> How to open a locked door without a key

How to open a locked door without a key

We leave the house and when entering it is normal to require the keys since, for our own safety, it is likely that the main door does not open only with a handle from the outside. So if we leave the house and forget or lose our keys, How to open a locked door without a key?

The truth is that it is possible and thinking of helping you we have prepared this article with some tricks that they will help you open your door. We put the techniques and you just have to have patience and the best of intentions. And, if you’re ready, keep reading.

The plastic card trick

It can be a credit card or any other plastic card. This technique is highly effective for opening simple locks and in more complex locks when they do not have a key or past safety, which is why it is a very popular tool when we do not have a door key.

  1. The card should be inserted at an angle in the middle of the wall frame at the height of the place where the plate and the lock are located, just behind the latch.
  2. Forcefully, the card must be slid down so that it sits inside the board or between the latch and the board.
  3. The next thing is to pry the card in the direction of the lock or towards you to remove the latch.
  4. At the same time, you should turn the knob and push the door so that the latch moves slightly and it is easier to remove it from the plate and insert it into the lock.

If you can’t open it on the first try, repeat the operation again. Once the procedure is done and the latch is released, the door will be open.

If the latch pops out, but the door won’t open, it may need a slight push or the key may have been passed and you haven’t noticed. Try to check and make sure it’s not like that from the start so you don’t put in unnecessary effort.

Cutting a plastic soda bottle

This technique is very similar to the previous one, it varies in the element to be used; Well, it is an empty soda bottle. Although a bottle of water also works.

  1. You need to have a scissor, and with it cut the area that narrows towards the top and the bottom area. You will have a cylinder like the toilet paper cylinder, and you will need to cut it in half. You can use it completely or reduce it to the size you consider once you are manipulating it.
  2. The next thing is to perform the procedures mentioned in the prior art.

Although we recommend that as the plastic of the bottle is easier to handle, cut the piece of bottle in the shape of a large fingernail or triangle, so that the tips of the angles are more comfortable to insert into the frame plate and remove the latch.

As a substitute for the bottle, you can also use a piece of an X-ray. Both are made of a resistant and flexible material, which will allow you to carry out the sliding process and thus be able to disengage the latch from the lock, until the door is opened.

Pick Kits

These tools are more complex, but are usually easy to use for those who have experiences with them, since a lot of vision is required, precision and patience, in addition to agility in use. Although if you are skilled, with a couple of practices you could be able to use them.

  1. You must introduce the tension key; is a tool whose common shape is L, Z.
  2. Insert it through the widest part of the keyhole, to the deepest point and build up pressure.
  3. Then, take the pick and place it above the tensioning key. You should insert the pick to the end of the hole by tapping the top of the hole to remove the pistons.
  4. The idea is to release each of the lock pistons until the door can be opened.
  5. All this you must do while maintaining the pressure exerted with the tension wrench.

Paper clip

If you have a couple of paper clips, you can turn them into a key to open the lock. This technique is similar to the technique of the lock pick keys, it could be said that it is an alternative in case you do not have them, you could build your own lock pick tools.

  1. To create the keys you must take the first clip and stretch it until it is in a linear shape, except for the last curve of the clip, that should be the same.
  2. For your second tool, you will need to align the first two curves of the clip, and at the tip try to form a small crochet so that it can go into the hole in the lock.
  3. With the two tools prepared, proceed to insert the first one, pressing down on the lower part of the lock hole.
  4. Then, insert the other clip that will do a job similar to that of the pick. Try to touch with this clip the pistons that the lock contains and press down.


  • Never stop pressing with the first tool, because that is its job because it works as a lever so that by inserting the other you can increase the pressure while releasing each piston from the lock and opening the door.
  • Make sure the crochet hooks you made with the clips are thin enough to fit into the keyhole opening.
  • Remember to be very subtle when applying pressure when you are performing the procedure, because if you overdo it, you could bend the clip or worse, break it and leave it stuck.
  • If the clips you are using are covered in plastic, you should remove it as the cover prevents it from sliding easily inside. Also, during handling, some pieces may remain inside the mechanism.

Call a locksmith

If none of the above methods worked, your best bet is to call a locksmith. They are specialized people and therefore have a great kit of tools and with the necessary practice to solve your problem.

10 Ways To Open A Door Without A Key

10 Ways To Open A Door Without A Key

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