> How to open an aluminum door

How to open an aluminum door

Aluminum is one of the materials, which, along with wood, is widely used to make doors. Because it is an easy-to-handle material, it allows different designs and models of aluminum doors to be made. That is why it is not surprising that it is one of the ideal materials for making front doors. But not only that, they are also the favorites because they have a good level of security.

Now, if aluminum doors are so safe, how can we open them if we lose the key or if it is breaks us inside the lock? This is one of the great dilemmas, especially if it is a main door that we should not break down using force, for example.

Then,how to open an aluminum door? Keep reading that in the next few lines we will detail some of the most common methods that will allow you to open your door.

Opening with a knife

The locks have a device that is responsible for closing or opening the door by moving a piece called a latch. In its inactive position this system is closed, while when removing the last turn of the lock and turning again, or when turning the handle (if it has one), the system will go to the open position.

The movement made by the piece called the latch is what we will take advantage of to open the door. For that we implement the use of a knife, preferably a pointed one.

The latch is located at the end where we open the door; in the slot that is created between the frame and the door when the latter is closed.

Its exact location depends on the configuration of the lock, however, it is common that it is in the direction where the cylinder or, in this case, the handle is located. While in other locks is located above the cylinder.

  1. What we are going to do is locate the position of the latch and once we have it, we insert the knife through the slot that we have mentioned above, pushing the latch with the tip of the knife.
  2. With the other hand we will push the door to achieve that the tip of the knife is able to move the latch, making it go back and leave the door free.
  3. We can also perform a lever movement while pushing the latch to facilitate the work.

The lever movement consists of tilting the knife to the opposite side of the latch, allowing it to enter the lock and open the door.

Eliminating the hinges

One of the measures we can take to open an aluminum door is to remove the hinges. But for this operation to be carried out, we must have access to the hinge area, which is usually inside the space where the door is located.

The negative part of this technique is that by removing the hinges we would be removing the door in its entirety, leaving the interior space unprotected. So, if the door we are trying to open is a front door, we should, as far as possible, repair the fault and reinstall it. Unless we are in a place whose security allows us to take time.

If the hinges have unadjustable pins, we will proceed to remove them. For this we need a hammer and a flat tip screwdriver.

  1. We will start with the first bolt from top to bottom, going down to the next bottom when we are done with that one. We remove the bolts a little by hitting them with the hammer on the head, from the bottom up, until we can insert the flat tip of the screwdriver under the head.
  2. The next thing is to do a lever movement that allows the bolts to move out of position a bit more.
  3. When they have been raised enough, we remove them by hand.

If it is difficult to remove the bolts and the hinges are adjusted with screws, we proceed to remove them by completely detaching the hinges, for this you can use a manual screwdriver, although this task is easier if you use a drill as a screwdriver.

If you are faced with welded hinges, you can move on to the next technique or break the weld points with a chisel and hammer.

Drilling the lock with a drill

This technique shows us a destructive solution, because what we will do with the drill is to damage the internal mechanism of the lock so that, in this way, it releases the system that manipulates the latch and allows us to open the door.

So we use a drill, it must be one with enough force as to pierce the lock, with a sturdy bit that, in addition, should be the size of the keyhole or a little smaller.

  1. We place the bit tightly, making sure that it does not come loose during the process.
  2. At first we must drill carefully so that the bit does not move. Once we start to drill firmly and the bit is locked, we stop and drill again, because if we continue, we can damage both the bit and the drill.
  3. Once we have completely drilled, we have to insert a screwdriver through the hole that we have created, we turn it to be able to move the internal mechanism and achieve that the latch is removed from its position. So we will have the door open.

Some locks have the internal mechanism slightly lower than the cylinder or keyhole position. In these cases we must drill about two fingers approximately below or above said hole. As appropriate, in order to damage the internal mechanism.

Once we have made the hole, we insert the screwdriver to make the mechanism move and release the door.


  • Take the necessary security measures to protect your physical integrity. Remember that exposed tools can cause injury.
  • Do not use these techniques to commit criminal acts. They can land you in jail.
  • If you do not feel in the capacity to perform these techniques, and you have enough money, then call a locksmith, they are professionals and will open your door sooner than you imagine.

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