> How to open a rim lock without a key

How to open a rim lock without a key

While we are in the comfort of our home, the one that we have turned into a monument of everyday comfort, we do not stop to think how safe we ​​are. It is something we take for granted, simply by having locks on the doors.

In general, we usually go to very common locks, those of rim, for example. But, if for any reason, you want to enter the house urgently but do not have keys, a common question arises: how to open a rim lock without a key?

Don’t be mortified, almost everything in life has a solution. And here we will show you tricks, techniques or methods to access your home and then show off with your friends.

How are rim locks?

Rim locks are so popular that you can’t imagine not having one on any of the exterior doors of your home.

They are characterized by being made of iron or strong metal, ideal for bars or doors made of the same material; whose purpose is the greatest resistance. It is common to locate them outside; either in the garden or front doors.

Its internal mechanism is not variable with respect to the other locks on the market. However, it does make a difference in terms of its surface installation and not recessed as usual.

Another of the qualities that plays in favor of overlapping locks is the opening direction, whose adaptation can be right or left, according to the owner’s need. In addition, experts say that the installation is so simple that it can be done at the beginner level.

All this is important to know, because how it works will give us many clues on how to open these locks if we want to enter the space that is closed.

Methods to open a rim lock without a key

These locks, mostly the old ones, as they have an internal mechanism similar to the others, can be forced with well-known techniques and tricks. Some of them we are going to describe precisely so that you can use it quickly.

Bumping key

Get yourself one of these master keys, which can open almost any lock you want. Because of this, it is a method that is often used by thieves, or in a totally different case, by service professionals.

  • The first step is to quickly insert the bumping key through the central slot.
  • Then take it out, and repeat the procedure a couple of times.
  • In the last one, you leave it inside, if you can turn it there is no problem, maybe open.
  • If it didn’t open, the next thing to do is hit with pressure, but without much force, you don’t want the key to break inside. Usually a single stroke is necessary, however, sometimes it takes three or four times.

What we want with this is for the key to penetrate to the depths, once you make sure that it is. What remains is to turn the key in the opening direction, while turning the handle. This is how the magic is done and it will open.

What happens in there with the bumping key is that by having the saws or teeth very sharp and deep, they can fit between the safety pistons and it is when it exerts the unlocking, whose additional help is the execution of the blow.

Lock pick kit or tools made by you

In some homes, the owners often have a series of tools to pick locks, either from previous experience or because they simply want to prevent. We will tell you how to use them and how to make some if you don’t have them.

You will need two pieces, a pick and a tension wrench. Both are included in the kit, which also contains a variety of tools that you can adjust to the lock.

  • First, you introduce the tension key so that it makes a quick feeling inside the lock. Place it at the top of the center slot.
  • It is in this point that you introduce the pick tool. Penetration into the lock must be thorough so that you can verify the positions of the pistons that hold the lock.
  • When you already have the first one located, proceed to make an upward movement that seeks to raise the first piston, you will do this procedure with the others, the normal thing is that they are from 5 to 6 pistons. Some locks bring more or less.
  • When you have already raised all the pistons, you can move the pick to act as a key, if you visualize well, at this point the pick is the key and you will only open as usual and that’s it.

To make the lock picks, locate homemade materials, they can be used: clips, hair clips, a thin knife or wires.

  • It is enough to cut two pieces in equal parts, stretch them until they are very smooth. With one of the pieces you will make a tension wrench by just bending one of the ends, which is like an L.
  • For the pick, you take the other metal and make a curve at one end. Make sure it looks like the curve of a clothespin, it will be a hand support.

The technique to apply is It does not vary, unless you need more practice due to lack of habit with these tools. It will work anyway.

Lethal force

The idea is not to get to this point, but you probably have no choice. If you have tried everything and nothing works for you, you will have to find a saw, its results are very fast.

With the electric saw you can disassemble the lock completely until you can enter the house. You will not encounter problems doing or trying because the nature of the rim lock structure is weak.

Wear protective gloves and goggles, it is sure that metal fragments will jump in any direction. Just focus and stay focused.

Do not forget to notify the neighbors, the noises will alert them and they could call the police.

Single lever shed / garden gate rim external mortice lock picked open with 2 nails

Single lever shed / garden gate rim external mortice lock picked open with 2 nails

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