> How to open a metal door sheet

How to open a metal door sheet

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you find yourself locked in your house because you lost the key to the door panel or because it just won’t open?

We have gone ahead and thinking of you we created this article, where we will detail some techniques on how to open a metal door sheet, and although some think it is an impossible task. Here we assure you that it is not!

What you should know about metal door sheets

The metal door plates continue to be a common and current lock, whose function is to provide comfort, privacy and above all security. The models and mechanisms are usually of basic and contemporary structures that comply with the assignment for which they were created.

But it is true that to open a sheet you will need to know the model or type, since that information will provide you with a necessary advantage when applying any technique to open it.

And, do not worry about the metal door, it is a complement that highlights the high security standards that we seek to feel safe from the dangers of our environment.

Methods for opening a metal door sheet

Below we describe one by one the processes of each technique that you can use in the work of opening a metal door sheet.

Before it should be mentioned that you must take into account the materials and tools that you will need, they are as necessary as they are important. Don’t forget that the goal is open the problem plate. Once you achieve the goal, you can be satisfied, as well as an expert.

Get an x-ray

If you haven’t heard of this technique before, then using an X-ray to open a veneer may sound like a crazy idea. But the truth is that it is nothing of the kind, it is simply a reality that works perfectly, and whose process does not require an experienced level, or anything like that.

  • To get started, you will only need an X-ray and a spatula. The first one is inserted through the small slot that is exposed between the metal door and its frame. Do this until half of the X-ray is on the other side.
  • The correct thing is that it is from top to bottom, so that a slide begins that will stop just at the height of the sheet. There you will prepare to make contact with the slip.

The slip is that metal tab that is originally on the sheet and is inserted into the striker of the frame; there it fulfills the task of maintaining a partial or absolute closure of the sheet.

  • Well, the next thing you will do is pick up the slip to take it to its place of origin, the plate.
  • With the help of the spatula, which you will also insert through the slot, you pull the metal door towards your body. This without neglecting to slip with the radiography. The door handle is turned. All in sync.

And ready! that space can be opened and accessed.

Use your own lock picks

Lockpicks are quite useful tools when opening any sheet metal, and they have been used for a long time although they have progressively evolved, so much so that today one can be made with objects homemade.

Those objects that can be used to be a pick are hair clips, stationery clips, wire or ultra-fine screwdrivers. But, for the application of this case, it will work with wire.

  • The first thing you will do is cut two long pieces and into equal parts. When using a pick, it is necessary to have a tension wrench, which will also be made with wire.
  • Therefore, one of the pieces will be the tension key, and for that it is only necessary to twist one of the ends, to give it a shape of the letter L, thus the curved side will repress the excessive interference and will support the necessary tension.
  • For the pick, you will also mold one end, but it will be made as if it were a hook or a clothespin. So that with that curvature you hold it in your hand and you can handle the tool with precision.
  • First insert the tension key, which makes a quick recognition inside the plate. There you will only get acquainted with the mechanism. The pins, especially. Then, house the key in the upper part of the central slot.
  • Then, you insert the pick through the same slot, only under the key, in search of the pins, which you will seek to lift, not one. They are usually 5 to 6 pistons.

One detail, that the pick is under the pistons, so that it can go to the next progressively, and be able to reach the end. With this it will happen that the tension will become more and more evident, you will make it feel and it is not bad.

  • When you have all the pistons raised, you go to the tension key again, to move it as if it were the original key of the plate, that is, imagine that you are going to open it with your key, turn it, and voila. It will open!

An additional method

Nowadays, more people frequent the use of Bumping keys; popular for their ability to open almost any sheet metal door. Before its use was exclusive to professional locksmiths, it is no longer the case.

If you want, you can get one, and try to apply the trick on your own. You will only need the key in question, and an object that you can use to hit, such as a hammer.

  • You insert the key all the way, then with the help of the hammer you hit the bumping key, not so hard and with precision. It is for you to fit and your teeth to lift the pistons.
  • Then you start doing test turns from left to right, until you do it in the correct direction. This way you will be able to open the sheet!

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