> How to open a pin plate

How to open a pin plate

Perhaps, at the moment we are reading this we find ourselves locked up, somewhere. Or maybe the situation is less dramatic and we just can’t open a pin plate. And yes, sometimes these can be difficult to open if you do not have the key, for example.

Here the important thing is to keep calm and if we have some other access or exit route, depending on the case, it is better to use it. Then, with more calm and patience, enable the corresponding lock or plate.

And since you are here, keep reading and take advantage of the recommendations that we will give you. how to open a pin plate, which we bring you explained step by step so that no doubts arise or you have to go elsewhere to find an explanation, it only remains for you to get the necessary implements and execute them. So get to work!

Before starting

Before the action begins, there are some aspects that we must take into account to solve the problem without any method.

  1. If we are in a hurry to get out, we can look for alternate routes, some other door or window that we can open. For safety, make sure to leave the window closed, if this is the case.
  2. Take into account the possibility of opening with another key. For example, if you live with someone else, if you have a key stored anywhere, or if someone close to you has a copy.
  3. There is also the option of having a locksmith solve the problem and get us out of trouble. It is a waste of money, but we must take it into consideration. So if we have the number of a locksmith and with a little extra money, we can call a professional.

Now, if the time comes, we have decided to apply some method to carry out the opening on our own, we must have the best disposition, calm, have the necessary tools and do everything possible to apply each one of them well. To be sure that you will do it right, follow the instructions below step by step.

Open with another key

What we will do next requires using a key other than the one on this plate, preferably a key that we do not use, as we can damage it during the procedure. For its application, apart from the key, we will also need a metal file.

What we will do is to file the teeth of the key, seeking to lower the grooves to be able to force the sheet. Once the key has the smallest grooves, it will force the internal pistons to level, freeing the turn of the key in order to open the plate.

  1. Our first step takes us to file the grooves or teeth of the key.
  2. Insert the key in the eye of the sheet until it can enter normally and without forcing. If we have not succeeded on the first try, we will repeat the first step.
  3. When the previous step is reached, we will turn the key to notice that having applied the previous steps is not causing any effect, because if it does not turn we must continue to step 4.
  4. Now we will look for a hammer or an object with which we can hit the key and we will do it repeatedly, taking into account that we should not harm the key while we carry out this step.
  5. After we have hit the key, we turn it to notice that this time it has done so and we have been able to open the plate.
  6. If the key has not turned, we can hit it again to try to turn again. We can do it as many times as we consider necessary.

If after several attempts, we have not managed to open it, we can go back to the first step, because the height in the furrows may not be indicated.

Open with clips

This method is very efficient in the sense that we will not cause damage to the sheet, because we will force it without breaking it. This is very good, but as against we have to apply this technique requires a lot of patience since it is necessary to practice beforehand to have good results. For its application we need two paper clips, yes, just that, and we can start now.

  1. We take a couple of clips, it doesn’t matter if it’s used parts. Although it is ideal that they are not of the model covered in plastic.
  2. The next step is to unroll them until they are straight, to give one of them an L shape and the rest to leave it as it is, straight.
  3. Now we go to the plate to insert the clips through the key entry hole.
  4. First we do it with the L-clip, this goes through the widest part of the eye, while the straight clip will be inserted through the thinnest part of the same hole.
  5. We will begin to press the L-shaped clip, while with the one with a straight shape we will make movements from top to bottom.

In this way, we hit the pistons that make up the interior mechanism. As the pistons are all at the same level, it will deactivate the plate safety. Then we will place each of these at a level, starting with the closest one.

We cannot give up the first time, as we have said before, this is a method that requires some practice to achieve it.

Open with shear

A very simple method that will not take long to give us results is using a shear. The cutting level of this tool is very high and as against we tend a broken sheet, which from now on will be unusable. If this last detail is not a problem and we are willing to assume the expenses, we follow the following steps:

  1. Taking into account the precaution that we must take not to hurt ourselves, we place ourselves with the shear in front of the sheet.
  2. We open the shear and with the pliers of the tool we press the pin of the sheet with force until it provides a cut enough to open the sheet.

It is likely that, due to lack of technique when using the shear, we will not be able to cut the pin. We just try again until we get there.

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