> How to open an aluminum door without a key

How to open an aluminum door without a key

Aluminum doors are often used in offices and businesses, while at home they are not as common. However, there are those who, to create distinction or for comfort, use them at the main entrance of their houses.

And it is that these doors have their advantages, because their design and manufacturing material allow greater adjustment. In addition, its light weight helps better handling in the event of a jam. Although the models with crystals are less light, since the glass adds a bit of weight.

Another feature that distinguishes them is their elegance, giving a more sophisticated touch to the place. But as with wooden or iron doors: if we lose the keys, there is no beauty, material or design that is worth it, we must open the door and no more!

Then,how to open an aluminum door without a key? You will surely ask yourself: can I use the same techniques that generally work on other doors? In short, yes, you can apply some of those that are used in a general way, as long as the characteristics of the door allow it.

Manipulate the mechanism with hair clips

With the use of a pair of hooks or hairpins to collect the hair, we can maneuver until deactivating the pattern that contains the internal mechanism for its opening. How can a feminine accessory do such a thing? Well, we invite you to continue reading and pay close attention to what is coming so that you open your door:

  1. The first thing you will do is find two of the finest hooks.
  2. Take one and remove the plastic knots at the ends.
  3. Now, stretch it by separating the ends so that it is straight, like a piece of flat wire if the hairpin was that type.
  4. Insert a small part of one of the fork tips into the lock to bend it into a curve.
  5. Then take it by the other end and fold it on top of itself to create a kind of handle, or 90 degree angle, where you can hold it.
  6. To the other hook, you will leave its ends attached, and with the help of a pliers, you will bend it a little less than half to give it an L shape. Likewise, if the original bend of the fork is very wide, you should flatten it a little with the tweezers. so that it fits through the key insertion hole.
  7. With the tools ready, you start by inserting the L-shaped hook, which we will call the lever key.
  8. Insert it at the bottom of the keyhole.
  9. When you do, you should keep it under constant pressure.
  10. Then, you are going to work the pistons with the other tool, which you must put above the lever wrench, with the tip up so that you can work the pins.
  11. Make small strokes upwards, so that you identify the existing pistons and lift them one by one, inserting the key from the inside out while making small strokes upwards.
  12. When positioning them all, take the lever key and turn it as if it were the key.
  13. The cylinder will rotate because it is no longer obstructed, since moving the pistons eliminates the safety pattern.
  14. When you’ve turned the lever all the way, push the door because the final turn of the tension wrench removes the latch.

This technique is not entirely simple, it requires practice and time. So we recommend that you be patient and not under pressure, as malpractice would damage the lock.

Force the latch with a card

The locks that contain the aluminum doors, in general, are of the embedded type and although sometimes they can have more than one model, the truth is that we can make use of the plastic card to work the latch.

This as long as the door does not have a past key and there is a slight separation from the frame of at least 5 millimeters. This is because there are aluminum doors that are very hermetic and make it impossible for any object to enter. So, if this is not your case, pay attention:

  1. Find a plastic card.
  2. Place it in the space between the door and the frame.
  3. Position it about 4 inches above the lock.
  4. Slide it down quickly and precisely so that the card engages with the latch.
  5. When you feel that you have achieved it and the card is tight, then use a lever that allows you to remove the latch from the place where it rests.
  6. Once you do this, gently push the door and it will already be open.

Bumping key

Also known as a universal key, it is a tool widely used by locksmiths. Its appearance is that of an ordinary key, but in its design the position of its teeth has a lower level that allows the pistons of the lock to be aligned. Thanks to this difference, they can open multiple models.

To open your door with this technique you must do the following:

  1. Look for one of these keys in specialized stores or online stores. If not found, you can create one.
    • Find a key that will fit the lock on the door you want to open. Usually, they just go in without activating anything else.
    • When you have it, proceed to file the teeth it contains, try to give them the same size, that they are all the same size and that they are in a low position.
  2. Once your universal key has been transformed, insert it into the lock as if it were the original.
  3. With the help of a hammer or any heavy object, firmly strike the wrench.
  4. Then turn it around and open the door.

So that you are clear about the operation, the key stroke allows all the pins to fall aligned in the spaces of the key saws, facilitating the rotation because they do not there are pins that obstruct the rotation.

To prevent the door from falling off level with the blow, place a wooden wedge at the bottom to give it support and stability.

open locked door without key – replace euro cylinder lock

open locked door without key – replace euro cylinder lock

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