> How to open an interior door panel

How to open an interior door panel

It is not a question of thinking of a malefactor, but it is necessary to have knowledge of how to open a door panel without using our keys, and more if it is from the doors of the inside of the house, as they could be closed by accident, and seldom we have the keys at hand.

Without a doubt, we must be prepared for these situations, know what to do and with what tools we could open them quickly.

But since we are talking about an interior door plate, this task is much simpler than if it were a main or exterior door, since in general the former have much simpler plates because the required security level is not as high. . So pay attention to these tricks:

With a piece of plastic

As you read it, you can open an interior door plate using a piece of plastic, and for this you only need to take a bottle or any container from which you can extract a rectangular piece of plastic. How to open the sheet?

  1. You should insert the plastic into the slot between the frame and the door, a few inches above or below the lock.
  2. Once you manage to insert it, with one hand hold the door knob or handle, as the case may be, and with the other you will take the plastic to slide it constantly, with movements up if you placed it below and down if the piece of plastic is above the sheet.
  3. At the same time you should turn the knob as if you were going to open the door.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis method is to be able to sink the latch into the lock, with this it is possible to open the door.

It is important to understand that sometimes this procedure can take a few minutes or more time, it all depends on your skills, the veneer, etc. Although if you are lucky, you can open from the first slide.

Butter knife

If the previous method does not work for you, try it with a knife, the kind that have no edge and we generally use to spread the butter.

This is much more rigid than the piece of plastic, but it is precisely that rigidity that can give you the advantage, especially if the sheet has the last safety, since the hardness makes it easier for you to fight with the latch to pry and remove it from the strike.

  • So what you have to do is take the door handle and turn as if you were going to open it.
  • As you push in a little, try to run the knife through the slot between the door and the frame. Do you notice the similarity with the plastic method? Well, it’s basically the same.
  • Continue to position the knife above the lock at a slight angle to allow the point to go down.
  • The next thing is to quickly slide the knife into the strike plate and remove the latch, generating a lever that introduces it into the plate.

Another way to do this is by placing the knife directly at the height of the latch and pushing it so that it engages the strike and thus remove the latch.

We can also use the butter knife to open door plates applying another procedure. To start with, you need to file it down so it will fit through the key hole.

File enough until much of the knife enters the lock. The next thing, as you surely imagined, is to turn the knife so that the plate releases the latch and the door opens.


For the first technique with a spreading knife, we recommend a wide and resistant knife, whereas for the second, the ideal is to use a spreading knife of the fine type, maximum 1 cm thick.

Using a clothes hanger or hook

For this method it is important to use a metal hanger. The intention is to disassemble the hanger keeping the hook that it has in its original shape, but opening it a little more, so that it does not remain so arched.

To do this, you need to have a pair of pliers or pliers on hand to disassemble the hook.

The next is:

  1. Locate the edge of the door, that small opening that separates the door leaf from the frame in the wall.
  2. There you insert the hook of the hanger. The idea is to insert the tip of the hook into the strike to engage the latch.
  3. Subsequently, the hook must be rotated so that the tip of the hanger removes the frame latch and the door is released.

Another way to use the hanger to open the sheet also attacking the latch is by stretching it and bending it so that their tips meet.

Subsequently, the part of the hanger where the bend curve was generated must be inserted in the same slot (between door and frame).

The next thing is to push the rest of the hanger so that it meets the slip and slides up to the strike. But this movement must be done quickly so that the hanger moves through the skid by pressing and pulling the latch out of the strike.

There is a high possibility that the hanger will get stuck in the striker, what you should do is a lever movement that allows you to remove the hook with everything and the latch. Although you will probably have to make several attempts.

So if it doesn’t work the first time, you can try as many times as necessary.


  • Do not forget to take the necessary preventive measures to avoid damage with the tools shown here, especially with knives and wires.
  • If there are children in the house, do not allow them to observe you while you try to open the door. Remember that you use sharp tools that can cause damage.
  • Avoid using force to open doors unless it is an emergency and requires it. If anything, avoid using your body to knock her down.
  • Whenever you see fit, call or consult a locksmith, after all, that’s their job.

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