> How to open a locked car door

How to open a stuck car door

The cars have modern locks that do not allow an intruder to easily get their hands in it. Therefore, although safety is paramount, sometimes the car door plays against us when, for example, it gets stuck.

How to open a locked car door? This is the question that arises in these cases and we have the answer for you. But the first thing you should know is the reasons why they get stuck, and we can tell you that they are very diverse, including environmental ones: snow, bumps caused by crashes or a simple “I forgot the keys inside”.

Identify the causes

As we already mentioned, it is important to identify the causes that originated the jam, which can vary between:

  • Difficulties with insurance.
  • Broken handles.
  • Keys stuck inside.
  • Bypass locks.
  • Old or rusty locks, a consequence of deterioration and poor treatment received.
  • Breaks in the cables or rods installed in the locking mechanism.
  • Environmental factors: dust, snow, excess water, among others.

Methods for unlocking the car door

There are a number of mechanisms that are used in modern cars that are circulating on our streets. For example, unlike of the old cars that are They can open manually, modern ones have electronic remote control systems to open or close. So each one is applied a different method when unlocking their doors.

Here are some options that may be useful in some cases:

Use a ball

Although it seems strange, it is very effective, as indicated by many of the drivers who have already used this technique to unlock the car door.

It consists of using a tennis ball, which you have to make a hole in with a tool the thickness of a screwdriver. The intention with the ball is to exert pressure with pushes on the lock, that is, to suck until it opens.

This technique is applicable for when we cannot remove the lock with the key because it has been locked. Let it be clear that it does not work on all vehicles.

Use a wire hanger for clothes

It is used for those cars whose safety mechanism consists of pulling up, if you want to open, or down if it is the opposite case. These locks are generally manual and are located on the upper side of the window.

The first thing to do is to disassemble the hook until it is stiff wire and can be inserted between the weatherstrip and the glass. It only keeps the upper curve of the hook, since it will be used in the safety lever inside the trolley.

The opposite side of the hook is inserted into the small space between the bottom of the glass and the weatherstrip. You will do this up to a few inches, being vigilant to prevent the end of the hanger from going too deep.

With the curved side of the hook the lever should be located, in some cases the lever is slightly behind the latch. If you feel any jerks or movements, it is because you are already making contact with the lever, do not stop pulling until you open the lock.


Get a long, proportionate piece of shoelace (it should be at least 1.50m long), any medium-hard rope will do as well. Carefully make a slip knot in the middle of the cord and insert it into the car placing the knot on top of the manual safety and pull up. How do you do it?

  • Through the upper corner of the door and making pulling movements that make space between the rubber and the door, put the rope or cord through the column, push the side of the rope that contains the knot through the frame of the car and the door.
  • To insert the rope in a downward direction, it may be easier to do a constant movement such as pulling and loosening. You place one end of the cord next to the handle and the other, towards the rear view mirror, moving until it goes down.

It is important that you use a barrier when you are making space between the door and the rubber, otherwise it will all come out. Also, do not pull both ends of the rope at the same moment, it will cause the knot to tighten prematurely.

  • Once this is done, position the knot above the safety, slowly tighten it at both ends. Once everything is ready, you proceed to open the lock by pulling up. Do not do it in a straight direction, it is better at an angle.

Wrapping the jamb

It is used for those vehicles with electronic security mechanisms. You will only need a wire from an umbrella that you no longer use. It is essential that these rods remain firm.

  • Create a hook or circle with one end. This is because it will have to be adjusted to the need, for example, if the safety is vertical or if you want to press a button; in this case the circular tip is yours.

Make sure the wire is long enough and can span the door handle. Use something that can be located between the door and the window, this will make a gap that will make room to work better.

  • Direct the metal rod into the cart, keeping your eyes on the target. Depending on this you will decide the direction (vertical or horizontal). Find the best angle and make the necessary movements and attempts.


  • If for any reason the place where the car is is not sufficiently illuminated to be able to visualize what is going to be done, request white light flashlights, lighting is essential.
  • Buy a Kitt that allows you to have tools on hand for when these eventualities occur.
  • Also, you can have a secret compartment installed in your own vehicle, where you could store spare keys.
  • Be careful to use tools that are rubber, so you do not damage the paint of the car.
  • If you cannot deactivate the alarm, notify those around you, that you are the owner of the car. Thus, you avoid misunderstandings.



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