> How to open a door with plastic

How to open a door with a plastic

Perhaps you think it is a myth when you hear that, to open a door that is closed and you do not have the key, a simple piece of plastic is the solution! Well, you should know that it is not a myth or some legend, you can really solve and open the door using a plastic as the only tool.

So, if you are interested and want to know how to open a door with a plastic, you just need to pay attention to what we bring you. Ah! You will also need to have certain implements on hand to help you prepare the plastic, depending on which one you use.

But let’s not continue with this, let’s go at once! Next, we will tell you which plastic elements you can try to open your door, three similar techniques with different tools, but all of the same material. If you still don’t believe it, check the following:

1. With a card

You may have heard that with a credit card you can open a door, but they don’t really warn you that it doesn’t necessarily have to be “credit”; It is not because it has financial content that the release of the lock does; it is its material or resistant plastic that gives it greater flexibility to use it.

For this reason, in this post we tell you that you can substitute the credit card for any other that is made of plastic. Because we understand that you may not have a credit card or you simply know that using your card to open a door can have disastrous consequences for your economy; yes, you can keep a damaged and unusable card and how do you pay the bills?

Needless to say, using a credit card to open a door is a widely used technique. In fact, we dare to say that it is the first alternative to open a door, because it does not involve great expenses, nor greater effort than that of maneuvering with the lock and the card. Simple, easy and very practical! But, don’t miss the step by step:

  • With the card in hand, face the door, take it to the lock and place it right in the middle of the door and the frame (in a slight opening that is in that space). This should be a few inches above the height of the lock.
  • Try to insert the card through the slot, while with your free hand you grasp the knob or handle of the lock if it has one, if not only slightly push the door.
  • After inserting it, slide it down with a little pressure.
  • Once it engages with the latch, push it, with the card, towards the side of the door, in order to sink the latch and insert it into the lock.

When we talk about a slip or latch, we refer to that metal element that enters and leaves the door to position itself on the template that has the frame, it is what activates the closing mechanism.

  • Meanwhile, with your other hand holding the knob, you will start to move the handle continuously as if you were opening the door, while doing the previous step.

By sinking the slip the door will give way and will be open without problems.

2. Soda bottle

This time you should use an empty plastic bottle, we suggest a soda or soda bottle, but the truth is that a container of water or juice can also work, no matter the brand, the important thing is the material that is the only protagonist, the plastic .

  • Now, previously you must help yourself with a scissors to make the tool, since you need to cut the peak and the base, so that only the central body remains.
  • Then you will have to make a cut through the middle of the remaining body of the bottle. When finished, you will notice that you will have a plastic sheet that will be the tool to use in the process of opening the door.

Now, through the same slot where the card should be inserted, you will insert the sheet, holding it at both ends, you will slide it from top to bottom, or on the contrary if it is more comfortable for you, treating as in the previous technique, of sinking the skid or pin.

You can review the application step by step with the card because it is similar, although in this technique you will keep both hands holding each end of the plastic sheet, which will not allow you to take the knob. However, from time to time you can release the bottom end to push the door open by turning the knob.

Of course, you are free to choose whether to keep the central body of the bottle the original size or to cut it to reduce it or give it a different shape. Some cut the shape of a nail, triangle, etc.

3. X-ray

This time, you can use the full-size X-ray or cut a piece that you consider sufficient to work comfortably.

From now on we anticipate that the application of this technique is similar to those described above, although with slight variations, let’s see!

  • Insert the X-ray into the slot in the door between the frame and the lock.
  • Place it about 8 inches below the lock.
  • The X-ray, unlike the credit card and the bottle, is usually a bit rougher to slide in, making it a bit tricky to get into the crevice. So you should be pushing little by little, starting at a corner, until a large part is inserted, 3 to 4 cm.

If it is a bit difficult for you to enter it, apply lubricating oil to both the slot and the portion of the X-ray that you are trying to insert to move easily.

  • Now take it to the top of the lock and when you go through where you consider the slip to be, try to press up to remove it from the strike.

Remember that if it does not work out the first time, you should not lose your cool, these are techniques of dexterity and speed that, in general, require a little practice.

How To Open A Locked Door With Any Kind Of Plastic Card!

How To Open A Locked Door With Any Kind Of Plastic Card!

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