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How to open a veneer on a wooden door

Wooden doors are very common, we find them in rooms, studies, in the bathroom, in businesses, in offices, etc. This means that there is a good chance that at any moment we will have problems with them. And if this happens … do you know how to open them?

If you are looking for how to open a sheet of a wooden door, you have come to the right place. Because in this post we bring you a series of techniques that you can apply without more difficulty than faithfully following the indicated recommendations.

Type of veneers on wooden doors

You probably wondered what are the wooden door plates, and it is very logical given that there are multiple types of locks. And the truth is that wooden doors can be fitted with different types of veneers. However, there are models that are more common in this type of door.

That is why to get you out of doubt, we will mention some of the most common types of veneer in wooden doors.

But first it is important to note that these can also vary depending on where the door is located, for example if it is an attic door, a bathroom door, etc.

Here are some types of sheets according to the opening mechanism they use:

Handle or knob plates

They fall into the group of so-called simple plates, among these are knob, handle or handle plates. They are used indoors, in Wooden doors for bedrooms, bathrooms and warehouses, due to their low level of security, that is, they have an easy to force mechanism.

Mortise plates

The body of a mortise plate is located inside the door, it is from this characteristic that its name comes. Mortise plates can be opened with a knob or handle, although many times they are opened directly with the key.

Security plates

They are plates specially designed for security doors; These doors are reinforced inside with metal, which is why this type of lock makes it difficult to violate this system. It contains an internal mechanical system provided with pistons.

Cylinder plates

At first glance, cylinder plates look like ordinary plates and although their body is cylindrical, it has a different latch than the so-called latch that security plates contain, for example.

In addition, they differ because despite having a piston mechanism like many others, it contains what is known as an interactive piston. That is, even if the traditional pistons are level, if this piston is not activated the plate will not open.

Methods to open a veneer of a wooden door

The advantages of knowing the type of sheet metal that your wooden door contains is that you will be able to implement a suitable method to it, because as we mentioned, the mechanisms of the locks vary.

Using radiography

This method can be applied to knob and handle plates without any problem. And it can be used on the security plates as long as you can’t find the last key.

  • What we are going to do is fit the X-ray into the opening in the middle of the door and the frame.
  • We will take advantage of the characteristics of the plastic of the X-ray to slide it between the skid and the door frame. To achieve this, we will press while forcing the door to move by pushing it with our shoulder or with our foot.
  • If the door we are trying to open has a knob or handle, we turn it in the direction it opens. This will make it easier for us to force the sheet to open.

Bumping key

With a bumping key, we can open multiple sheets by simply turning the key. The key is its design, since it has leveled teeth and when inserted into the plates, it aligns the pins in a way that allows the key to be turned and opened.

It is important to note that this method only works for sheets whose safety mechanism is made up of pistons.

Getting a bumping key may not be an easy task for licensing and accessibility reasons. So if what we want is to have our own bumping key, what we must do is get a key that can enter the eye of the sheet that we want to open and a metal file.

With that we are going to condition our key before using it. Which will be very simple because we only have to gradually wear down the teeth of the key until they are of a similar size.

We introduce the key through the eye of the sheet and with a hammer we will give some light blows so that the key can be completely inserted. Once this is done, we turn it to see that the technique worked and that our plate is open.

If we cannot open the sheet, we check the key and file it again to make sure there is no unevenness in the saws.

With kickstand

This method can be applied to a wooden door that contains any type of veneer. Even if it is a security door.

To start we need a leg of goat and about three wooden wedges, what we will do is locate the space between the door and the frame (where the door opens).

  • We take the kickstand by the bent end and we will introduce the other end in the space that we have mentioned.
  • We must take into account that we will start at the bottom, making a lever movement after we introduce the kickstand. In other words, we will pull the end of the kickstand that we have taken towards us and make enough force to open a larger space.
  • When we have achieved it, we introduce one of the wooden wedges.
  • Now we will introduce the kickstand a few centimeters higher applying the same previous steps. Making more effort in the place where the locks are located.

You have already seen that opening a wooden door is an easy task. Now you can open your door and boast, of course in a good way, that nothing stops you.

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