> How to open a double bit lock with a screwdriver

How to open a double bit lock with a screwdriver

If you want to know how to open a double bit lock with a screwdriver, in this article we will show you a technique that is often used by those people who are in some way in trouble and need to resort to methods that really work.

But first identify the reason for the problem, what is causing it and how it can be solved before using the screwdriver. Believe it or not, these are details that make a difference, so it is a starting point.

In general, people resort to these tricks not only because the original key was lost, or because it does not fit, it can also be derived from imperfections in the internal mechanism of the lock or because it is deteriorated as a result of years of use.

Key tips for opening a double bit lock with a screwdriver

Despite what you may be thinking, opening a double bit lock with a screwdriver is not that simple, at least not in any case. To do this, you must consider certain criteria that will determine whether the lock will need a screwdriver or another element.

For example, if before applying this method you used others that very surely left havoc on the double bit lock, it may be in the central eye, which usually happens when the half-turn key cannot be removed.

The important thing is that you make sure that the key you used to try to open the lock is the correct one. This is because it can be confused with others, and although at first it seems that it is, in the end you are disappointed.

If for any reason this happened to you, it is most likely that a massive blockage occurred in the internal mechanism in the second strap.

Now, having said all this, below we will explain the process you must follow to open your lock with a screwdriver:

Instructions for using the screwdriver on your double bit lock

As is customary, when you start to carry out a project of which we do not have knowledge, or you do not have the advantage of having done practices, it is essential to follow the step by step, so that everything is successful.

  • To begin, let’s locate a screwdriver that has a wide blade characteristic, it is the ideal tool to do so.
  • Then, with all the calm that you can have, start with the task that will consist of lifting the metal layer of the lock, inserting it through the central hole where the key goes.

While there, it is important that you stay focused on just that point so that you can have the details covered without suffering last minute alterations. Do not forget that you are working with an element, which although it is common, is not your comfort zone.

  • Well, inside you must use a maximum pressure, as if life itself depended on it, the correct direction will be upwards, which is uncomfortable, but it is the direction that must be followed.

You wonder what happens if I insert the screwdriver down, instead of the right way, up? The truth is, nothing will happen, and that is the worst, because we want you to open the lock and the only thing you will achieve is wasting time.

Above is where the key’s detour is located, which is the place we want to reach, therefore, make sure that what you are trying to do is that, so that you can proceed to extract it from the internal system.

  • When removing it, it is necessary to reinstall it, but in a different way, on the opposite side from where it was. Before, the problem is reviewed and located, it may be that a screw is loose, or also that the wear is already taking its toll.

If the answer is the latter, you may consider making a total change of the double bit lock. Another equal can be. After all, locks are elements that are exposed to everything and have their cycle.

  • At this point, if you are concerned about the uncontrolled loss as a result of the screwdriver intrusion, fear not, that also has a solution. Locate a hammer, and apply a few fair blows, do not overdo this part because it can sink too much.
  • Do this repeatedly until it is as fixed as you can consider. This step is critical since the adjustments of the plates will guarantee that the internal system of the lock will work again without a fault occurring as a result of this.
  • Finally, after the instructions are strictly followed, you insert the original double-bit lock key, processing the slight half-turn movement, the mechanism of which works very well. So with that he will open the lock on the door.

Use the screwdriver as a pick

It sounds simple but it is not, it is quite complex due to the shape of the central keyhole. What’s more, this method applied in this way can result in a total loss of the lock.

But, if your case is an emergency, and you really need to enter that space, do what you have to do.

  • Just find a small, thin and long screwdriver, that will suffice.
  • Locate a tension key for you to insert inside the lock, placing it right on the upper side of the lock. Then, you insert the screwdriver through the same central slot, just below the tension wrench.
  • When it is inside the internal system, the work there will be to disassemble everything that you find in your way, that is, if you feel that you trip over parts, they can be the locks, try to knock them down with the help of the screwdriver.

All this is until you reach the end and can start the maneuver of opening the lock. It’s like using the keys that belong to that lock. Remember: these tricks can be used on locks that you own. If you try these techniques on someone else’s doorstep, you should know that you will be committing a crime that is punishable by law.

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Unlock any* door with a flathead screwdriver!!!!!

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