> How to open a lock on a locked door

How to open a lock on a locked door

We can understand that due to some oversight you forget to perform a task, are late for an appointment, or even leave a door locked and you cannot access that space, but we cannot understand that until now you do not know how to open them. But that’s the least of it, here we are to show you how to open a lock on a locked door

Here are some simple steps that can bail anyone out, using techniques that have been perfected in conjunction with locks and over time.

Investigate the closed lock

Before doing anything, it is essential that you stop for a few minutes to do a brief investigation that informs you about the lock that is causing problems.

This is part of doing things right, so you will know precisely what type of methods is best, since, as you know, there are a variety of locks that need more precise tricks.

Methods or techniques that you can apply

Get an allen key

This method is known for its accuracy. It consists of using an Allen key to open special doors, which are those that have a central button on the door handle, that is, it is not slotted.

If you do not have this tool, ask to borrow one, surely a neighbor or friend has one that can help you. Otherwise, you can find them in a locksmith or specialized hardware store, they are inexpensive and come in a wide range of sizes, with an ideal shape and good quality.

The step by step is simple:

  • Start by locating the correct size key for the center eye, which will fit smoothly. If it gets stuck, it is an indication that it is not the right one.
  • Then sink the key with center thrusts.
  • During the journey, make movements with inclination from front to back repeatedly until it hooks to something, you will feel it and it will be good news.
  • Finally, with this coupling, the unlocking occurs, with just turn the key the door it will open without complications.

Pick method

Using a pick is popular with skilled people such as professional locksmiths. It is because of the ability they have to manipulate the tools. A non-expert can learn with a couple of practices.

What you need is a lock pick kit, the kind that you can buy in a special store or you can also consider making some with items for daily use at home, office or business.

You can make it with wire, clips or a hairpin. Transforming them is simple:

  • You cut two pieces of metal in equal parts, stretch them until they are flat.
  • You will bend both at one end, one in the shape of an L to be the tension key, and the other in the shape of a C, to act as a pick.
  • Now, the first thing we will do is insert the tension key in the central slot so that it can review the inside of the lock and then leave it installed on top of it.
  • You insert the pick through the same slot to start lifting the pistons that you previously identified with the tension wrench, when you have all of them up and you are sure that you are at the end, it begins to turn.

When we refer to turning, it is that you make the opening movement of the lock towards the corresponding direction. You will do it all while you turn the handle, the click will be heard clearly and is an indication that you have already opened the lock.

Hard and resistant plastic

It is a trick that generally works with old locks, although it is true that it can be applied in certain models of modern locks. The truth is that using plastic is simple and saves us time.

Everything consists of finding a piece of hard plastic, it can be a credit card, X-ray, some even try with a folder.

  • You introduce the plastic through the gap between the door and the frame, from top to bottom. Once you reach the height of the lock, locate the tab that is inserted in the lock and is the link between the door and the frame.
  • You continue with some movements that allow you to push this piece.
  • Once you do, try to keep the plastic as a barrier so it doesn’t close again.
  • Turn the knob and push with your body to unlock the safety and voila! it will open fast.

Bumping key

Bumping keys are equally useful and efficient, they can open almost all locks in the world, with a few exceptions, of course. It even applies to open a lock that has the key turned. Just get one and she alone will do the magic.

  • You start out just by inserting it a couple of times with a fleeting in and out as a test, until you insert it and leave it there.
  • Then, with the help of a hard tool, it can be a hammer, piece of wood or any hard metal, you apply a medium strong blow to the key, so that the teeth of the key fit between the pistons that maintain the lock.

It may be that you need a couple more lunges in case the first one did not fully engage the pistons. When everything happens as it should, just All you have to do is turn the key at the same time as the doorknob, it will open immediately.

Remove the lock

If the reason why you want to enter that space is urgent, and none of the techniques worked for you, there will be no alternative but to disassemble the lock.

You can do it in many ways. With a screwdriver or a special razor with a fine point, you disarticulate each screw that makes up the lock seeking to remove the plate. So you could save the lock.

If there is no other option, use other more invasive but quick methods. A drill or a saw are possibilities. Of course, there would be nothing left of the lock and you would have to buy another.

How to open locked door without key? Knob lock door unlock

How to open locked door without key? Knob lock door unlock

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