> How to open a stuck bathroom door

How to open a stuck bathroom door

Losing the keys to our doors, that they are locked or accidentally closed, are situations that lead us to look for alternatives in the art of locksmithing to solve the problem. Fixing these incidents on your own can be a simple task as long as we know how to do it.

Do you You know what we mean? Sure you do, and you’ve probably been in some situation where you need to know what to do. So having knowledge of how to open a stuck bathroom door It would ease you a bit if you have to face such an incident. To do this, we have a couple of techniques that will surely help you:

Use a card

Let’s start with the simplest; force the latch with the help of a plastic card. To do this, we must move the slip to put it in the lock and remove the safety to open. Because it may be that the latch is somewhat out of adjustment and does not yield with the handling of the knob.

  1. Find a plastic card, preferably one that you no longer use. If you don’t have any, make it up with a soda bottle or X-ray.
  2. When you have the plastic tool, place it in the slot between the door and the frame.
  3. Place it about 4 inches above the lock.
  4. Insert it and slide it down.
  5. On sliding, the card will trip over the latch. In this sense, you should bend it in the opposite direction to the door, applying a little pressure.
  6. If the slip doesn’t come off, move the card back and forth to interpose it.

Use a hair clip

If with the previous technique the door is still locked, you can try other materials, this time we will try to force the internal mechanism of the lock.

  1. You will need a bobby pin that is used on hair.
  2. Open it until you get a long, straight piece of metal.
  3. Insert the object directly into the keyhole.
  4. Do twisting movements to both sides until you feel a little resistance. Continue and accompany the force with rotating movements to the knob.
  5. Push the door with your body and it will open.
  6. If the lock is in the lock, these turns will move the mechanism causing the adjustment that is sometimes not achieved with the key, due to its shape.

Remove the lock knob

If the door is still locked, it will be time to be a little more drastic. Perhaps the internal mechanism is worse than we imagine and a simple force is not enough.

So, he goes to remove one of the doorknobs. Then remove the base that, most of the time, is held by two visible screws. What you should do is:

  1. Find a screwdriver that fits the screw heads.
  2. Unscrew them.
  3. Remove both parts of the lock, pulling it completely out of the hole.
  4. Remove any remaining locking mechanisms and open the door.

There are some knobs that have their bases covered with a decorative plate, below this are the screws that hold it. To remove it, remove it prying with a flat screwdriver.

Sometimes, the reasons for locks in bathroom doors are not generated precisely by difficulties in the internal mechanism of the lock, it can also be due to other problems such as those that we will expose below:

Other reasons for the job

The change in temperature causes damage to the wood, so that it can inflate or contract as the case may be. In addition to this, there is the unevenness that could be caused by the continuous use of the door in the process of opening and closing.

Let’s go in order! If the problem is caused by humidity, the door will widen causing a gap that will prevent it from fitting into the frame. When it comes to opening or closing it, we will notice the difficulty.

Faced with this, it is advisable to:

  1. Find a kickstand and place it at the bottom of the door, locate the small gap with the floor.
  2. Make a lever movement on it. What you want is to lift a little to achieve the corresponding level.
  3. When you have achieved leveling, hold the lever and turn the knob to open.

Once the door is open, it is best to detach it for repair. So:

  1. Take the hinges apart. We explain the technique in detail in the following method.
  2. Remove the door.
  3. Dry the door with a hairdryer or sunlight.
  4. Proceed to repair.
  5. Find a woodworking brush.
  6. Brush the door on the affected part.
  7. When you have removed all the damaged material, use wood oil or a varnish that guarantees protection to the door.

Remove the hinges

Removing the hinges may be another alternative. By detaching the door, you will be able to attack the problem in more detail and give it the necessary maintenance to prevent it from happening again.

For this process it is necessary to be on the inner side of the door, otherwise it would be impossible to do it.

The hinges must be disassembled to be able to disassemble the door, you will only need a hammer and a flat screwdriver.

  1. To do this, try to insert the tip of the screwdriver into the small opening at the top of the bolt.
  2. Lever with a little pressure so that it rises and you can remove it.
  3. When you manage to detach the bolt, place the tip of the screwdriver on the bolt, hit it with the hammer to finish removing it.
  4. You must remove the pin from each of the hinges that contains the door so that you can move it and remove it.
  5. When you remove it from the frame, the lock will give on its own or you can simply open it.


You must take into account that the doors in the bathrooms are usually exposed to greater deterioration, which can cause them to lock frequently, making it impossible to open.

For this reason, you must carry out periodic maintenance on all your doors and thus avoid these incidents.

Do not forget to analyze all the available options. For example, if it is not an emergency, you could find the key to open the door without forcing or breaking it.

Consult a locksmith. They maintain the integrity of the door.

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