> How to open a lock with a drill

How to open a lock with a drill

Locks are not complex mechanisms, the complex thing is having the need to open a lock that, by accident, was left closed without having a spare key. But worse than that is that although there are a large number of methods available to open it, none of them work.

However, we will always have one last resort to turn to in emergencies. And this is the case, because although it is a violent and harmful method in equal parts, we all know that it does not fail.

How to open a lock with a drill? It is not difficult, you just have to contemplate the steps to follow and everything will remain as a bad memory.

What the drill should have

Drills are tools whose use it is meant to be very versatile. Although yes, it is true that carpenters make them their best work partner, their use is not limited, the locks also apply for their use.

To get started, choose a sturdy drill with at least three speed settings. The importance here lies in having results similar to those of a pick.

Also, bits play a huge role in this project. Therefore, if you can access a variety of them it would be ideal. If not, you can go to a family member, friend or neighbor who can help you with that.

This is for prevention, if you do not know the system or mechanism in general, it is good to have bits of different sizes and thicknesses. In special cases like this, nothing is superfluous and everything adds up.

With all this, it can be said that you would already be ready to use the tool in a lock. We advise you not to despair, it is essential to remain calm in order to be successful in opening the lock.

Instructions for opening the lock with the drill

You should know that this mechanism is very invasive, because the drill will penetrate by alternative routes that are different from those of the pistons. As this is the case, you are automatically prepared to purchase a new lock.

  • The first thing is to get help from someone else, teamwork ensures good results.
  • Proceed to carry out a thorough evaluation of the lock, since in the locksmith market there are some locks with a high security index that are adapted to avoid being forced with drills, for example.
  • Then, try to get a small bit, the smallest you have, this should be to insert it through the keyhole.
  • With a hammer or similar tool, strike a forceful and accurate blow on this forged metal center button. You may be wondering what is this blow for? It is a fairly old trick that serves to know where you can make the drilling with the drill.
  • The most recommended place to drill is below the crack that marks the division between the internal and external operating mechanism of the lock. This ensures that the bit is firm and still in the center.
  • Penetrate the lock at the point that you previously marked. This will allow you to override the pins located inside the shaft, as they are the ones that prevent full access to the door lock, which is usually 6 to 7 rotator pins.

It is normal that during drill penetration, you feel the pressure exerted by the pins, but also, when you are already demolishing one at one you can feel that pressure is deflated more and more. If so, rejoice, it is a great sign that everything is going very well.

  • It happens that sometimes very annoying jams occur, and it is nothing other than the result of metal elements that remain spaces there as a result of the splinters from which the pins detach. The only thing you have to do to reverse it is, change the direction, slightly, of the drill so that the unwanted fragments are removed to a place where they will not interfere with the project. Get back on track.
  • If at any point during the operation you notice that the penetration is being very laborious, it is likely that you will need help. What kind? Well, it’s simple, find a lubricant or oil so that you can apply a little on the bit and the drill and thus simplify the work.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot insert roughly. Using excessive force, rapid, or enormous pressure could render the bit unusable. We don’t want that!

It is important to emphasize the correct direction of penetration of the drill, other than at an angle, because you do not simply want to pierce a metal, but to open a lock. Avoid wasting time.

  • The next step will be to change the bit for a larger one, which will allow the small one to finish the job; to completely disassemble the pins. Introduce it slowly, calmly and then remove it.
  • Finally, with the help of a flat screwdriver you will try to open the lock in a clockwise direction, or as you would with the key. If you did the step by step correctly, the door will simply open.

What to do if it doesn’t open

The options are on the table, for something we mentioned that this method is one of the most efficient to open a lock.

If you notice that with the previous procedure the lock was not unlocked, what we suggest is to do a bit change again. This time, for an extra large, another bit option is a saw type, which makes large holes. When drilling the mechanism, it is safe that you can now access your home, office, room or business.

As you can imagine, if the lock was intact, it will no longer be, so it will be considered a total loss.


  • Do not forget that you are working with dangerous tools, use protection for your hands, eyes and other parts.
  • Before drilling the lock, practice on another surface. It will help you familiarize yourself with the tool.
  • The use of the drill or any other technique must be applied in their own spaces, otherwise it is punished by the laws.

4 ways to drill open a lock

4 ways to drill open a lock

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