> How to open a locked car door

How to open a locked car door

Automobiles are one of the great advances of humanity as time has advanced and science has been increasing, these advances have been implemented in cars, perhaps some say that technological advance comes from the manufacture of cars, the thing is where cars and science go hand in hand.

In this article we will give you certain recommendations on how to open a locked car door, putting into practice some of these recommendations correctly, we can release it in a simple way, we must also have patience and dedication when applying the chosen method so that they can get the best results.

In order to solve problems in cars, there are many factors, among these is the make, model, year of manufacture, the latter is very important if we talk about locks. Unlike old cars that had a fully manual lock, newer car locks present an electrical system which makes the whole process of opening a lock different. Therefore, we recommend specialized technical service if you do not have the necessary training or training.

Using a graphite powder

Graphite powder usually comes in presentations as a spray or dropper type, we can get this in specialized stores or via the internet.

For its application we simply sprinkle or introduce the graphite powder through the keyhole, the graphite will settle on the internal walls of the lock, in addition to resting on the internal parts of this, this will allow friction and friction to be smaller, the inner parts will be able to slide past each other more smoothly. Next, we just have to insert the key in the keyhole and turn to where the lock opens.

Using a pencil

If we don’t have the money to buy or don’t have access to graphite powder, we can do it ourselves. We will only need a graphite pencil for the application of this method, to begin we must open the pencil wood to release the graphite that is inside, this can be done with a knife, a razor or with an exact one, but we are in a great hurry we can let it soak overnight in a container with water and the following morning the graphite will be released.

Later we will take the sharp tool and we will scrape the graphite little by little, without applying much force because the graphite is very delicate and breaks easily, if it breaks it will make the task a little more complicated, although if this happens we have the option of wrapping it in a sheet of paper and with some blunt object we can crush it little by little without applying much force.

What we want is a fine product, we will eliminate or pulverize all types of particles that are not granular. For the application we can place the graphite powder on a large sheet, we will bend it a little and the tip of the sheet will be placed over the keyhole and we will incline the sheet slowly until all the graphite powder is inside the lock. As in the previous method, we would only have to insert the key in the keyhole and turn it in the direction in which the lock opens.

This method is also applicable to the car’s ignition switch, if this is your case or so that you can take it into account, just in case in a future incident it happens to you.

Using a tennis ball

If our door has been stuck we can implement the tennis ball technique, which also works if the safety has been left on, this technique is a bit questioned, but in certain vehicle doors it can be put into practice because it works.

We will take a tennis ball and with a drill or a star screwdriver we will drill the ball, preferably with a diameter slightly smaller than that of the cylinder where we insert the key. What we will do next is to make that hole that we have made for the ball to fit into the lock cylinder, we will press hard and then jump it a little, at this moment the lock of our car should be open.

Using a plunger

As we use the tennis ball, we can use a drain opener or a pipe opener, we must place this making contact with the door in the place where the lock cylinder is located, we must press with the stick that it contains and pull it, of this way we can manage to open the lock.

For new cars

If our car is new, we recommend taking it first for a scan, since new cars have an electrical system controlled by panels. By scanning the car we can know in what specific place is where the problem is.

Disassembling the lock box

If the car has been scanned and the problem has still not been found, we can try to disassemble the lock box, the which in theory would be to uncover the door on the inside. In this we must remove the screws that the door has on the inside, in some cars we must remove the rear seat to be able to access to remove these screws. If we have a manual to help us, it would be ideal, since different cars have different structures, and most of these are closed with torx screws. The idea of ​​all this, when managing to disarm the box is to clean and lubricate the internal parts of the lock, in order to be able to unlock the lock.

Cars are wonderful, and an ideal method of transportation, there is an ideal car model for each person, but if they begin to have a fault, it must be repaired immediately, because if time is allowed to run, the damage will be higher and that is equivalent to higher costs for such repair. The above methods seek to alleviate your problem in a simple way. If the problems persist or you are not sure what to do, call a specialized mechanic as it can cause damage to your car.

Automotive Lockout | How To Open a Locked Car Door Without a Key

Automotive Lockout | How To Open a Locked Car Door Without a Key

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