> How to open a locked door with a half turn

How to open a locked door with a half turn

You want to know How to open a locked door with a half turn? From now on we tell you that the biggest complication is going into despair and not thinking with a cool head to find a solution that allows us to get out of the situation with ease.

So do not worry that we have the answer, you just focus to calm down and look for the tools necessary to apply the techniques that we show you in this article.

For the rest, keep reading that in the next few lines we will give you some alternatives to open your door.

Methods to open a locked door with a half turn

When we talk about a door locked with a half turn, it is understood that the key has made a half turn, so it probably got stuck inserted in the mechanism. Although there is a slight chance that it has come out, that depends on whether the lock is worn, and what problem it is presenting.

In this way, we must focus on treating the opening system, for this we have the following solutions:

1. Lubricates the lock area

Try, first, to lubricate the affected area on the lock. For that, you must use certain components, since some products are not recommended because instead of lubricating, they accumulate impurities and dirt inside the system, an issue that does not help at all; oils are one of them.

For locks it is ideal to apply graphite powder lubricant or graphite spray. After applying the lubricant so that it reaches the inside of the mechanism, you should try to make full turns with the wrench. Ideally, do it slowly to give the product the opportunity to do the effect.

With this simple trick, used delicately, the door will open. But never forget to provide a good deal.

2. Hit the key with an object

It is very common to go to any object to hit the lock, the bad thing is that it is usually done impulsively, without any type of technique that provides real solutions. That is why we will show you how to do it the right way.

  • To begin, you should know that the blows are not directed at the lock or the door as such, but must be applied directly on the key, but without exceeding the force so that it will not break.
  • Locate an item that is blunt, but not harmful, a metal hammer, for example, would be too much. However, a rubber hammer is a good option. When you have it, first take the key trying to make the complete turn, and then, with which you are free to hold the object.
  • While applying pressure with the key, begin to strike it, at the same time, for at least three minutes. Then, accurately perform the full opening turn.

This way it will open because with the shocks and vibrations, the interior pieces will return to their place. That is if they have moved over time and with each time the key was used.

Something you should know is that it may happen that with all this it does not open. Well, do not be discouraged, try combining two techniques, lubricating and hitting with an object. Ready, sure if you open right away.

3. Remove the door hinges

With this technique the main or only problem is that you need to be on the inner side of the door, where it usually has the hinges. Unless it is an old door or the door is in a position that gives you access to them from the outside, for example.

To remove the door hinges you will only need a tool such as: flat screwdriver, or you can replace it with a razor or fine knife. Since to remove the hinges we need full access to the screws that hold them.

To start disassembling it should be done from top to bottom, preferably. Focus on the nails or pins, which you will proceed to remove upwards with the help of the screwdriver. Once you begin to notice that it comes out, you can finish the maneuver with a tweezers or an aligner.

Do this process with each of the hinges, until you reach the last one. There the care must be extreme, because the door is loose and an accident may occur. If you have someone to support you, ideally they should hold the door while you finish. If not, use a tall piece of furniture to support the door.

With this, you will be able to open the door but the lock will continue with the last half key. In this case, you will have to remove that half turn, it can be by disassembling the lock or calling a locksmith to check and repair it. After that, you can reinstall your door as if nothing happened.

4. Another option

For more alternatives, it is good that you know of another method that can be used, and that is the bumping key.

This technique can be used as long as you are located in one of the lock slots, which is not occupied with the original key.

It is functional because the technique also uses a few taps that can serve to readjust the internal mechanism, in the best of cases.

By simply inserting a bumping key through the center slot all the way and hitting it with a blunt object, such as a rubber hammer, a few times, you can open the door. Sure, to open it you must perform the respective opening turns. You do it in the normal way, as if it were the original key.

Sometimes it can happen that even the key that was left half turned, comes out.

Even if bumping keys are not available to everyone, you can always access one by buying it online. The downside is that if you have an urge to open the door, you probably can’t wait that long. The good thing is that if you have the bumping key, with this technique you can help someone who is trapped, children or the elderly, for example.

PSA: First-try “lockpicking” a common door handle in under 5 seconds

PSA: First-try “lockpicking” a common door handle in under 5 seconds

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