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How to open a fac bolt

FAC is a company that for about 80 years has been established in the field of hardware and locksmithing, manufacturing and designing different products in the field of security. They have at their disposal a series of mechanisms such as locks, bolts, safes, padlocks, among others.

In the market we can get two types of bolts, deadbolt bolts and traditional or non-lockable bolts. It is clear that there are differences between the two; both in the level of security they provide, and in their price. Therefore, the way to open each one of them has notable discrepancies.

Hasps with locks

This type of latch is very similar to the traditional ones, only it contains a security mechanism that includes a lock to secure the bar that locks the system. For this reason, when opening it, we start with the lock mechanism.

Using a needle and wire

For the application of this technique we need a needle; It should not be so fine because it can bend when handled, and a sturdy piece of wire.

  1. We start by bending the piece of wire in an L shape.
  2. We insert it into the keyhole (this is the key insertion hole) by pressing through the thickest area of ​​said hole.
  3. Now we begin to work with the needle and, for this, we must put it through the thinnest part or keyhole.
  4. At that point we need to perform upward movements to lift the inner pins, level them and open the bolt. The difficulty of the situation is in having enough pulse and striking with the necessary force to hit the pins and level them.

Alternative to the needle

To solve the problem of not having a needle available, if this is our case, we can use two pieces of wire; they need not be so flexible.

  • We must mold or bend one of the wires into an L shape as we have done in the previous part, while the other piece of wire will be left flat by bending a small hook of about 5 millimeters at one of the ends.

Another option that we can apply is the use of paper clips or hair clips.

For the rest of the procedure we will be guided by technique instructions with needle, which is the same after all, except that the tool used varies.

Using drill

When using a drill, you should not expect more than a damaged lock, so it will be the end of this lock because it will lose its level of security.

For the application, in addition to having a good drill, we will need a triangular carbon bit, an elongated tool; which can be a spade screwdriver, a screw the thickness of the drill we will use and a mechanical extractor.

  1. We must drill in the center of the cylinder, for which we place the drill bit. If we do not have much experience using the drill, it is important that we make sure that we tighten the bit well to work safely.
  2. Now we drill very patiently until the bit reaches its deepest depth.
  3. We take the screwdriver and make sure that the pins have not been stuck, because we will remove and insert the screwdriver through the hole that has been opened. In order to adjust the screw that we have in our repertoire until it is well tightened.
  4. Then, we make use of the mechanical extractor and use it to unlock or remove the screw that we have inserted. This procedure will remove the cylinder completely, exposing the interior of the lock.
  5. It only remains to insert the screwdriver, move the internal mechanism and open the bolt.

Traditional locks

The operation of this type of bolt is quite simple, since it consists of a piece that at one end has the bar that is responsible for closing the system, at the other it is bent, a kind of hook that when pulled deactivates the system .

Using kickstand

Using a kickstand is a definitive method, which will not only disable the lock, but can also damage the door we want to open, for this reason, we must be careful.

The way to apply this technique is very simple:

  1. We take the kickstand in the lower area of ​​the bolt, so that it hooks on the bar that it has.
  2. Subsequently, we tilt the lever of the kickstand downwards exerting sufficient force.

We can support one of our feet in one of the areas near the bolt in order to apply more force. We must be sure to have safety boots or non-slip sole shoes as footwear to have better balance.

The intention of this technique is to remove the bolt from the place where it is fitted and thus have access to the place where we want to go.

Using a shear

A shear is a kind of pincer or scissors; a hand tool that is used in order to cut metal, wood or some other resistant material.

This is another method of destruction, and it should only be applied if we do not find another way to solve it or if the occasion warrants it, since after that, the bolt will have to be replaced immediately if we want to continue to maintain security in place. .

  1. To use it, we must place the tips of the shear on the bolt bar. Just as we had a giant scissors in our hands
  2. Then cut this piece of metal, applying enough pressure so that the metal can split. We must be very careful not to injure ourselves when we do these, some shears have enough sharpness to cut immediately, in the same way their tips are usually very pointed.

If the situation has gotten out of hand, and we cannot open the bolt, we must not forget that there are professionals who are in charge of solving problems with security mechanisms. Consult them or call them for assistance, when you least believe it you will have your lock open.

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