> How to open a security door

How to open a security door

When we install a door, we do it thinking about having a lot of security in a certain space, regardless of whether it is a home, business or office. That is why security doors are usually the best option.

However, this does not escape from having an incident in which, due to forgetfulness, you do not have the keys, for example. The truly complicated is there, but do not be mortified, in this article we will show you tricks so you know how to open a security door.

Important aspects of security doors

Details always make a difference, and security gates have theirs too. The first thing you should know about them is the quality they have of being able to hold several locks and bolts at the same time, which makes them a little more secure than the common ones.

Some can even be armored; Made of a very resistant material that serves as an alert when someone tries to enter your property illegally.

What is important is the fact that, with all this, they are still prone to being forced. Which may well be beneficial if at some point you do not have the keys and need to enter. This in case you have an emergency that requires skills or alternatives that allow you to open it on your own without the need for a professional locksmith.

The most used tricks to open a security door

Alternative methods for opening a security door require various levels of techniques, according to the need and the circumstances in which the problem arises.

Identify the one that best suited your door and your capabilities, because no one said it would be easy, but if you put a lot of interest it will not be difficult. Dare to do it on your own and you will surely be able to show off your skills with your friends.

Here are some methods:

Use plastic or a substitute

To open a security door with an element such as plastic, it is necessary to perform the lever method, which opens this type of door as long as it is not locked, that is, as long as it does not have the latches passed.

If this is your case, you can proceed to apply it. All you have to do is have a piece of plastic that is strong and flexible enough to withstand the maneuvers that will make the door open.

Credit cards are a resource that they use very frequently, taking advantage of the characteristics they present. Of course, it is one that does not have a useful life because it can be irretrievably damaged. Plastic from a bottle can also be helpful

  1. Now, with the piece of plastic already in your hands, you proceed to slide it into the slot that is exposed between the door and its frame. From top to bottom, slowly, until you reach the level of the lock.
  2. At this point, what you have to do is try to reach the metallic piece that maintains the lock between the door and the frame, it is better known as a slip. You catch it with a corner of the plastic. There you must be quick.
  3. The main thing is that when you manage to capture it, never let go of it, to leave it in its place of origin, that is, the lock on the door. It is enough to create a barrier with the same piece of plastic.
  4. Then you proceed to take the door handle with your unoccupied hand, you make the opening movement at the same time that you give it small nudges with your body. You will see how quickly and easily it opens your security door.

Bumping keys

Bumping braces can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how it looks. These magic keys have a very high effectiveness rate, which is why it is very popular among those who are dedicated to opening doors legally and illegally. And we say the latter because it is one of the favorite techniques of criminals.

  1. To get started, insert the bumping key into the slot in the center of the lock, where the original key usually goes. It is possible that at first it resists a bit, it is normal because it is not the key that corresponds to said lock.
  2. Do it slowly, until you feel like you’ve already reached the limit. Now, locate an element that you can use to perform some subtle strokes on the key in question. It can be a hammer, a piece of wood or a shoe heel, it is valid.
  3. You apply gentle but forceful blows on the key, this is so that the teeth or saw that make up the key, finish adjusting within the system, and thus can lift the pistons that maintain the safety lock.
  4. Then, perform test moves, left to right, in several attempts. Remember it is for a test. Continue with the squeezing movement that you perform regularly when you go to enter your home.
  5. Try to complete the laps so that in this way you can achieve the goal and be successful in opening the door.

As you can see, it is not complicated, but it is true that not being an expert can make the work a bit uphill. It does not matter, in this case you can try again as many times as necessary until you succeed.


  • Responsibly use each of the techniques discussed in this article. These tricks can be applied on your property or to help others, but as long as they are for the good, and not to commit illegal acts that harm third parties.
  • Do not use dubious methods, which are dangerous and threaten your physical integrity.
  • Notify your neighbors what you will do so they don’t mistake you for a stranger and call the authorities.
  • Take the necessary preventive measures to protect your physical integrity and to maintain the safety of yours.
  • Call a locksmith if you don’t think you can do it on your own or if you think these methods pose a danger to you.

open locked door without key – replace euro cylinder lock

open locked door without key – replace euro cylinder lock

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