> How to open a security door with a key from the inside

How to open a security door with a key from the inside

You are out of the house, you have an armored door in front of you and you left the keys inside. Yes, it looks terrible. And if that is what you are experiencing, we fully understand that you have sought help in this article. Yes, you know how to value your time because in the following paragraphs we will give you the solution to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Do not lose your calm, a very repeated saying says that everything in life has a solution … and we have one; an armored door can be opened and we will help you to do so. So if you wonder how to open an armored door with a key from the inside? Read on for some ways to do it.

With bumping key

A bumping key can save us a great deal of money and effort. In addition, it can be used to open some other lock. We know that there are more and more hard to come by but still obtainable over the internet.

To know how to use a bumping key, we must first know how a piston mechanism works in a lock.

  • When inserting the key in the lock, the pistons; Small metal cylinders, driven by springs, are accommodated in the grooves of the key so that they are aligned, allowing the key to rotate.
  • The task of the bumping key, even if it is not the original key that opens the lock, is to allow these pistons to be aligned in the same way, since it is a similar key to the original only with smaller grooves.

The application for the use of a bumping key begins when we insert the key in the keyhole. The key must not have any difficulty to be inserted, otherwise we must obtain the bumping key corresponding to the type of lock we wish to open.

  • When the key is inserted we notice that it cannot turn, to solve this we must hit it. We can use a rubber hammer or some object with which we can hit the key so that we do not damage the key or the lock.
  • After the blow, we turn the key, if it does it completely, it will open the lock.

But we have made the key turn, we hit her. Remember that we should not hit too hard because we can bend the key or we will damage the lock. The key must be well inserted or we will not be able to open the door.

With lock picks

For years, expert locksmiths have used picks to make their jobs easier. This technique is also at our disposal. While it is true that it is not very easy to apply for an amateur, with a little practice and dedication we can do it very much like a master locksmith.

The pick is a fine tool made of metal, it has a small hook at the tip to make better contact with the pistons. The pick is worked together with another tool called a tension wrench; It is also made of metal, but in the shape of an L or lever; It is used to give stability to the pick while it is in action.

Working by means of picks is difficult, since you must have a pulse and a trained sense of hearing to be able to operate on the lock and capture the signals it provides.

  • To work with the pick, we must first insert the tension key through the widest part of the lock and press.
  • Then we introduce the pick, the next step is the one that generates the greatest difficulty, each of the pistons must be pushed starting with the one that is closest to us.

The main part of this stage is to become familiar with the sound that the pistons provide. When these are leveled, they emit a sound, something like a “click”, as if they fit somewhere, although in reality what happens is that they acquire the position in which they allow the lock to open.

  • When we manage to level a piston, greater pressure must be applied with the tension wrench and the pick must be advanced towards the next piston. Once we manage to level the pistons, we can turn the lock and it should already be open.

If the lock has failed to open and has made an incomplete turn, the position of the pistons should be checked with the pick and placed in the level position so that the lock completes its turn and the door can open.

With hairpins and paper clips

In case you don’t have picks, we can use paper clips, hair clips or some rigid but flexible wire to the point that we can shape it.

The next thing we will do is take a clip, unfold it and give it an L shape. We disassemble a second clip, but this time we will leave it elongated and make a kind of hook at the tip of about 3 millimeters approximately.

We take the clips as an example, but if we get another object, such as hair pins or wires we must apply the same procedure.

With a kickstand

A perhaps excessive method in terms of brute force and damage, but if we find ourselves in an emergency situation, we can use a kickstand to open the door. The important thing is not to use any of the aforementioned techniques to commit criminal acts.

Having the kickstand ready to use, we must insert the tip between the door frame and the lock, hit hard so that the kickstand is well inserted and pull the part that we have taken towards us with the same force. We can put the foot on the frame so that we can have more strength. This work will damage the door, but we will be able to get inside.

We can also use the kickstand to slightly separate the door and push the latch with a screwdriver.

Armored doors are not impossible to open. As you have read, there are efficient methods that well applied can help in this work. But if you don’t want to damage the door, call a locksmith, that’s an available option. They surely they’ll drill your lock so they can enter and then proceed to reset the lock. Remember to ask for an invoice and to ask for the price before the job as many charge excessively.

How to open locked door when lost keys | DIY solution

How to open locked door when lost keys | DIY solution

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