> How to open a locked door from the inside

How to open a locked door from the inside

Know how to open a locked door from the inside it is not a difficult task. It can even be simpler than it seems, and in this article we will show you some tricks that you can use on your own, without having to go to a professional locksmith. Just pay close attention to the steps and you will see how it opens.

Identify what led your door to lock

Before starting the application of any method, you must take into account the reason why the door is locked. Identifying the problem is the fundamental basis to know for sure what strategy you can use.

Doors require, like everything in life, special care to last and be maintained over time, fulfilling the function of providing us with security and privacy in the space where it has been placed.

That is why external factors, such as environmental conditions such as humidity, for example, cause damage to the doors, especially if it is made of wood or iron. Also, rough treatment when opening and closing it produces an unevenness that damages it, causing it to lock.

Here are some methods to help you open your door.

Methods to open a locked door from the inside

1. Lever method

If your door is locked because the lock has failed and the latch does not come out when you turn the handle or the key, then this may be your best option, because it is one of the techniques that is most used because it is effective on locked doors. or defective locks.

Generally, it is a technique that is applied from the outside, but if you are inside, it is even easier to do since you have greater access to the latch.

For its application, you just have to look for an element that serves as a tool and provides the appropriate support. A razor, thin knife, credit card, hard plastic, or an X-ray that you no longer use may be your go-to.

The positive of all this is the fact that you do not need to find impossible materials, but just by appreciating the objects that are around you you can easily find one that will help you create that lever.

  • Once you have the tool of your choice at hand, you have to insert the object through the slot between the door and the frame. That is why to apply this technique the tool must be very flat.
  • When doing so, make sure that it is from top to bottom, that is, that it is located above the lock.
  • Once embedded, begin sliding the tool down until you reach the level of the lock.
  • There you will seek to make contact with the latch or latch, whose part is what maintains the lock between the door and the frame, and, therefore, has ease of movement.
  • When you have it within reach, try, with the tool, to return the slip to its place of origin, at the door.
  • In this way, when you manage to do the maneuver, you will only have to push the door with your body, at the same time that you turn the knob or handle towards the opening direction.

It is important that you come to this period, the work is synchronized and do not neglect any of the tasks, even less to the tool and the slip.

Then, repeat the pushing process as many times as necessary until the door can be opened.

2. Spray lubricant

On many occasions, the doors lock because its components, such as hinges and locks, They are collapsed with dirt, which makes it difficult to open, or due to wear and tear caused by the passage of time or accumulation of liquid material, such as humidity.

For situations like this, it is ideal to use products that serve as lubrication for those areas whose damage causes the blockage.

It will be enough to use multipurpose lubricating oils in those areas of mobility, such as the hinges, or graphite spray lubricants if it is the lock. How do you do it?

On the hinges, apply oil directly to them. You want to make sure you add enough. You let it act for a few minutes and start pushing the door open.

Now, if what you need to lubricate is the lock, you must apply the graphite powder through the entry hole of the key and turn the handle or the key, if it is the case.

It never hurts to lubricate other areas, such as the lock and the frame, up to the hinges. Do not forget that they are details that make the difference.

3. Remove the lock so you can open

Although it sounds drastic, if you are in an emergency, removing the lock will allow you to fully open the locked door. This is a perfect trick for opening doors from the inside.

To do this, you can use materials similar to those of the lever method, so you can make homemade tools. A nail clipper, perhaps, can work or any object that can access certain spaces and that fits the screws. That in case you are in a place where you cannot access the ideal tools.

  • You must remove the door handle. Or remove the bolts from the lock.
  • Then, remove the entire internal mechanism by exposed layer, which usually are two plates of different thicknesses which have screws that you must unscrew.
  • When disassembling the mechanism, you will need to disconnect the latch so that it will lift the latch. You must help yourself with the tool and with some accurate blows that completely detach the system.
  • With all this, the door will open, if not, you can also apply the blows with your body near the disarmed area.

Another extreme case is to remove the hinges that hold the door. The best of this technique is that it does not cause damage in the door, since once you manage to get out of the space where you are trapped, you can reposition it.

Don’t be careless! the doors don’t lock just because. There is an underlying reason there, so it is advisable to examine them to correct the error.

Euro cylinder with key on the inside, entry method.

Euro cylinder with key on the inside, entry method.

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