> How to open a Hermex lock

How to open a Hermex lock

As incidents, like forgetfulness, happen unknowingly and unintentionally, we do not have the advantage of finding out things in advance such as, for example, you suddenly forget your house keys, they are stolen or you lose them.

It can also happen that the door lock gets stuck. In short, a number of unexpected events that put us in trouble. So we will show you how to open a Hermex lock, if you are one of those who are loyal to the brands.

Knowing Hermex locks

It is common to see how people prefer some brands of locks over others. Therefore, they are in charge of installing those locks on all the doors of that house, and even make it extensive to other places.

If you are faithful to Hermex locks, and the aforementioned case is similar to your reality, in this item we will instruct you to be ready to open your Hermex locks.

But first you should know that Hermex has a wide variety of items for locksmithing, such as: padlocks, hinges, bolts and quite traditional locks with a classic style that have made them famous among homeowners and other spaces.

On the other hand, that traditionalism makes the opening mechanism so similar compared to other brands, so it can be said that it is excellent news for you because the methods that can be applied are the most popular.

Tricks to open a Hermex lock

The tricks that can be used to open a Hermex lock are the same that have existed since memorable times. Those whose technique has only been improved to transform them into methods that can be used by everyone and not just criminals.

Nor can we forget that many of these techniques are handled to perfection by locksmith professionals; true masters in this work, but to whom we can turn when the moment warrants it, if we have already exhausted the options.

Below we will describe some infallible methods to open a Hermex lock with your own hands, so that you demonstrate what you have learned to your acquaintances and that you can help them when they need it.

The famous piece of wire

Wire is a classic in the home. We have it for any type of need. Its function is never limited, it is at the order of the need of the day.

To open the Hermex lock you will only need a long, thick and semi-hard piece, which is very flexible to mold it easily and give it that shape that will make the lock open.

With pliers we will shape the wire, which should have a curved end, similar to that of a clothes hanger.

With another piece of wire, a tool will be made to apply tension to the lock. It will serve as a support for the main wire. This wire will need a form of letter L, that is, one of the ends is at an angle of 90 degrees.

You can prepare all the space in which you will work with the previously identified wires at hand so that later you do not get confused and the situation is complicated.

  • You will start by placing the tension wire inside the slot of the Hermex lock, leave it inserted at the top so that from that place it exerts pressure and that no part moves from its place when entering the other wire.
  • You will enter the next wire through the same slot of the lock but, underneath so that, in this way, it fits as if it were the same key. This will have to feel the pinones that maintain the blockade.
  • Continue tactfully so you know exactly how many pins that particular lock has. In general, they usually have six to five, it can vary depending on the brand model.
  • Next you remove the pistons. The correct way to do this is by turning them to where you open the key, right or left. You could check that on your own by doing a mental review of the corresponding direction.
  • After you have managed to lift each of the pistons, the simplest thing is left, you just locate the wire that causes the tension and turn it as if it were the key and this will cause the door to open.

If the results were not successful on the first test, do not allow yourself to decline and try again until you do.

Lever trick

This trick is only for those Hermex locks that are stuck or closed for any reason other than because the safety is on. This way, it won’t be productive at all.

It consists of prying with a long and thin object such as a knife, a piece of plastic or another similar element.

  • You begin by sliding the object in question, let’s call it a razor, through the gap that exists between the door frame and the lock, from top to bottom until you reach the lock and seek to make contact with the latch that remains in the frame.
  • The objective will be to unhook the latch from its secured place so that you can open the lock. Now, when you feel that you have almost reached it, try to make the opening movement quickly, turning the handle.

Use another key to open the Hermex lock

This technique is simple, if it is That you have the original key inserted on the opposite side from the one you are on, and that is generating a collapse, because it is stuck, so look for a copy of the key, or also a master key.

  • The method consists of inserting the key through the slot that is within your reach and is free, it is likely that it will not fit completely, therefore you will look for an object that gives you support, a hammer can be used.
  • You’ll hit and turn the key, repeat until you feel like you’re almost there.

Knock one last time, you will likely hear the other key drop, turn your key and voila, door

Hermex COR-75 Shutter Lock SPP’d and Raked

Hermex COR-75 Shutter Lock SPP’d and Raked

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