> How to open a metal door

How to open a metal door

If you came to this text it is because you have a problem with your metal door, and you have not made a mistake since we know how to open a metal door.

Although we already tell you that opening a door of this type varies according to its lock. Because, in general, they are more complex than locks on wooden doors.

That is, if you want to take care of the physical condition of the door, because if not the matter is much simpler. With just the use of aggressive tools, the door will be open in no time. But we will try to avoid that if the case is not extremely urgent. Remember that a damaged door is an expense extra that is probably not in your budget.

double bladed keys - how to open a metal door

What tools to use?

It is necessary to have more knowledge and a little more practice to obtain good results, so that when we have a problem with a metal door and we have to open it under another mechanism, we know what to do. Opening one of these doors may seem impossible, but it is not an unattainable task, with a little knowledge of the subject and the necessary tools, you will surely be able to open it.

As we already mentioned, the safety mechanism that have the metal doors in their locks, they are more precise, however, to achieve their opening without keys you should note if it is only closed or if it has passed the insurance or some turn of the key. The latter is attributed the complexity of the matter, since the techniques and tools are not the same.

The techniques below range from the simple to the more complicated and will detail the cases in which they can be used with the necessary tools.

old padlocks and keys - how to open a metal door

1. Credit card

In this technique, not only is a credit card valid, you can also use a plastic bottle, just like an X-ray. From the latter it is ideal to extract a piece, in the shape of a rectangle. But first you should know that all this will only work if the lock does not have the key lock passed.

  1. For the execution, you must take the card and insert it into the space between the door and the frame.
  2. Try to leave a small space, at least 8 inches, above the lock.
  3. Then, lower the card with a little force, but at the same time, very carefully so as not to remove it.
  4. When you feel the card a little squeezed, pull it out just a little, while pushing hard inward. In this way, the card will be positioned between the door frame and the pin.

Remember: when pushing, use force pressing the pin to sink it and be able to open completely.

But if it doesn’t turn out this way, because the card or X-ray gets stuck a lot. Just lubricate the space of the pin and the door frame a little, that will facilitate the entry of your plastic material.

2. GazĂșa technique

You have already heard this safe technique, it is a strategy that is carried out thanks to small levers that bring with them a scribble on their extremities that helps to release the pins from the lock.

It also contains another L-shaped tool that will help put pressure on the back of the lock to speed up the process.

Although, in general, we do not have a kit of these tools at home, they can be made at home. To do this, you only need wire, clips or hair clip.

  • For the stick with the figure on the tip, we extend one of the clips (if these were the materials chosen) and form a hook on the tip, so that we can reach and stimulate the pins of the lock.
  • The other material (wire or clips) we stretch and bend to the point of forming an L, as we previously required.

Now, at this point we can proceed to apply our technique:

  1. Insert the L-shaped tool, place it on the bottom of the lock by pressing down.
  2. At the same time, he introduces the other tool and with it tries to reach the pins.
  3. Make continuous movements until they are aligned and released. And that’s it! You can open the door.

It is important to mention that the precision and the good execution of the technique are skills that you must gather to obtain a favorable result, since its elaboration requires a lot of concentration and agility.

3. Bumping key

This type of key is also known as a master or universal key. It is a key that has perfectly filed teeth in a much lower position than common keys. For their use, they are usually inserted into the insertion hole of the lock key and with the help of a hammer, they are struck firmly and strongly. With this blow, the pistons jump, thus releasing the lock.

So much keys bumping like lockpicksThey are tools that usually only locksmiths have, but there is no reason not to be used by those who need them. In addition, since it is sometimes difficult to get them, like the lock picks we can also make our own universal key.

If you are willing to use this method and you don’t have the key, you just need to do the following:

  1. Find a key that you no longer use but that you can easily insert into the lock, file each tooth as much as you can, until they are aligned. With that you have your master key.
  2. To use it, just insert the key into the lock and hit with a hammer, preferably a rubber one. If you don’t have one you can use a mallet, a stone or any heavy material; Just try to precise the hit, otherwise you will damage the lock mechanism.

Any of these techniques can help you open a metal door, but everything is in the way of proceeding and in the tools to use. You must remember that the complexity to open them depends on the disposition you have to keep the door intact because if you have an emergency you can use a cutting disc, a saw, a drill, etc.

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