> How to open a stuck door from the outside

How to open a stuck door from the outside

How to open a jammed door from the outside? It turns out to be a fairly simple maneuver due to the fact of being in an open field, where you can count on help, either human or material, to make the door open and everything remains as a bad memory.

Episodes like this happen very often, although you may not believe it, there are countless people who can tell you anecdotes about how everything happened, and what they did to solve it. Here we will show you some tricks that you can use to open your door.

Why are the doors getting stuck?

When problems of this nature occur, the first thing we must ask ourselves is the reason for the jam. You should know that the doors do not jam just because, but because something is happening in the door itself or in its lock.

The most common is the fact that the locks, or the entire set of the door, is in poor condition, so it could be said that the general deterioration is taking its toll. Look carefully at the door, and see if this is the case.

Rust that settles on Parts made of metal, which are those in which the lock, hinges or part of the frame are involved, are usually the ones that do the most damage, because it forces the owner to completely change the system.

Likewise, other defects can be the deflection between the frame and the door or loose hinges. If so, then we are facing a case where everything that happens was seen coming, sooner or later such a situation would happen, so you should have taken charge in time.

Another option, a bit more obvious, is to have an item that is causing the jam, like a key, for example. In general, the latter happens because something is happening in the internal system of the lock, which may be a consequence of what we already mentioned.

Once the problem is identified, you can go to the solution that best suits it. Although do not rule out trying various tricks so that you can witness a great result. The opening of your door.

Techniques used to clear a door jam

As we mentioned before, we will provide you with some techniques that can help you in case your door has a jam.

If it is rusty or worn

It is easy to know if a lock is rusty, it is perceived in the appearance, touch and smell. Rust is very easily distinguished, that is, when an object is sick with rust, it leaves a trace on everything, your hands included.

This defect is also a consequence of wear, as well as chipping or jamming of the key when inserting it. An important resource is to soak the parts involved with a little lubricant or a multipurpose oil.

Once you’ve done that, you can try opening the door again. Although it may not, if so then the problem persists and is greater.

The Master Key, Bumping

Bumping keys solve lock problems, either because of the characteristics it presents or because it helps in an efficient way as it is used.

You can get one of these master keys at a specialized locksmith store. If you get one, you can proceed to manipulate the door lock with it.

  • You insert it little by little through the central keyhole.
  • Once it is well inside, you apply a blow with a tool, preferably a hammer, directly on the wrench. That is not too strong, do not go overboard.

The bump will help the bumping key saw to engage the pistons that hold the safety lock and lift them up.

  • This is very simple, move the key as if you were going to open the door in the normal way.

Try to do it first to the left, and then take it to the right. So the door will open.

What you can do with a screwdriver

The good side of these tools is the versatility they have, they can do almost anything. Even opening a stuck door, trying to pick the lock.

Use a medium-sized screwdriver, some people use a drill because of its speed and forcefulness, since with the mechanical movement of the bit it can unlock a door in seconds.

When you have it, focus the point, the central eye, as you know is an ideal method for round type locks. Insert the tool, you will feel the intrusion, you will come across obstacles of the internal mechanism.

The important thing will be that you remove them from the middle so that you can reach the end, which is where you will make the opening turns in a clockwise direction. This will cause the door to open.

Apply brute force

Brute force can be an unsafe method, more for the physical integrity of the person than for the material.

But, it is understandable that after having done everything, and you have not obtained positive results, you decide to apply brute force. In this case, you can use your body or a powerful tool like an electric saw.

If you decide on your body, we recommend that you do it with the soles of your feet; Wear sturdy, shock-absorbing shoes, and never try to use your shoulders or other parts that are weaker and tend to injure easily.

Find a good location, position yourself with your strongest foot in front, and the other behind. Take strength and momentum and proceed to bang on the door, as close to the lock as you can.

You would have to repeat this blow a few times, especially if you are not used to performing this type of action, or if you have not done it previously. As you loosen the lock, it will be easy and manageable. Take breaks, so you can regain energy. Keep going until you can open it.

If you want, get help, just be sure to tell him how to do it and avoid greater evils.

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