> How to open a multilock lock without a key

How to open a multilock lock without a key

It is likely that on at least one occasion you have misplaced your house keys and should have stayed outside while someone came to your aid. And it is not bad to wait for help, as long as we do not have an emergency and we do not live alone. Yes, because when we live alone everything is more complicated, and a lost key can mean a whole night away from home or a locksmith as the only help (and that is money that is never within our budgets).

Luckily for you, we know how to open locks and this time we bring you some tricks that will teach you how to open a multilock lock without keys. One of the most used models in main doors.

With a pen and a paper clip

Who can imagine that with just a pen and a paper clip we can open a lock? But it is so, counting on each of those objects we can open a lock multilock without having the key. Sure, as long as you don’t have the last key.

Here the most important thing is to follow the instructions properly and not skip any steps.

  • We take the paper clip and unroll it.
  • Then we take the tip of the paperclip to bend it so that it has an angle that does not reach 45 degrees.

As for the pen, we will only need the cap, more specifically, the hook that holds the cap. We then proceed to remove the metal tip. The next thing is to bend the tip just a little.

Now we will start to open the lock:

  • We insert the bent end of the pen hook, through the widest part of the keyhole.
  • With the right thumb we apply pressure in the direction in which the faucet opens. This is necessary to prepare the lock for the work to be done next.
  • Then we take the paper clip and insert the folded end as deep as we can, just below the pen hook.
  • We move the paper clip from the bottom up. As we do this, we increase the pressure exerted with the thumb on the pen hook.
  • We can also rotate the clip while we do the rest of the action. All this will allow us to have better results in the work we do with it. We will apply this until we have the lock open.

With electric pick

We do not know exactly when the lock picks were created. According to, at first it was by professional locksmiths, then little by little it was opened to the general public. The truth is that it is a tool that continues to be used over the years, mainly manual picks; and I say this because this tool evolved to electric models.

In recent years, some companies with models of electric picks have come onto the market. It has not yet become a boom or succeeded in displacing the original pick, but it has slowly been expanding in the market.

Due to its comfort and ease of use, it has become a fundamental tool for some locksmiths, mainly for those who do not cling to traditional elements.

Electric picks can be purchased in online stores, and their use is similar to that of the original pick, unlike the fact that the electric pick makes the movements for us by rotating a motor driven by batteries.

  • The use of the electric pick begins with inserting the tension key through the widest part of the keyhole; that is, where we introduce the key.
  • After placing it, we must press so that the lock rotates towards where it normally opens, so that the pistons of the mechanism move slightly.
  • Subsequently, above the tension key, we introduce the electric pick, then turn it on with the indicated button and make slight movements from front to back, until those same movements of the pick move the pins and the lock is left open.

As a last piece of information, we must emphasize that to fully open the lock we must maintain pressure with the tension key while we are manipulating the electric pick. When it finishes doing its job, the lock cylinder will give way to leave it fully open, just as if we were using the corresponding key.

With drill

A drill is a very effective tool for opening multilock locks, the problem with its use lies in that we leave the lock out of service or inoperative. It is a strategy that professional locksmiths also use, however, we must take into account that we need to have another lock available at the time of drilling to replace it immediately.

For a multilock lock we can use a bit or bit of any material, although its thickness must, at least, occupy half of the keyhole to be able to pierce it and damage the security system.

We must also be careful and take the necessary security measures to protect our physical integrity. Mainly we must be careful with our eyes. If possible, protect them with glasses or lenses because when operating the drill and drilling the lock, metal splinters can jump out, which could be dangerous if they come into contact with one of our eyes.

For the execution we simply place the bit well in the drill, turn on the drill and drill deeply in the center of the keyhole. Once this step is done, we insert a screwdriver that fits through the hole and turn it until it opens the lock.

With a plastic card

This is a common, life-saving technique and uses an easily accessible tool, the popular plastic card. And it will also work to open multilock locks that have no old key. To achieve this we only have to:

  • Detect that the door has a flange next to the frame.
  • Insert the card a few inches above the lock, giving priority to one of the corners.
  • When the card touches the latch, we push it down and back so that it slides into the hole in the latch.

The next thing is to pry to move the latch towards the lock

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Mul-T-Lock Classic Euro Profile Cylinder Picked and Gutted

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