> How to open a lock with a paperclip with this easy technique

How to open a lock with a paperclip with this easy technique

It has ever happened to all of us that, by mistake, we forget our keys at home or worse, we close a door leaving the keys inside. These types of incidents occur on a daily basis in our work and family environments.

The first impression is to worry that we have been left out and the second is to have to call a locksmith to solve our problem. But what if I told you that you can solve it yourself with objects that we always have on hand?

In the movies it is very common to see how the characters manage to open the locks on the doors, using only a couple of clips and a few movements of the wrist. The reality is that if it is possible to perform this action and learn it, it can save you a lot of headaches. Do you want to know how? Read on and learn how to open a lock with a paperclip with an easy technique.

How to open a lock with a paper clip

Something as small and inexpensive as a paperclip can not only save you from an emergency, but also save you from spending a lot of money hiring a locksmith. These usually have Quite high rates and the irony is presented, when after hiring them we notice how they take out of their tool kit a couple of clips or lock picks, which will finally do the same. To avoid this type of situation, why not do it yourself?

There are as many types of locks as there are methods to open them. However, almost all work with a similar mechanism, so this technique will work for you regardless of the lock model you have to open. Very well, let’s get to work!

To start you will need:

  • Steel clips or paper clips.
  • Pliers or pliers.

Yes, I know what you are thinking “Do youWhere do I get a pliers in the middle of the street?. Don’t worry, this is not an indispensable tool; It is just a suggestion that can help you to model the clips more easily.

Also an option is to have some clips prepared and stored in the wallet or purse. For the occasion when they are necessary.

Now I will teach you how to open a lock with a paper clip in 7 easy steps.

Step 1

Take the first paperclip and carefully unroll one of its loose sides, until it is completely in a straight line; the other end of the wrench it should still have the curvature of the clip. At the tip of the right angle, make a 5 millimeter upward bend (approximately 20 °); this way you will be able to press the pins that are inside the lock mechanism more easily. Once this is done, you will have created the lock pick key. This will be the first tool that will allow you to open the locks.

Step 2

To do it tension wrench, you have two alternatives:

  • Unroll both loose sides of the second clip until there is a straight wire with a bend at the end, similar to old rabbit antennae. Press hard on the bend until both wires meet. Bend 1.5 centimeters of the double wire to form an L, this way you will get a strong tension wrench.
  • . Unroll the longest loose side of the second clip, until the straight part is left at a 90 ° angle; thus achieving an L shape. Although this tension key is functional, it is not ideal. Although it is going to be worth what is important.

Step 3

Insert the tension key you created in the previous step into the keyhole, also called the cut line. You will need to apply double pressure: downward and in the direction in which you open the lock.

Step 4

Turn the tension key to open the lock. If you don’t know which way it opens, try both. Start with the right side and then with the left, on one of them you will feel a little less pressure. This will be the side to which you will need to turn the tension wrench in the next step.

Step 5

With the tension key positioned and pressing on the cutting line; insert the pick key created in step # 1 and “rake” up. Remember to keep pressure on the tension wrench as you move the pick.

Step 6

Try to locate the pins, pins, pins or bolts that make up the security mechanism of the lock, generally these have 5. There are 6 with greater security, since the more it is, the more difficult it is to open and the greater the security.

Well, by moving the pick up multiple times, you get the pins to re-fit in the same way as if you were inserting a common key, allowing you to open the lock.

Step 7

As you move both keys, you should slightly change the pressure you apply, this way you make sure you do all the steps correctly. Move the pick key until each pin is unlocked and once you hear a slight click, don’t forget to move the tension wrench to open the lock.

If you have followed these steps correctly … Congratulations, you have opened your first lock! You will no longer have to hire the services of a locksmith and if you forget your keys again, you can solve the problem with just 2 clips.

Final Recommendations

To ensure that you have performed in the correct way, all the steps to open a lock with a paper clip; Follow these additional guidelines that will ensure its effectiveness and ease:

  • Make sure the clips you use are thin enough to go into the keyhole.
  • Use sturdy steel clips or they will bend when you apply pressure. These should not have a plastic coating.
  • Remember that the The tension wrench must be L-shaped and 1.5 centimeters long. While the tip of the pick key must have an inclination of 20 ° and measure 5 millimeters.
  • Try to measure the pressure that you print on both keys, when performing the movements. Too much pressure could bend the clips and break them inside the lock.
  • Most locks open from left to right. If you can’t, try from right to left.
  • Locks that are older or that are opened infrequently will be more difficult to open with this technique, as they may have their pins stuck or rusted.

There is no greater satisfaction to solve an inconvenience with our own hands. With this very easy technique to open locks, you will not have problems with your keys anymore. Not only is it fast and inexpensive, but it guarantees success. So the next time a door closes, don’t hesitate and open it.


The objective of this article is to provide solutions to people who have forgotten their keys and need to solve the problem. Apply this technique only in real estate that you own or with the explicit authorization of its owner. Remember that breaking and entering is a criminal offense.

How to pick open a lock with paper clip [Easy technique]

How to pick open a lock with paper clip [Easy technique]

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