you have already heard or read about this technique, but if you do not know it, lock picks are manual tools, and more recently electrical ones, used to manipulate the internal mechanical elements of a lock, in order to achieve its opening without the use of the key.

Basically they are a set of levers with hooks on their ends, which allow an engagement with the pistons that are inside the cylinder of the locks, releasing them one by one until it is opened.

They can be obtained in specialized stores, however their use and sale has been regulated in different countries of the world, for what is sometimes required a credential to be able to acquire them. Of course you can always consult a neighbor or friend, you may be lucky enough to meet someone who has one of these Kitts.

As for the execution, the use of lock picks requires great care and precision, touch and patience are essential but experience with them is not too much. That is why we recommend that you practice previously with another lock.

Additionally, it is necessary to warn you that its misuse could damage the lock, so you must be careful, because if the idea is not to damage it or break it, you have to be careful.

  • Now, when we have the pick kit in our hands, we must visualize which of them is the one that could help us in our process, for this you must look at the figure of the tip and compare it with the inside of the cylinder.
  • These kits contain a tool in the shape of L or Z, called tensioners or tension wrench that will help us to put pressure on the Interior.
  • The tension key is first introduced by pressing on the bottom of the lock without exaggerating in the application of force.
  • Subsequently, the pick is inserted above the pressure tap. With the pick you will tap the upper area of ​​the hole to remove the pistons while you are introducing the pick towards the Interior.
  • You must repeat this movement until each piston is lifted, allowing the lock to be released.

It should be noted that you will be able to distinguish when each piston has come out, because once you lift them with the pick and it lines up, it emits a sound comparable to a “click”.

Call the locksmith

As a last tip, we recommend calling a locksmith. Let us remember that all work depends on a specialist and who better than them to do it, in this way we will save time and we will have the certainty that everything will end satisfactorily.

The work of professional locksmiths requires a lot of dedication, so people must understand how important it is to have their properties well protected and cared for, which leads to entrusting this type of work to qualified people.

Although we have advanced in time, There are things of antiquity that have great value, not only when it comes to money, but also from the sentimental part. Not counting how elegant and interesting places can look with old elements such as doors or locks for example, they give a vintage touch to the spaces.

So, take this last tip as the first and call a specialist. It will guarantee the life of your relic.

Wardrobe Cabinet Basic 2 Lever Lock picked open using a screwdriver to tension the bolt

Wardrobe Cabinet Basic 2 Lever Lock picked open using a screwdriver to tension the bolt

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