> How to open a locked door

How to open a locked door

Life tests us every moment, in some cases we are prepared, but in most of the tests that come we do not know what awaits us, things in life! they say.

We have the case of a locked doorNo matter when it happens to us, we do not expect it, but it is useless to start crying and regretting what happened. So if you find yourself disoriented, we bring you the necessary information to get out of this anguish, you just have to follow the recommendations.

Forcing the slip

This type of method can be applied when the problem causing the lock to lock is in the door cylinder, there at that moment we insert the key into the lock and it does not allow it to be turned. But there are several ways to fix it:

With a bottle

The bottle that we will use must be made of plastic, since we can shape this material more easily, it is also resistant and can be bent, characteristics that are precisely necessary. to do the work we want. With an ordinary bottle we can achieve it, the ideal will be to use a soda bottle.

  • To shape the piece that we are going to use, a scissors will be necessary, then we cut the bottle by removing a piece that is closest to a drop, which should have a height of approximately 10 centimeters.
  • With the piece ready we go on to open the lock.
  • On the outside of the door, we can see the latch between the space between the door and the frame. This part of the lock is responsible for keeping the door closed and allowing it to open when it is collected and inserted into the door.

I imagine you already have the idea of ​​what we want to do …

  • We insert the plastic drop that we have cut through this space by hitting the latch.
  • We position our body in a position to be able to push the door repeatedly while pushing the piece of plastic against the latch.
  • Our movement with the piece of plastic should be oriented towards the curved part of the latch; This curvature gives birth to the other name by which it is known, slip. So the piece of plastic should lift the latch when you force it on it.
  • Having done this step, we must be quick and pull the door, either by the handle or by some place where we can take it.

With a knife

This method does not differ much from the previous one, the only difference is that this time we will use a knife that must not be fragile, on the contrary, it must have a thickness and dimensions sufficient to apply a lever movement on the latch and not it breaks, because we will lose the knife and we will continue with the door closed.

  1. Placing the knife between the slot that exists between the door and its frame, we hit the tip with the latch.
  2. Then we tilt the handle of the knife towards the lock and press on the latch making a lever movement on it, we must be careful because the latch will withdraw but will return to its position very quickly due to its design.
  3. As soon as the latch is retracted by the lever movement made by the knife, we quickly turn the handle to open the door.

Remove the lock

It is the best option we can take when we can not find another way to open the door, because we eliminate the problem at its roots. That is, by disarming the lock we can solve the problem immediately. The only condition will be to have access to the screws that hold the lock and the door together. But in the vast majority of doors the screws are at the back.

In the application, the screws contained in the lock are removed by using a screwdriver, to proceed later to remove the lock, which can be removed in a single piece or the cylinder is removed as the main piece to then remove the slip from the lock. its rightful place.

Using force

The following methods will solve the door problem but you may create another one, both the door and the lock can be damaged when trying to open it forcibly. What can cause severe economic expenses, so that we must be totally sure when opting for this alternative.

With a kick

Our body will be the tool that we will use to apply the method, we will only have to hit the door strongly with a kick. Although in reality it is not as simple as it seems, we must hit a well-placed and strong blow, in addition to being very careful not to slip in the attempt.

  1. We take a position in front of the door on the outside, placing our supporting foot forward and our leg of greater strength behind the previous one.
  2. We pick up momentum, lift the leg that will hit, which is the one we must have positioned behind, and give a strong kick just below the lock cylinder.
  3. It is likely that the first try we could not open the door completely, so we will repeat the procedure until we can open it.

We emphasize that the placement of the support foot is important, since it will prevent us from slipping and, in addition, it will serve as an axis to position our body and give the best possible kick.

With a kickstand

Another method with which we will use force is with the use of a kickstand to open the door.

This kind of method must be the last alternative we must take, because whatever material our door is made of, it will receive very severe damage.

In this case, we insert the kickstand at its straight end into the space between the frame and the door, and then make a movement against its position. The most effective points to apply force are above and below the lock.

How to Open a Locked Door

How to Open a Locked Door

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