> How to open a door with X-ray

How to open a door with x-ray

It has happened to all of us, finding ourselves with a closed door and realizing that we have left the key inside, or at work or have we just lost it, and we will have to wait for a member of the house or roommate to arrive, or, if we live alone, we have to wait until we come up with an idea.

There are many methods or tricks to enter your own house without having the key. Today we will talk about one that requires an unusual object, today we will learn to open a door with an x-ray in a simple and easy way to carry out.

Get an X-ray sheet

Staying away from home is a very common situation, it has happened to all of us at least once. The first thing we think of when we see ourselves in this situation is to call a locksmith.

The specialist will arrive in a few minutes, with a determined attitude and accompanied by his always faithful briefcase, he will not take anything out of it at first, he will begin by detailing the situation by seeing the lock in a surgeon plan.

After analyzing the situation, he will go to his briefcase and to your surprise he will take out an X-ray film, proceed to insert it in the slit and in a couple of minutes at most he will have opened the door, he will give you a receipt and he will leave. If only you had thought to use an X-ray to open the door.

Well these things happen open a door with an x-ray It is a method that is even often used by professional locksmiths in certain cases, because it is a very advantageous method to open a door.

The first thing you should do is get an X-ray, we do not expect you to carry an X-ray film with you all the time (although it would not hurt to have this level of caution) but if you find yourself in this situation it will be useful to find one.

Maybe you have one in your house, but obviously you cannot enter, try asking a neighbor, not everyone has one at home but the more doors you knock, the more chances you will have of finding one. If no neighbor helps you, you can call on a family member who can bring you closer. Without X-ray you will not be able to continue with this trick.

Once you have the X-ray in your hands you can proceed with this method, start by inserting the X-ray into the gap in the door. It is better to start by moving the X-ray from top to bottom to find the slip, when you notice that it is more difficult for you to slide the X-ray it will mean that this is the right place.

Once you find the slip, proceed to slide the X-ray forward, you can move the X-ray with one hand while with the other you push the door into the house, in this way it will be easier to open the door.

Apply pressure to the X-ray as you slide it, try to do it in the opposite direction to the lock, this way the X-ray will slide more easily behind the slip.

Once you feel that it is in place, proceed to push the X-ray in the direction of the lock, causing the slip to enter the lock and the door can be opened.

Sometimes the door will not open on the first try, so you will have to repeat the process several times, the key is to apply force with the X-ray on the latch or slide of the lock to open the door.


Remember that this trick will only be viable if we have a certain type of lock, those in which it is used a latch or latch to open the door, if you have another type of lock, you will have to resort to another trick.

This trick will not work if the door is locked, this should be borne in mind, you can only use this trick if the key is not passed, you can even use it if the key is inside but not locked.

You can add a little lubricant, this will help the X-ray slide more easily through the L-angles of the slit. If you don’t have it on hand you can buy one.

Remember that you should have an optimal grip, if your hands are wet or sweaty, dry them before starting to try open the door with the x-rayThe least you want is for the X-ray sheet to slip off with each attempt to force the latch.

You must be patient, it will take a bit of effort to perform this trick properly, try not to lose your cool, keeping things under control you will be able to be more precise in the movements of the X-ray sheet.

The most advisable thing is always to use the services of a locksmith. Although you can save the fee for these specialists by solving the problem yourself, there are times when you will not be able to open the door on your own and before things get worse, it is best to turn to a professional.

Advantages of opening a door with X-ray

This method is even used by many locksmiths because it has several advantages. To begin with, although x-ray films are not an object that everyone has in their home, they are a fairly easy item to get.

In addition, it is a procedure that does not cause damage to your door or your lock. The integrity of your door will not be compromised by trying to open it using an X-ray.

The X-ray sheet is an article that in addition to being resistant, which makes it perfect to carry out this type of task without being damaged, it is also a very flexible object perfect to slide through the cumbersome angles of the lock.

An X-ray offers a better range than you will have using a knife, screwdriver, wire, clips and even, it will go further than a credit card, which is also often used to perform this task.

unlock door without key push latch lock lost key or forgot dont worry

unlock door without key push latch lock lost key or forgot dont worry

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