> How to open a door without a handle

How to open a door without a handle

If you have stayed away from home due to some carelessness or because you lost the key, we have some ways to open it before calling a locksmith or in a more extreme case, before wanting to knock down the door.

You can apply the method that best suits the condition in which you find yourself or if you are willing to look for the tools to replace those used in these techniques, you can also do it. It must be remembered that ingenuity was the trigger for these methods.

What is a doorknob?

The latch is the piece that is responsible for activating the lock mechanism by manipulation, that is, the actions of opening or closing the door depend on the latch. In addition, some of them have a system to activate or deactivate the lock. It is also known by the names of handle, handle or knob.

There are latchless locks that open and close only by turning the key and are commonly used for exteriors. They intend to generate a little more security than locks with handles, although in reality their internal operation and the level of security provided is similar.

Next, we show you several options on how to open the door without a handle.

Card method

Using a credit card is one of the most used methods, it may be due to the ease of accessing the card or perhaps because of the simplicity in the application.

What is needed is to have a plastic card or any tool that can fulfill this function. If it is a card, it is essential that it is not small, that it has resistance and is flexible.

  • We must take the card, insert it in the space between the door and the frame. It is recommended that it be a few centimeters above the lock.
  • Now, you must apply pressure and gradually lower and raise the card constantly. This movement must be carried out until we come across the latch; which is the metal piece that allows the door to be open or closed.

This area is also known as slip, since the latch has a curvature in which it slides into the strike; a piece with a hole that is inserted in the frame or in some of the cases, it is a hole drilled in the door frame.

  • When reaching this area we must exert greater pressure than was initially done. This is because we want the latch to be able to move from its initial position and retract.

A front-to-back motion can be performed while applying pressure to help the card slide more easily.

  • When this happens, we must make a movement that tilts the card so that the latch moves. This movement is known as a lever. At this point, we should already have the door open.

Plastic bottle method

For the method that we present at this point you will need a plastic bottle, it can be soda or water, and a razor, knife or any tool that you can use to cut the bottle.

  • We will take the bottle and cut it as if it were making a nail of approximately 8 centimeters. If we can cut it a little bigger it would be fine, as the shape and size can vary to improve the results in efficiency and maneuverability.
  • The piece of plastic that we have cut we will introduce it in the space that it is located between the door and the frame, applying the procedure in the same way as explained in the previous method.
  • We will lower the piece of plastic through the space until we hit the latch. We must slide the tip of the cut piece between the latch and the frame, in this way, we will make it yield by removing it from the strike, thus opening the door.

If we fail to try the first time, we can improve the technique by pushing the door with the shoulder or with the hand that we are not using during the process. This to cause the latch to move and make it easier to insert the plastic piece.

Another tool that can be used to perform this method is a piece of X-ray or any thin piece of plastic. In the same procedure, I have tried to insert the tip of the X-ray between the latch and the frame.

Method hair clip

This technique has become as popular as the credit card method, and it’s all because it works to open many different types of doors, including doors without locks. Besides that the tool to use is easy to find.

We only need a pair of hair pins; They are also known as hair clips. The idea is to use them as you would use a set of lock picks; These are a very common tool in the locksmith area to open doors. The procedure is the next:

  • We keep one of the forks in its original shape, while we open the second to create a 90 degree angle.
  • Additionally, we must slightly bend one of the ends to create something very similar to a hook.
  • Once the homemade lock picks have been prepared, we must introduce the first one, which has not been tampered with, in the lower part of the keyhole, pressing lightly.
  • The second fork should be entered on top of the same hole. Just above the previous fork, and the tip of the created hook must face up to remove the pistons.
  • We must maintain the pressure towards the inside with the caliper while we move the fork hook slightly from the inside out and vice versa and at the same time we make small movements up to remove the pistons.
  • The output of each piston emits a sound that allows us to determine when the door is ready to open.

Fortunately, a closed door without the necessary means to open it raises concern. we can apply our ingenuity and patience To solve it.

ultimate how open house door without keys

ultimate how open house door without keys

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