> How to open a security plate

How to open a security plate

How to open a security plate? Some consider it impossible but it is possible. Just by practicing certain locksmith skills, anyone can force a sheet metal, even yourself if you find yourself in a situation that can be considered an emergency.

In this post we will show you the methods that are most used today to open security plates. We do not doubt that you have heard them from someone’s mouth, but here we will show you in detail. Keep reading!

How are security plates

Before beginning to expose the techniques to be used in case you need to open a security plate, you have to know the characteristics of these plates, and thus, get a great advantage that allows you to work with the certainty of knowing what you are doing.

The security plates are quite similar to the common plates, some even have variants in their mechanism such as the number of pistons or the length of the cylinders, which is the place where the key is inserted.

But they usually don’t have anything to make them impenetrable, which would be good news for you if you find yourself having a difficult time. Even more so if we take into account the fact that the most popular methods can be used on these plates.

If it is true that some models are more complicated, and require the expertise of an expert locksmith, however, as we mentioned before, any technique can show off and ease security.

Common tricks that open security locks

Thanks to the great advances that have occurred in the world in recent years, today we can boast of perfection in the methods that allow us to open sheets, even those designed to be very safe.

What you can never forget is that you should not apply what you have learned to do evil and perpetrate an intrusion on private property. These resources are made only for an emergency of the type that you forget the keys or if the sheet is jammed, for example.

With that understood, we can describe each of the techniques.

Printing Lockpicks, can also be homemade

You can make an impression pick yourself, although they are cheap if you want to buy them, you don’t get them anywhere except in locksmith shops and many ask for a credential. In your case, you need a landlady for the circumstance that was not planned.

Thus, what is needed to make one are household materials. They serve you: metal rods, wire, clips, hair clip and even a small screwdriver.

To work with a pick, it is necessary to have a tension wrench that can also be made with one of these elements. Suppose you choose the rods, because just by stretching it well and then bending one end slightly, to give the rod an appearance of the letter L, you would have your tension wrench.

For the pick you also stretch the rod to make a kind of handle with the end, as well as a C. It will be the ideal support to work on opening the sheet.

What you will insert first through the keyhole will be the tension tool, so that it applies pressure from the top of the crack in question, this will prevent internal parts of the mechanism from moving and impede the maneuvering of the pick.

Then, the entry of the pick will be made below the tension key, in order to lift the pins that maintain the safety lock. Remember that you must do it one by one, calmly, it will not be an easy task.

When you are sure that everyone is on top of the pick, you leave the tool very deep installed to resume the maneuvers with the tension wrench that will function as the true wrench of that plate.

So what remains is to make the test movements to proceed to make those that correspond to the opening and at that moment the sheet will open.

Bumping key, a magic key

Bumping keys have a World famous for being able to open almost any sheet, even the security ones. Having one is a privilege, since you don’t know when you might need it.

Right now, for example, you need it. To get one, you can go to locksmith shops or a professional in the field who is trusted and can lend you a key of this type. Check with your friends or neighbors, maybe they have theirs.

With a bumpig key what you do is insert it through the central slot of the plate, slowly to prevent traffic jams, after all it is still not the original key of the plate.

When you feel that it is as deep as it can be, apply a blow with the help of a tool, a piece of wood will do, but try not to overdo it as you run the risk of bursting the key inside.

The bump will help the bumping key saw to fit between the pistons, lift them, and relocate above it. Which will lift the security lock and allow the key to go all the way.

At that moment you turn the key, first to the left and then to the right, to complete the rotary turns that will open the mechanism and, with it, the plate.

When you try to open the veneer with these techniques, you can try them as many times as you need. If at first attempt did not go as expected, try to make your own tricks, without actually altering the procedure.

In the event that the moment you live is one of extreme emergency, you can always resort to using brute force, in order to weaken the internal system of the sheet, so that the pieces remain loose or come off.

With kicks or blows close to that area, it will be enough. But, keep in mind that you will have to buy a new veneer later.

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