> How to open a safe without a key and without a key

How to open a safe without a key and without a key

Safes are security devices that allow us to protect those objects of great value and importance that we have in our lives from external threats. The versatility and benefits having a safe are so many that, currently, models specially designed for be practical both at home, as in the business or the office.

Possibly, the only downside to having a safe that is, if we lose your key or forget the combination that allows you to open it. In any case, the most sensible solution would be to request the professional services of a locksmith. However, we do not always have the capital to face this type of eventuality.

Thus; In this article we want to offer you a series of alternatives, with which you can open your safe without major inconveniences. Do not panic, that surely at the end of the reading you will have found the best solution. Alright, let’s get started!

6 methods to open a safe without a key and without a key

The different methods that we will present to you below must be carried out with the full awareness that the safe could suffer irreparable damage. Consider taking the safety measures necessary, in order to guarantee the security of the contents of the box.

METHOD 1. Break the hinges

This technique will fully work on older safes; since in their time of manufacture, the security systems were not as sophisticated or rigorous as they are today. To do this, you will need to break the hinges of the safe using a wide blade screwdriver.

To get started, find a small gap in the corner where the hinge is located. Position the screwdriver and with the help of a hammer, deliver firm and forceful blows. Once inserted, continue repeating the process until you cut the hinges that hold the door. In some cases, you can leverage; which will considerably facilitate the work.

METHOD 2. Force the clock

This method is perfect for safes that have a clock. To start, take a pointed pliers and lift the left side of the plate as high as you can; continue until you see a screw.

Once the screw has been removed, proceed to insert a steel wire inside the hole and continue until you come up against the dial. As you go, apply a little pressure until you hit the first disc.

Now, proceed to slowly turn the clock to the right. There will come a point where the disk slot and the wire meet; when this happens it will mean that you have found the first number. Repeat the same steps in the opposite direction, until you find all the numbers in the combination.

METHOD 3. Pierce the ring to force the watch

To get started, you will need a powerful drill and bits to drill different gauge steel. Now, proceed to drill a hole in the ring next to the clock in the safe; right in the center. Once you have gone through the ring, angle the piercing angle towards the center of the watch; in this way we will seek to have access to the interior of the safe.

Take a piece of steel wire and proceed to manipulate the clock disks, as explained in method 2. Repeat the process until you get all the numbers for the combination and can open the door.

METHOD 4. Cut with the radial

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the corner where the hinges meet. Right at the point where the edge of the safe and the door meet. With the help of a hammer, hit the screwdriver until it manages to enter.

Now that you have enough space, insert the radial disc and proceed to cut the hinges very carefully. Once you’ve cut them all, use the screwdriver to pry them away. If you have made the cuts correctly, you will have finally opened the safe.

METHOD 5. Plasma cutting

This method works in a similar way to the radial, with the only difference that we will use another tool. To start, follow the steps above and once you get to the point of cutting the hinges; Proceed with the plasma cutter.

METHOD 6. Drill the lock

To begin, you will need a powerful drill and a steel drill bit of good gauge and strength. Once you have the tools at hand, proceed to drill a hole in the keyhole. At first go slowly, so that you make a small base to prevent the bit from slipping with force. Then increase the speed until you can see how the metal inside the lock breaks.

Once finished, insert a screwdriver with the help of a hammer and turn it to open the lock. It may not work the first time, so you will have to repeat the process until the lock gives. On the other hand, it may be the case that you need to repeat the whole process with a thicker bit and screwdriver.

Tips and final considerations

In the unfortunate event that none of the methods described above has worked with your safe, we advise you to use the regular channels. Next, we explain more about it:

Manufacturer’s Technical Service

Recognized and prestigious brands; They have highly effective and professional technical services to provide precise solutions to customers. To access their services, you will need to first verify the accreditation that indicates your ownership of the safe. Once verified, they will surely help you without any problem.

Professional Locksmith Services

A qualified locksmith will have the tools and experience to solve your problem easily. It may not be the cheapest solution, but you can be sure that you can open it without much thought.


The goal of this article is to provide you with a free, quick and easy alternative; to people who need to open a safe, in order to solve a problem.

Apply these techniques only in safes that you own or with the explicit authorization of their owner. Also, take into consideration that performing these methods in public spaces may be frowned upon by other people or by the authorities. Remember that damage to private property, theft, theft and misappropriation; they are criminal offenses.

How to open a safe without a key and codes

How to open a safe without a key and codes

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