> How to open an aluminum door lock

How to open an aluminum door lock

Aluminum doors are widely used in homes to delimit the spaces of common areas and also as a main door. The different door designs that can be made with this material is what has made it one of the most common.

Now, what type of locks corresponds to aluminum doors? The truth is that the lock model responds to the type of door, for example, the glass doors that face the gardens are aluminum sliding and use hook locks, while the main door could have a double sheet lock, for example .

That is, to know how to open an aluminum door lock, we must first identify the place where the door is located and the type of lock, although they generally use locks similar to those of many wooden doors, at least the main.

In the same way, you do not have to worry because in this article we will show you the methods to open the most common locks on aluminum doors.

Aluminum sliding doors

This type of door is considered a low level of security, and they are commonly used for studies and areas of gardens and balconies. In these last spaces, the aluminum is simply located in the frame since the rest of the door has glass.

The locks on these doors have a hook system that adjusts to the frame and keeps the door closed. Here are some methods to open them:

Knife method

To implement it we must have a knife available. The knife should be of an average size, as well as being somewhat stiff, that cannot be easily bent.

  • To begin with the application we locate the position of the hook with which the lock closes. This can be found between the door and the frame, specifically in the slot.
  • We introduce the tip of the knife under the hook, and apply as much force as the hook requires to come out, meanwhile, we make a movement from the bottom up, to be able to make the hook lift and make it open the door.

Screwdriver method

On some aluminum doors the lock is fastened by screws. We will take advantage of this aspect to our advantage, so we need a screwdriver consistent with the shape of the screws that connect the lock to the door.

  • We take the screwdriver and begin to remove all the screws that connect the lock to the door. The order is irrelevant, the important thing in this step is that we remove the lock from its position, so we must remove them all.
  • It is not the most common but if our lock is attached to the door with different types of screws, we will have to look for the right screwdrivers to carry out this step.
  • With all the screws out, we proceed to remove the lock from its position in a way that allows the hook to leave the place where it is located and thus be able to release the door.

Aluminum main doors

As we mentioned at the beginning, opening the lock of an aluminum door will depend on the type of lock, that is, if it is a cylinder without a handle, a cylinder with a handle, a rim lock or any other model.

However, in the following lines, we share the most common methods for opening conventional aluminum door locks.

Bottle method

Before starting to explain it, we must make it clear that it can only be useful when the door is not found with the last key, because we will only try to release the door slip.

  • For the execution we need a bottle of mineral water and a scissors. What we will do is cut a piece of the bottle in the shape of a triangle, approximately nine centimeters.
  • There is a slit between the door and the frame, so once we cut the bottle, we insert the piece of plastic through this slit about five fingers above the lock. We do this to locate the position of the slip
  • So we will go down the piece of plastic until we find an obstacle that does not allow us to advance, surely there is the slip.
  • We lift the plastic and put pressure on the slide to make it make a space in the strike.
  • When that happens, we will make more pressure, while we turn the handle towards its open position. If we have carried out the steps well, we will have the door open.

Not only a bottle of mineral water can be useful to apply this method, any plastic bottle that we can cut will be useful. In the same way, we can replace the scissors with a knife or any tool that is useful to cut the bottle.

Drill method

This method will cause damage to the lock, it must be applied if there is no alternative to open it. In addition, we must be aware that it involves additional expense, since when drilling the lock we must replace it and if it is located on an exterior door we must not waste time or we would be exposed.

To apply it, it will be necessary to have a powerful drill on hand; or at least with the power to easily drill the lock, a bit no thicker than the keyhole, and a flat-head screwdriver.

  • We drill right in the middle of the keyhole, this will break the interior bolts, managing to unlock the security mechanism. We must be careful with our eyes when drilling, it is advisable to wear safety glasses.
  • When we have drilled as deep as possible, we will take the screwdriver inserting and removing it several times, to unlock the bolts.
  • Then we turn it so that the system moves, releases the latch and our door opens.

If you are one of those who does not make a toolbox because you always call a professional, you should know that it is important to have some of them on hand, because you do not know when they can be useful. So if you have a problem with your lock, you can solve it.

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