> How to open a round lock

How to open a round lock

For a locksmith, getting a lock that does not open or does not have a key for this purpose is an everyday thing. It is even entertaining, as it is his profession and how much fun we have when we do what we love!

But such a pleasant situation for a professional locksmith may not be so for an ordinary citizen. For whom a similar episode can be an experience of despair that could become traumatic and frustrating if they do not have the appropriate training or training.

Taking this reality into account, this time we present a series of methods or recommendations on how to open a round lock as if you were a professional in the field. This way you can transform that despair into a learning experience, and it could even end up being rewarding.

Round lock mechanism

This type of lock contains an internal system made up of pins; which, by inserting the correct key through the keyhole, are leveled allowing the key to move freely.

On the contrary, when an incorrect key is inserted, these pins are positioned at different heights, in this way the system is not free for mobility. This aspect is essential to know what work we are doing internally when we introduce objects through the hole in the lock.

In the following paragraphs we explain some techniques to open a round lock. But before continuing, it is necessary to recommend cleaning the lock before implementing any procedure.

It is also important to lubricate it with graphite powder or spray. As this reduces the chances of the lock jamming and, in the event that it is stuck, this allows it to open.

Pick method

Lock pick sets can be purchased in stores specialized in the locksmith industry or online shopping pages. These types of tools are commonly used by professional locksmiths, tools that we can use skillfully with some practice.

These consist of a tension; which is a tool in the form of L or Z and the pick that are straight, with a kind of hook at one of its ends. We can safely say that this method is one of the most reliable among all those presented.

  • We can start by putting and removing the pick through the keyhole to verify that it is not obstructed by any dirt.
  • Subsequently, we must introduce the tension key through the keyhole making some pressure.
  • Now we will introduce the pick in the direction where the teeth of the key would enter.
  • Following this, we must gradually enter the pick and go up gently to move the pistons.
  • We will hear a sound inside the lock indicating that one of the pistons gave. You have to continue until everyone rings.
  • When we have moved all the pistons, it will open the lock.

Hair Hooks Method

If we do not have lock picks, there is another tool that can be very useful. For this, it is essential that a woman lives at home, because we will use an object or utensil for beauty. These are hair clips. A couple of these will be very useful to us.

The first thing we must do is unfold the hooks until they are in an L shape, then we will eliminate the plastic tips with tweezers or pliers, we will use the hooks as if they were picks: one of them we will use as a tension key and the other with the pick.

To do this, we place the first one in the lock and press. Then we place the next one above the previous one and move it, keeping the pressure with the other hook, until we move and level the pins. All this, while we continue to press, if we do the job well we will have the lock open faster than we think.

A pair of paper clips also works for this method, performing the same action explained above.

Screwdriver method

If we have not yet managed to open the lock, we can use a screwdriver; This should be small enough to fit through the keyhole without any difficulty.

  • We only need to supply a little pressure after having introduced the tool.
  • With a rubber hammer we hit the screwdriver so that as much as possible goes in, without using too much force as we can damage the lock.
  • The next thing is to turn the screwdriver to the right, in the event that the lock opens in that direction.

If we do not have a screwdriver, we can use a knife, a rigid wire, or a tool similar to these that can fulfill this task.

Plastic card method

The cards issued by some stores or businesses for affiliation are perfect for applying this technique. Since using a credit card, it could end up damaged during the procedure. However, a sturdy plastic can be used, such as a piece of detergent bottle.

Having chosen the card to use, we will insert it through the slot or space between the door and the wall, or rather, between the frame and the door. It should be placed just above the latch, that is, next to where the lock is located.

When inserting it, we must make a slight pressure, and later, raise and lower the card, maintaining the pressure. At the moment that the lock presents us with greater resistance, we must make a lever movement tilting the card towards where the lock is located, or towards where the latch comes out.

At that time we can use the body for support, pushing the door a little with him. We must remember that the pressure applied to the card should not be excessive as we can break it. In addition, we must be more careful if we have chosen a value card, because we must try to preserve it.

It is likely that with the first attempt we will not achieve the appropriate result, but if we are persistent in the application of each of these techniques, it is likely that we will be able to open a round lock.

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