> How to open a picaporte

How to open a picaporte

There are many ways to open these types of locks, and in part this is because most interior doors have handles. In addition, they have been in the market for years so we know them very well and we have learned to live with them and solve the problems they present.

crank handle locksmith manual latch how to open a lock.

The latches are also known by the names of pull, handle, handle or knob, they usually have simple systems which can be easy to force. And although a locksmith can do this job, with the necessary dedication, for us this will also be a piece of cake.

So if you are having problems with a lock of this type, then we show you a small compilation of different methods of how to open a doorknob.

Introducing a knife

If we are careful, this method will not cause damage to the handle and, if it does, it will be minimal. We will need a knife that is not vulnerable and force can be applied to it. It must also be thin because it must be inserted through the hole in the lock. We usually use knives to spread jam.

  1. We must insert the knife through the keyhole. This is the hole that we find in the center of the doorknob, where we place the key to open the door.
  2. We take the knife as far as possible and make a turn from left to right. Turning the latch at the same time as the knife can facilitate the work.

If the previous application has not been successful we can repeat it but this time we must apply pressure with the knife and turn. If it doesn’t work, we make new attempts or change techniques.

Introducing another object

Not only with a knife we ​​can open the latch, any similar object can be useful, or that we think can give us the same result.

You can use a screwdriver, preferably with a flat tip. Similarly, it cannot be a thin, fragile-looking screwdriver.

  • The chosen object will be inserted into the keyhole, turning and trying to force it, as in the previous method.

Another tool that can supplant the screwdriver is a hex wrench. These wrenches are common in mechanics’ toolboxes, because they are used to tighten screws in cars and motorcycles, they have a particular L-shape with a hexagonal tip.

  • This tool must be inserted through the keyhole, selecting the longest end for the procedure, since the intention is to go as far as possible inside the doorknob.
  • The key must force inside the lock mechanism, applying the same procedure that we used with the previous screwdriver, turning to open the lock.
locksmith manual key knob how to open a lock.



Another application for the knife

Another way we can use the knife to open the doorknob is by trying to push the latch back. For this we take a resistant knife, if it is possible that it is not flexible, because when receiving the force it can break and being a sharp object we could injure ourselves.

With the knife in our possession, we headed for the door. What we must do is locate the latch; We know as a latch that part of the lock that leaves and enters the door when the handle is turned, it is in charge of keeping the door closed.

In the event that we cannot locate the latch or have poor vision, the tip of the knife can be inserted into the slot that we find between the door and its frame. We slide the knife through this slot and when we touch the latch, we force it into the strike, since what we want is to make a lever movement to move the latch.

But before the lever, we place the knife perpendicular to the door without removing it from the strike. Once there, we implement the lever movement

Inserting a screwdriver

We once again have the case of the flat-tipped screwdriver, as with the use of the knife it cannot be a fragile screwdriver that can break when force is applied.

We will repeat the same actions:

  1. We insert the screwdriver in the slot between the door and the frame.
  2. We locate the latch and apply a lever movement.

If we do not have a screwdriver, but we have other tools that we can use, such as scissors, a file, among others, we must take advantage of them.

With a credit card

At this point is where we are going to appreciate that a credit card is not only used to buy things and widen the card holder, while we have it stored, we can give it another use. Which one? Well, open a doorknob, in one or many opportunities.

Of course, in this case it is ideal to use an expired or old card, so we do not damage a new one and do the environment a little favor by reusing what had already become garbage.

  1. To carry out this procedure, we also seek to introduce the object through the slot between the door and its frame. In fact, it bears a lot of similarity to the knife-through-the-slot method, because that’s what it’s all about.
  2. We will locate the aforementioned slot and place the card a few centimeters above where the latch is located.
  3. We will slide the card through the slot until we hit the latch; This part is also known as a slip, since the latch has a curvature that sometimes presents a counter chazo which slides along the door frame until it enters the frame, leaving the door closed.
  4. We will take advantage of this curvature to slide the card until we can remove the slide from the frame and make it return to the inside of the latch.

If we do not achieve the task, we can make movements with the card from left to right while we slide it to remove the latch. This can give us greater efficiency.

Opening a doorknob may not be as easy a task as we have thought. But much of the failure is due to lack of experience, so take a few failures for practice. An old saying says that practice does the teacher, that is, in good execution is success.

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