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What we need to open a door with x-ray

To open a door with an X-ray the main and necessary thing are two things: the door that must meet certain requirements and the one mentioned several times X-ray.

The door must mainly meet a requirement and that is that it is not locked because why would it be impossible to open it.

How to Open a DOOR with an X-ray on Amazon

Then apart the normal thing is that it is in good condition although it is good in this case that there is a small gap where we are going to introduce the X-ray. This is achieved over the years of the door that is giving way from so many opening and closing cycles.

But in the event that the opening is not facilitated, we will have to make more use of force to push the same door, in and out, as well as up and down. This can be done with practice and dedication. Once we get the point it will be sew and sing.

Well we have a door …

We need an X-ray that comes next … Okay?

Do you see in the opening? there we are going to introduce radiography …

In case you don’t see it, I’ll indicate you with the 3 black arrows …

We take the X-ray and we can insert it above the lock as is the case or below …

Once entered we are going to look for the lock but we must imagine it. We know that there is a gap, which is where the slip enters, preventing the door from opening.

See video of how to open a lock with radiography on Youtube

When we find ourselves in this situation, everything we do to push the door and pull it, as well as raise it, will be helpful to facilitate the opening.

How to Open a DOOR with an X-ray on Amazon

Although the question is to look at the same time with the lock for the space left by the slip and the hole where it is inserted to push it back in the opening direction, not the door but the slip that it will be, if the lock is to the right of the door, it will open to the left and if not the opposite, everything.

By getting it into the space it allows and opening it, we will be able to open the lock and therefore the door.

In the image below before the last one you can see the hole in the subframe where we must close with the slip as we see in the last image. Both are samples of the locksmith that we must carry with these items to get the door open.

Well they say that the locksmith is born and made over time, in part it is a great truth. Like everything in life the curiosity of the same is the experience of the teacher. Greetings locksmiths!

How to OPEN a DOOR without KEYS at Home( Video) SAVE MONEY

How to OPEN a DOOR without KEYS at Home( Video) SAVE MONEY

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