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How to open a lock with another keyand

How to open a lock with another key? It is not as complicated as you may think. But it happens that sometimes we get carried away by the most logical ideas, for example, that only the key that belongs to a lock is the one that could open it.

The truth is that the world advances, and with it the new methods and systems that make our lives easier. Therefore, when for some reason the locks cannot be opened as we want, we have no choice but to resort to certain efficient techniques such as: opening them with another key.

Can any key open my door lock?

The truth is that it is not just any key, it is all those keys that you want them to open. That is, if we allocate one of these objects only for this purpose, the result will be that of an open lock without inconvenience.

Does it seem incredible to you? Well believe it! It is a reality that must be faced, because in these moments there are a lot of people committing criminal acts in other people’s or private dwellings. It is a risk, but it is good to apply it with positive intentions.

You should consider some quite useful features when using a key for these purposes.

  • The first thing is that it is long and with the deepest and sharpest teeth, so that with just one thrust it can be fully inserted into the central slot of the lock.
  • The question is to give the necessary force to turn the internal mechanism of the lock, and that the opposite does not happen; That the key ends up divided in two and with one of the parts inside. It would be the worst case scenario.

A new trick created by a couple of Brits recently hit the market. The process is similar to the one already exposed, but the curious thing is the fact that the key they recommend using is one that can be printed by a 3D printer.

The characteristics of this technological innovation is not at all similar to the original key. However, it achieves the objectives. This shows us once again the great advances in technology, where we are putting ourselves at the forefront.

The super key

Have you ever heard of a super key? It is nothing more than the one commonly called master key, capable of getting many out of trouble, mainly locksmith professionals.

To begin with, before using this key, you need to do an investigation that allows you to know the correct operation of the lock in question. Although we are aware that most lock systems are created to respond to a single key. From this unique key, divisions can be made, from which the super key or master key is derived.

The process is simple, with just a metal base, you can form any key, without complicating it, remember that you do not gain anything if you stress. What it does is that you will have to take a special file for this work, and put all the effort possible to get a splendid point, which have the requirements you already we have specified.

This type of keys is common in establishments that have many locks to manage, such as hospital facilities, hotels or shopping centers. Domestic use also applies.

Bumping key

This is perhaps the most popular trick that can exist between the keys, which consists of copying or duplicating a particular model, which may be just the one you need to open the lock.

It can be applied to common locks, the ones most often used at home, office, business or bedroom. Of course, in terms of length it does not vary, it is the same as those already explained, because at the end of the day, it is still not the original key, so you need to go very deep.

The magic formula that will make this method work is in: the conductor pins, cylinder and the cut line. These will cause the pins to jump or bounce over the cut line, while the serrated part of the bumping key remains below the same line.

Then, the cylinder comes into action, because as long as the previous process does not fail, it will be able to make the turn that opens the lock. This is how, internally, the lock mechanism works when applying the technique. Now, here you can also apply the method of filing the elongated tip of the wrench up to the limit, it can be about 0.05 mm, a minimal and at the same time significant portion.

The step by step is as follows:

  • You insert quickly, but carefully, the bumping key in the central keyhole and with the same speed you remove it. It is for testing and so you get familiar with the movement.
  • After this, you insert the key all the way.
  • You make small taps on the key. Make sure it doesn’t cause major damage. The objects you can use to do the thrusts can vary: hammer, stone, or a piece of wood.
  • You make a turning movement with the key, to the left side and then from left to right. You may need to try a couple of times with this. The question is that the inner workings are well positioned.
  • Finally, the lock should open, making a glorious clicking sound.

You can take into account that …

  • In these cases there are never enough tips, on the contrary, they add up a lot of ideas and possibilities that we could stumble upon.
  • Do not forget that today almost all locks are vulnerable to being forced by others who only seek to do damage. If this case arises, do not lose your calm, focus to be able to get ahead with a cool head.
  • No matter the cost of the locks, you just have to make sure they are in good condition. It is a guarantee that it will not be opened so easily.
  • Apply the techniques shown in spaces of your property, avoid incurring in criminal crimes.

How to open a lock any key

How to open a lock any key

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