> How to open a garage door without light in a building?

How to open a garage door without light in a building?

Possibly at some point we have run out of power in the building’s garage and we don’t know what to do. That will no longer be a problem. We will explain to you how to open a garage door without light.

Be in the garage without light, It can represent a moment of terror if we are afraid of the dark or if we are with children. To solve these unexpected accidents there is a set of recommendations that we will present below.

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Recommendations for opening the garage door without light

Everything will depend on the type of doors we have in our garage, but don’t worry! Below we will describe the best known on the market.

  • Pedestrian or sliding doors: These types of doors are not widely used today, however, there are still some buildings that use this security system in parking lots.

This typeface of door works on the basis of a motor that is in the inner side. At the time to meet in the garage without light, we must unlock the engine and the door can be opened without difficulty.

  • Swing doors: It is the traditional door that turns to the right or left, according to its axis of rotation. Its unlocking is done from the inside, so it will be necessary for someone to be inside the garage.
  • Automatic doors: Because it is automatic, it could be challenging. However, we do offer some alternatives that may be helpful.

For our peace of mind, most automatic doors come with a cable that is built into the overhead system. Its operation consists of rotating the cable, which will allow the gears to be released and thus the door to be opened.

In addition, all these doors come from their manufacture with a system that allows the doors to be opened if there is a lack of power.

  • Overhead doors: These types of gates are usually robust, which is why they are widely used in garages. If we find ourselves in a garage without light with this type of doors What do we do?

We have two alternatives, the first requires unlocking the engine from the inside and the second can cause greater damage, because we will have to break the panel and open it manually.

It should be mentioned that, by way of prevention, the installation of an unlocking mechanism could be very appropriate, in the case of being immersed in the emergency of a garage without light

If after the previous explanation we still have doubts as to how open a garage door without light of a building, that is not a problem; since we will detail point by point the process to follow to solve the problem.

What to do in a garage without light?

1.- avoid panic or despair

2.- Locate the bypass (It is the system that offers the possibility of opening the door manually)

3.- Find a ladder to access the bypass, as it is usually at the top.

4.- Locate the filament or drain hanging from the chain support.

5.- Turning the rope downwards will cause the door to disconnect from the automatic system, giving the possibility of opening it manually.

6.- If when trying to open the door manually we cannot do it, we must pull the cable down with greater force.

7.- When successfully opening the door, we must keep it torn until we get everything we need from the garage, for this we can request the help of a family member, friend or neighbor.

8.- When having electricity again, it is necessary to hook the chain so that in future openings it can carry out its usual system.

9.- It is necessary to corroborate that garage door without light remains in good condition, after having interceded in its original system. In this way we will avoid incidents of another nature.

Tips to avoid being in the garage without light

To escape from this type of situation that can become unpleasant, it is advisable to perform proper maintenance on the doors and thus prevent setbacks.

It is important to note that for the maintenance of our hatches, it is best to go to the experts on the subject.

If by default the incident occurs due to lack of electricity and we have to leave the garage and we find children; We advise placing it at a safe distance, to proceed with the manual opening process.

Perhaps the installation of the door has left us a user manual, it is advisable to always keep it in the glove compartment of the car; in this way we will have it on hand in case we need it.

If we are alone and we have the possibility of going out through a pedestrian door, do not hesitate to seek help from a neighbor. It will surely facilitate the work of opening the garage door without light.

Sometimes we feel nervous about an irregular situation. Finding that a garage without light can be one of these cases, so we suggest staying calm and avoid falling into despair.


Although it seems strange, it is more common than we think meet in a garage with no lightWhether due to lack of maintenance or lack of electricity, this situation went from being an irregular case to a daily one.

For this reason, the companies in charge of installing garage doors have repowered their techniques and systems, in order to be able to offer users simple alternatives for opening doors in the parking lot.

One of them is the unlocking system that allows the gate to be opened without any complications. The most common is the procedure with the chain or drain, which is most often red in color.

Finally, when purchasing a garage door, it is advisable to ask if the chosen one has the built-in unlocking system, since it is an important factor in solving future electricity problems.

In the same way, performing maintenance on the door will allow us to prevent the breakdown of its mechanism.

How to Open a Garage Door Manually

How to Open a Garage Door Manually

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