> How to open a FAC safe

How to open a FAC safe

Safes they are the best option
when we need to keep valuables such as jewelry, antiques, currency, cash or even important documents safe. These objects are specially designed in order to prevent third parties or fortuitous events (fires or floods), from threatening the object integrity that is protected.

Currently, there are many companies that take seriously the manufacture of safes capable of providing a maximum level of protection and protection. For this reason, we can find in the market many models to satisfy the needs, tastes and economic capacity of users; such as: boxes with security key, boxes with electronic lock, biometric, with batteries or without batteries.

Among the best manufacturers of safes, is the Toledo company FAC. Founded in 1931, the brand has been offering its customers products for protection and protection for almost 90 years, such as: safes for professional and domestic use, locks, bolts, gunsmiths, mailboxes and inviolable systems; thanks to the strict manufacturing standards followed by the research and development team.

Now, if you made it to this article, it is because for one reason or another you can’t open your FAC safe. You should not worry about anything, since then we will teach you how to get out of this trouble

Generally, both locksmiths and criminals use the same methods to open safes. Something similar happens as with the opening of doors through the bumping method; in which a lawful technique reaches the hands of the evildoers. These methods that we mention are: combination and safe-cracking.

Combination method

This technique consists of finding the numerical combination that allows aligning the discs that make up the security mechanism that finally allows the safe door to be opened.

Safe-cracking method

This technique is mostly used by criminals who have enough time to commit their misdeeds; since to try it they need to violate the structure of the security mechanism, in this way they would very easily achieve the forced opening of the safe.

The safe-cracking method has several modalities; one of them is to use a blowtorch to alter the composition of the various safety elements of the mechanism. This is usually covered with a heat resistant copper plate; whose objective is to slow down the action of criminals so that they are discovered by the authorities or desist from the robbery attempt.

Some models of FAC safes, have a layer of tar on the safety mechanism. When heated, this compound turns into a gaseous state in the form of smoke; whose objective is to invade the room in which the safe is located and in this way reduce the visibility of whoever tries to force the safe using methods such as a blowtorch.

Drilling method

Use electric drills to force the opening of security mechanisms, is already such a common practice that it can be used perfectly in safes. To proceed, the main thing is to make a hole large enough to allow you to see the combination that appears on the gear discs. These elements are responsible for blocking or releasing the door, depending on the composition they maintain.

The first disadvantage to carry out this method, would be to have the equipment; since in a broader sense, to proceed we would need gadgets with special characteristics. We must remember that FAC manufactures its safes with materials of the highest quality and resistance, so it is logical to imagine that with just a bit and a low-speed drill we will not be able to force it.

The strength of the metal requires that we possibly use more than one bit; in the same way, it must be resistant to metals and of good quality. The result time may vary depending on the safe model we have, the quality and size of the drill, and the revolutions, resistance and quality of our drill.

On the other hand, it should be noted that some models of safes incorporate a security element called “glass re-blocker”; whose function is to break when in contact with the drill. The break releases the mechanism towards the safe’s latch; with which it will create a new extra layer of protection, against the invader element that tries to violate security.

Another important aspect at this point is that, before attempting the drilling with a drill, you should make sure that the model of your safe does not include a tear gas canister. Some safes contain a container with said gas, which after being pierced goes outside causing mucosa-ocular irritation to people who are present in the area; with the aim of neutralizing the attack.

These types of methods should be performed by a person who has at least a medium degree of technical experience in locksmithing. In addition, you must fully know the type of safe you have in your possession, to know how you can attack the security mechanisms or otherwise, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being a victim of the layers of protection that it incorporates.

Baroscope method

It is currently the most sophisticated technique for opening safes. This consists of drilling a small hole in the back of the structure of the safe, this must be large enough to insert our baroscope without any problem. Once done, we will observe the disposition of the security element to know what is the combination that allows the gears to be released. After meeting them, we will proceed to open the door as usual.

The main advantage of using this method is that it is the safest for our physical integrity; since it will be much more difficult to come across any of the extra layers of security that the safe has. On the other hand, after finishing, it will be easy to repair the safe to use it again without any problem.

Battery Replacement

In the event that your safe has run out of battery, you can proceed with 3 possible solutions:

  • If it includes a security key, you can open the door using it very easily; since you will not have to force the box at any time.
  • Replace the batteries, these are located under the electrical panel of the keyboard. Because it is located on the outside, there is no need to force the body of the box to perform this operation.
  • If your safe has its battery inside the structure, it will surely include external connectors for remote charges. If so, use them to charge the backup batteries.

Before proceeding to carry out any of these procedures, it is essential that you consult the manual of your safe model or ask for assistance from FAC technicians.


The goal of this article is to provide you with a free, quick and easy alternative; to people who need to open a safe, in order to solve a problem.

Apply these techniques only in safes that you own or with the explicit authorization of their owner. Also, take into consideration that performing these methods in public spaces may be frowned upon by other people or by the authorities. Remember that damage to private property, theft, theft and misappropriation; they are criminal offenses.

FAC Spanish safe lock opening tool

FAC Spanish safe lock opening tool

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