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How to open a key

Have you ever wondered, what would life be like without a security element on the doors? Most likely, you would live in an agony just thinking about being at the disposal of the dangers of the world. To our relief, they exist, and they are a reality that we see every day.

The problem begins when we make a mistake or an incident arises, where we cannot inadvertently open the doors. It is there when the restlessness of not knowing begins how to open a keyBecause we simply don’t have spare keys.

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The key ring is a piece that also offers privacy, but sometimes we make the mistake of choosing key rings that only serve to decorate, when we need to protect something. We must not fall into this, we must think about our integrity.

Methods that open a key

There are a variety of methods and techniques that we can use to open a key, and everything can be done without the need to go to a professional. You just need to document the steps to follow and get a little practice.

You should consider that some of the tricks do not work for all keys, since the internal mechanisms vary, just as the external structures are different.

We show you some that can help you:

Home methods

Let’s start with the simplest. It could be said that they are basic because tools are made to open the key with materials that are at home, some that are not even used anymore such as: clips, umbrella rods, hair hooks, among others.

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To transform these elements you will only need a pair of tweezers, to help make a pick and a homemade tension wrench.

#one. You must stretch the metal. You take one of them to make an incline at one of the ends, which is seen in two parts; one horizontal and one vertical. This would be a tension key.

#two. To mold the pick, you take another metal and fold it into two equal halves. For the ends you take the clamp and make a curvature on each side, outwards, that they are like an inverted hook. This would be the lock pick.

#3. To begin, you insert the tension key through the central slot of the key, ensuring that the key is located at the lower end, since we will proceed to insert the pick from the upper end.

#4. Keep the pressure constant with the wrench and, at the same time, work the pick with deep movements until you can make turns. Make sure before you know which is the direction that opens and closes the key.

#5. Once these turns have been made, you should hear the sound of the pistons falling, which are what keep the key locked. When they fall, open the key quickly.

Plastic method

This is nothing more than using a piece of hard and sturdy plastic, like a bottle, even a card that you no longer use. An X-ray is also adapted to the requirements, due to the length it presents.

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The question is to maintain great skill and dexterity so that you can apply this technique on an old key, because the most modern mechanism does not allow it at all.

#one. Start by passing the plastic along the line of the door and the frame, above the key. Make a sliding down motion, positioning it behind the key latch towards the door.

#two. Pull the plastic towards your body, while turning the knob of the key. What should happen here is that the sliding movement removes the latch that holds the lock, as long as the plastic remains a barrier between the frame and the key.

In case the door has the last lock, the technique will not apply. The good news is that with an old key, there are no external locks, only internal ones.

Bump method

It is a bumping key; It presents characteristics similar to common keys, with the only difference being that it is more symmetrical in its perturbations, because its operation requires it.

You can get them in specialized places, but as long as you present proof that the use you will give it will be lawful, since this tool is mainly used to rob houses.

  1. To start, you insert the key into the key until you reach the end of the pistons. You proceed to perform an accurate, soft but forceful blow. You can help yourself with any object, like a hammer.

You may wonder why this is, and that is that inside the key there are two sections of pistons, up and down, the blow will take the impact to the lower area where the safety rests. Immediately afterwards, the force wave extends to the high one that does not allow the movement of the insurance.

Immediately after the blow, you turn the bumping key, making sure that all the pistons lift and unlock the key. This is how it will open.

Physical strength

Believe it or not, to exert brute force against a door, it is also necessary to use techniques. You don’t want to get hurt or have your physical integrity damaged by reckless acts.

If you have no other option, because you are in an emergency and you need to get to that place quickly. Try to position yourself strongly, with your legs spread and bent, facing the door.

Raise your leg to the height of the key, apply a blow just in that area, with the side of the heel. Apply the strokes that are necessary, as many times as necessary.

Do not forget to wear thick shoes that help cushion the blows. We know that the feet can take them, but do not abuse.

You can also use brute force through grinders known as radials, drills, levers, etc. These will mainly do the function you want but with a destruction in the lock or door.


  • Practice beforehand: practice makes perfect, keep it always in mind. Having knowledge about these tasks is never too much, in case one day it is necessary to do so.
  • Firearms: for the safety of everyone around you, do not use firearms to open a key, it is dangerous and harmful to the key.
  • Do not use your shoulders to knock down doors, you will get that part of your body dislocated.
  • Keep a spare key in a secret place, only you will know the location. Prevention is never too much.

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