> How to open an electronic lock

How to open an electronic lock

There are a number of locks that, although they should only provide security to those seeking peace of mind; Thanks to technological advances, the need for comfort and home automation in general, they have become a tool that combines security with technology and personalization, as is the case with electronic locks.

What we should know about an electronic lock

Electronic locks are the consequence of the great evolution and transformation that man has given technology. Let’s say it’s the modernized result of a common lock, the kind found in most homes in the world.

Some locks of this type have internal mechanisms the same as the old ones, with a system of pistons, slides and others. The only thing that varies is the made of being powered by electricity.

Other cases present more advances, for example, by being able to be opened with an encrypted code, placing the fingerprint of the allowed people or, simply, from the comfort of where you are, just by using an application installed from a mobile phone.

But, at times, these options have been double-edged. In the event of theft or loss, situations that generate great conflicts occur, therefore extreme care must be taken with what is done.

Also, if we want to enter our property, and we forget the encryption, what do we do? How to open an electronic lock?

And, the truth is that it is not an easy task, but it can, as long as the lock is studied in detail and the faults are located to be able to open your property, of course.

Methods to open an electronic lock

At this point, if you have already identified the exact electronic lock that you have in your home, office or business, then you can take a look in the next few lines and find out for sure which technique is best for you.

Electronic rim locks

That’s right, rim locks can also be electric, and, as it is a classic, we can say that they are one of the first to hit the market. They can be installed on almost any surface made of wood, steel, among others. The point here is that it fulfills a double function; If the electronic button stops working due to a power cut, for example, it can be opened and closed by means of a key.

The keyed opening makes it more vulnerable, since you can use a bumping or pick method by simply turning off the light yourself, if the entry you want to make is intentional.

The bumping method is simple, you only need one of these master keys that open almost any lock.

  • You can insert it into the central slot. You place it as deep as you can.
  • With the help of a rigid object, such as a hammer, you strike directly on the key so that it is inserted a little further and the saw on the key fits with the pistons of the lock.
  • After that, everything will be easy. You just turn the key to the opening direction and that’s it.

It may take you a couple of times to do it perfectly. On the other hand, for the pick only You will need the tool itself together with a tension wrench that will be the first to enter through the central slot of the lock, you feel around with it and you house it in the widest part of the hole.

Subsequently, you insert the pick with the purpose of locating the pistons to proceed to lift them one by one; normally there are usually five to six of them. After you reach the end of the lock, you perform the normal opening action.

Remember, these methods can only be applied in special cases, and where the lock is dual function and allows it.

Modern electronic locks

Today’s technological locks are the best looking, and that may be due to the “nice appearance” they have, or perhaps to the generalized thinking of the human being in terms of advances and aesthetics in general. But are they really safe? No method is 100% safe, although it does save time against a robbery, or at least scare away thieves.

But, alphanumeric ciphers, fingerprints or apps do their thing. Of course, we must also take into account that to have much safer spaces, we must combine security methods, a single element is not everything. For this reason, more and more cameras, alarms, etc. are being implemented.

In case you want to open it without the fingerprint, without the numeric or alphanumeric code, you must take into account the fact that some locks combine two of these resources at the same time. So some owners must resort to using brute force.

Although these locks are only used inside your home, if they are installed outside they must be protected. Right there is the weakness to be attacked.

Force with few conventional tricks

It is important to note that these tricks must be applied in cases where you have forgotten your encrypted code, the electric screen stopped working or because you have forgotten or have stolen the mobile phone where you had the application to open the door.

If the last option is the correct one, for security measures, you must make the forced opening of the lock, to later make the immediate change of this piece. After all, you don’t want thieves in your personal space.

Likewise, just by using natural elements that dismantle the electrical system, it will be almost ready. You can use water, it is the safest, within what fits. In some cases torches are used, but that is done by trained people, if it is not yours, do not risk it.

You can implement this even if you are trapped inside your home. Then, with a hammer, you hit the entire structure of the lock. The lock will be totally lost.

Inevitably, you will have to push out. Use your feet, they are the part of the body that has the most resistance, never do it with your shoulders or other parts, it will cause you harm.

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