> How to open a room door

How to open a room door

What are we supposed to do when our bedroom door jams? Well, this should not be a problem for us since today there are different ways to open a lock and with different tools.

Although it is always clear that it is better to call an expert such as a locksmith to help us with this problem but we do not always have time to wait for a locksmith or we simply do not have the money. But don’t worry, here I explain how to open a room door.

Doors with simple locks that will not be a problem for us

Well, before starting, the door may not be locked and something else is keeping it closed, this may be because the door is jammed due to lack of oil, or has some object that is hindering it and keeps it closed.

So before looking for the tools first make sure that your door is not stuck for reasons other than that it is secured.

Good to start now if the first thing to know is that the doors to the rooms usually have simple locks, these do not They must pose no problem to us since they are only locks that only forcing them with some object will open them in a very easy way.

So the first thing we can do is try a classic precision pick. If you don’t have a pick at home, don’t worry because you can make a very easy pick with just a few clips.

To make a pick and a rake to open doors, first we are going to look for a clip, we are going to open it completely and then at the tip we are going to give it a hook shape.

Then we will find another clip and we will open it and we will incline the tip a little. We just have to insert the two clips and press down while we turn the pick to open the door.

We can also use a Bumping key, with this key we can open almost any lock in a simple way, the only locks that we will not be able to open with this tool are the locks with an antibumping security system which modern locks have.

But as I said, interior door locks as rooms do not require such a dedicated security so it will not be a problem to open the doors of the rooms with the Bumping method.

Of course, the main disadvantage of this method is that it can damage the cheaper and simpler locks that are the ones that room doors usually have.

Another problem with the Bumping method is that getting a Bumping key is usually not very easy to get as it is a delicate instrument. Although there are places to buy this type of keys. It can also be a problem in the wrong hands that you use these keys for less lawful methods than opening a lock on your property.

This does not mean that we cannot get this tool from locksmiths but generally not many people usually have this valuable instrument on hand to open doors.

There is a method that is so well known that it becomes almost mandatory to try it and it is to use a credit or debit card, or a license, or an X-ray or a plastic bottle.

We can say that this method is the most practiced on all sides when a door is closed and we do not know how to open it, for this, all we have to do is insert the card, the license, the X-ray or the plastic of the bottle by the space between the door and the frame.

This should not be a problem for us since generally this space between the door and the frame is not so narrow when it comes to interior doors such as a room.

After inserting the card we will have to go down and try to force the door latch until the door yields and opens. For this we have to push the door so that our work becomes easier.

This method is usually very effective here because of the type of doors that are generally used indoors, which do not contain very advanced security systems, since being indoors they do not need to be as safe as exterior doors. So it is a very simple and effective method on simple doors.

Due to the type of locks that are generally in the rooms, we can pick the lock using other objects, although it is very likely that these end up damaging our lock because we are not picking the lock in a subtle way as with the picks, but we will directly violate a little door.

First what we can do is look for a scissors, a screwdriver or a butter knife, we will insert this where the door key should go and we will begin to force the object to rotate.

With this method, we may open the door in a few attempts, only that we can end up damaging the lock, although this does not have to be the case. This method can be used since this type of interior doors, which are generally made of knobs, at the moment of locking with a key do not lock the door latch but the other knob preventing it from turning and opening the door.

A somewhat simple method that may work for us is just by pushing the door hard, in this way the safest thing is that we will cause damage to the lock, but it is almost certain that with a few moments of struggle and perhaps the help of a scissors or a screwdriver the door ends up giving and opening very easily.

In fact, opening a door to a room can be much easier than opening the door of, for example, an apartment, the simplicity shown by these locks makes it a very simple job, keep in mind that it is very likely that the lock and the door are damaged because, just as it is easy to open them, it is also easy to damage them.

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