> How to open a doorknob sheet

How to open a doorknob sheet

Doors with a knob plate are doors that require less security mechanisms. They are generally used to give privacy in the interior spaces of the home, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, among others that do not necessarily deserve a high level of protection.

Knob sheet security mechanisms

Many of these plates only contain a button as a safe, which activates a small security system, preventing it from being opened from the outside. On the other hand, others secure the door with the mechanism activated by a key or by a turn button.

Whatever the case, both forms of knob plates have alternatives to open them if for some reason they are accidentally closed. That is why in this article we will show you How to open a pommel plate. And believe it or not, it is one of the easiest tasks to do. You just pay close attention, follow the techniques step by step and we are sure that you will achieve it.

Next, we bring you some tips that will guarantee you to open your doorknob doors without problems.

Tips # 1. Hairpins

Although it sounds strange and even funny, a pair of hair clips or pins can help you in your mission. The important thing is that you must have two of them, the following is to follow the explanation:

  1. To start, open one of the forks until its two parts form a ninety degree angle, the idea is to form a letter “L” with the fork wire.
  2. Remember to remove the plastic heads that they bring, because we do not want them to get stuck inside the sheet.
  3. Now, with the other fork, we will try to form an angle of forty-five degrees. It must be more closed than the previous one, since this will help us to unlock the security pistons that the lock contains, and it will be inserted into the entry slot.
  4. Once your forks have been transformed into simple locksmith tools, insert the L-shaped tool that you made, we can call it a “lever”, it will serve as a guide, as well as allowing you to turn the lock once you have inserted each fork, applying a little bit of Pressure.
  5. Turn the lever as if you were turning the key. Do it with a little precision and firmness, you must make sure that it does not bend.
  6. You must maintain pressure on the cylinder while you begin to force the lock with the other fork that you will insert next.
  7. Once you insert the other fork, slide it just above the lever. The arched end should be facing up, so that you can use the tip of the tool to push the lock pistons up.
  8. While pressing the lock with the lever, perform up and down movements, this to try to determine if there is something beyond the pins. Continue with the process that, if there is no other obstacle than the pins, these will release them.

Once you think you have released all the pins or pins, apply more pressure on the lever and turn it as you push the door. If you have done it correctly, at this point, the lock should open.

Tips # 2. Credit card

You will wonder how a card with the sole purpose of paying your expenses, could also help you to solve the problem of your closed door. Although illogical, real, your card not only works as a method of payment, it could also be your salvation.

To begin, you should choose a card that you can easily replace or that has already expired (do not use the current one, you could damage it), so it is good to clarify that it should not be a credit card, it can be a gift card or super bonuses that have already expired.

Having clarified the point, do the following:

  1. Insert the card between the door and the frame. Then, he resorts to sliding it at the latch, next to the knob.
  2. Once inserted and fixed in place, move it up and down while at the same time firmly pushing it forward. What you are looking for is to access the latch that secures the door with the card.
  3. This usually contains one part finer than the other. The objective is to slide the card next to that thin part to push the latch in and to open the door. If you make a small outward fold of the card, you will press the latch away from the frame and into the door.

It is important that you remember to turn the knob while you perform the entire procedure, so that in some of the attempts you can completely separate the latch and open at once.

Tips # 3. Disassemble the sheet

If the task has definitely been difficult for you, you can choose to disassemble the sheet.

The advantage is that this type of knob is characterized by being easy to disassemble since it has a round metal plate that covers the knob base cylinder, and connects with the wood of the door.

So, to disassemble it, you will have to remove the doorknob, turning it to the left side. After taking it off, you will have a view of a small part of the inside of the lock.

With the help of a screwdriver you will have to push a piece of metal horizontally that is on one side, this is the insurance, when you push it you will deactivate its protection and the door can be opened.

Once the door is open, do not forget to put back what you removed from it, you must take the sheet and turning it, this time on the opposite side to fix it in place.

Remember that you have the solution at your fingertips, so don’t hesitate to take charge of the situation without letting it disturb or limit you. The important thing is that you are careful at all times and keep your physical integrity safe.

In addition, it is important that you remember that you can go to a locksmith whenever you think it is necessary.

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