> How to open a Hermex sheet

How to open a Hermex sheet

We cannot choose when is the best time for a veneer to be damaged. Therefore, this situation usually occurs at the most inopportune moment, and we are sure that you agree with us on this.

But what we can do is choose which brand of sheet metal we place on our doors, always considering safety as a premise. And, among so many brands to choose from, we have Hermex; a Mexican company that is part of one of the largest conglomerates in America.

But as you surely know, plates are mechanisms and as such they can fail, mainly due to lack of maintenance or simple deterioration. So even if your badge is Hermex, you may find that one day you can’t open it, and how do you open a Hermex badge?

In the following lines we show you some techniques:

Opening with knife

If the one we must open is a sheet with a slip, we can use a knife. We only need to have as a tool a resistant knife that will not break when bent.

It is important to understand that we cannot perform this technique if the one we are trying to open is a sheet that does not correspond to a simple model and, in addition to that, it is locked.

Having understood that, take the knife and open that plate:

  • Between the door and the frame there is a small opening line that runs along the entire edge of the door. If your door does not have it sealed, you must insert the knife through that space, since the slip is specifically here.
  • You should place the knife a few inches above where the sheet metal slip is.
  • You lower the knife through the slit until it touches the slip. The latter has a chased part, and it is specifically there where you will place the tip of the knife so that it slips into the strike and make the slip go back.
  • The next thing is to pry the knife by pushing the latch towards the door. Doing so will open the sheet.

It is important that you do not try to perform this technique with a fragile, old or worn knife, because if it breaks, it can cause some physical damage. If you do not have a knife that meets the aforementioned characteristics, you can use a tool that allows you to open your sheet while maintaining its integrity, such as a thin blade screwdriver, or a resistant metal spatula.

Using plastic card

The plastic card is known as an efficient and easy-to-use technique, besides that there is no risk when using it; neither for the sheet nor for those who manipulate it.

Regarding the methodology, this technique is very similar to the previous one, and in the same way, it is important that the sheet does not have a past key so that the method can be applicable and effective. So if your door has a past keyed security plate, try another method.

  • For this case, take the card vertically and insert it through the slot that is created between the door and its frame.
  • Push the door with your body while you insert the card, when you feel the slip begin to move, perform the movement of tilting the card towards the door position.
  • If the plate has a handle or knob, that is when you should take the opportunity to turn it, it will probably not open the door but this movement allows the card to be embedded better, which will accelerate the success in the application of the technique.

Using pick

We cannot miss the use of lock pick. Well, although it is a professional technique to open plates, it is an excellent option for those cases of lost keys.

And it is not worth thinking that no you can do it just because it is a technique for professionals. The truth is that if you practice a bit, you can open the Hermex sheet without being a specialist.Don’t doubt your skills!

To open the plate with a pick we will need a kit, which you can get online. In it comes a hook or pick and a tool that is used together; It is known as a tension key.

The purpose of the tension wrench is to give stability to the pick while it is being used and to help us turn the cylinder of the plate (more important in plates that do not contain a handle).

  • We will start working with the tension wrench, inserting it through the eye of the sheet.
  • We place it in the lower part of the hole, turn it clockwise, keeping it as far as the cylinder yields.
  • We introduce the pick and make movements with it to push up the first pin of the internal mechanism; until it clicks indicating that it is stable to continue with the next pin.
  • When we have stabilized all the pins, the cylinder will yield to the pressure that we have been applying with the tension wrench and that will open the plate.

If your urgency does not allow you to acquire a pick kit, don’t worry, there are ways to replace the picks, for example: with paper clips.

In this case, we take a couple of clips and unroll them. We give one of them an L shape to use it as a tension key, while we leave the rest with an elongated part that we will use as the tip of the pick, and then apply the same procedure explained with the pick.

Disassembling the sheet

If we have had more than one failed attempt, we can take desperate action. And this is: disassemble the sheet.

It should be noted that this method is applicable for sheets with a low security level that leave exposed screws.

In order to apply this technique, it is important to have the screwdriver that matches the type of screw that the sheet has. We must not improvise with very small screwdrivers or other objects that may complicate the work or damage the sheet.

The steps to open it, in this case, consist of finding the visible screws and removing them, consecutively removing the screws that appear in each stage.

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