> How to open a lock with a pick

How to open a lock with a pick

Forgetting the keys inside the house is an incident that happens very frequently. Although we are aware that it does not happen, sometimes it escapes our hands.

There are events that cause such a situation to occur, but the only important thing in these cases is not to panic, experience has shown us that it only complicates everything.

Before giving way to stress, you can go to a professional locksmith or try to open the door on your own. The techniques exist, you just have to refine them with practice. Therefore, today you will learn how to open a lock with a pick; the method of the professionals.

What you should know about a lock

The main thing is to know how they work. To act you have to know what you are going to manipulate, that applies to everything and this is no exception. Of course, the operation changes for each lock that has general characteristics.

  • The lock pin has a cylinder that rotates inside the compartment. When locked, the cylinder is held in place with a few bolts.
  • The bolt is the element that prevents the cylinder from turning. When the correct wrench is inserted, it pushes the bolt pairs up so that the top bolts no longer enter the cylinder. After this, the cylinder can be turned and the lock opens easily.
  • Springs provide strength and hold bolts in place. When the key is inserted, the slits and ridges on the key advance the bolts to the correct place.

What is a pick

Lockpicks are tools that are distinguished by the particularity of their shape, we are talking about a fine and pointed tool with a curved tip. This is ideal for inserting into the internal parts of the lock’s closing mechanism.

In the market we will find different types of picks such as the raking one, which differs by its irregular surface, which generates friction against the inside of the lock. In addition, it is a tool for professionals. If you try to use it to open a door the first time, the result will hardly be good.

The step by step of how to open a lock with a pick

As we mentioned before, the important thing about any project is to do an investigation that tells us how to do it, the success of the same. For this reason, it is advisable to feel inside the lock with the pick and a tension key.

What’s it for? Well, it will allow us to locate where the bolts are and thus know the stiffness of the spring that contains it.

  • Then, you must apply a lot of pressure on the rotor using a tension wrench, you proceed to insert the pick through the slot very slowly, you pull the tool quickly with an upward movement and out of the slot.
  • It is in this part that all the pressure will be concentrated on the tip of the tool; As a rule, it must be very long so that it rubs against each and every one of the bolts.
  • When you stop using the pressure wrench, you must be very attentive to hear any sound coming from the lock, because they will make falling sounds, which represent good news for everyone, since it means that the pressure exerted is adequate.
  • The most correct movements are forwards and backwards where the bolts are positioned, rub them without neglecting the tension. The tip of the tool, through trial and error, indicates which bolts have moved out of place.

In some cases the bolts are determined not to be re-placed, so it is advisable to start over and not fall into despair, not all attempts are successful the first time.

Make a homemade pick

That’s right, you can make homemade lock picks with items found in our homes, without having to search for them on the internet or suffer from requiring credentials to buy them in specialized stores. We just have to be creative and carefully observe the objects.

Wire, hair clips, clips and long and thin knives are some of the many elements that we can use. Below we will inform you how:


First the clip should be measured in three parts that are even possible, and we will only use two to hem the ends.

With the tip that was left straight, we will try to create a curvature that will act as a hook, and we will use it to hook the pistons.

Do not forget that also in this case a tension wrench is needed, I have good news for you, it can be done with a clip, the process is simple, after stretching the metal it must be folded in half and we roll the two ends. We proceed to make an L with the wire and we will have a homemade tension wrench.

Electric toothbrush

To make a pick with brushes For electric teeth we only need to join our previously plucked brush, that is, we remove the bristles in their entirety until only the rotating metal remains. We will bend this to make a hook.

Result? An electric pick.

The good thing about this method is that the use of a tension wrench will not be necessary, because the circular movement will easily penetrate between the pistons and will open the lock very quickly.

Wiper washer

We will only need some materials that are easy to access: Windshield wiper in perfect condition, round and flat file, pliers, tweezers and ruler.

  • From the windshield wiper we only need the metal bars with their protective rubbers, a measurement is made that would correspond to: pick 10 cm, and, tension bar 9 cm and then cut them with pliers.
  • With the tweezers we will have to bend the tips about 10 cm, 1 cm apart and the angle of 180 degrees. With this we will have the tension key ready.
  • For the pick, we need the flat and round files that give us a circular shape to the tip of the 9 cm wire, and then give a twist that gives us the hook to lift the pistons.

With these steps and techniques you can solve the problem that caused a few moments of carelessness.

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