> How to open an old lock without keys

How to open an old lock without keys

Locks have existed for many years, of different models and styles, and they are responsible for providing us with equal parts security and privacy. However, as time goes by, the keys end up being lost and it becomes difficult for us to get new copies.

It is right at this point when we ask ourselves how to open an old lock without keys? It is a situation that we have present in all homes, since in some bathroom or bedroom door there is an old lock or one that has been installed for a long time.

The good news is that we have options at hand to get out of trouble, we only have to identify the type of lock or at least the amount of time it has been in operation. With that we already have good material to solve the problem without the need to fall into despair.

Do all the methods work on old locks?

This is the common question when we are in trouble, but the answer is simple, no. Not all lock picking techniques are applicable to older locks.

We must bear in mind that the mechanisms of modern locks are increasingly secure, that they provide and enhance the skills at the time of wanting to force one. While, in the case of the old ones, the processes are simpler, and the skill does not require much practice. Remember that most of these locks fulfilled basic functions in safer times.

The most used method in these cases

What is most recommended when forcing a lock of this type is to go to an antique store, because it is the place where those things or objects that are no longer so useful converge, but whose value continues in force for be so precious. There you can locate a key that matches the characteristics and parameters of the lock whose key was lost.

Techniques that we can apply in an old lock

Fortunately, the techniques are there, and we can make use of them without complicating our lives. Here are some of them:

Homemade Pick

This is a tool widely used by locksmiths, due to the number of models available, and because of the type of material that is malleable and ideal for exerting just enough pressure to open a lock.

For our pick we will need tools that we can find in our home, such as: wire, clips, hair clips among others.

  • The first thing is that the material of your choice must be sufficiently manageable and with a thickness that allows it to enter the keyhole, the length can vary, but it must reach the bottom.
  • We proceed to cut the material into three equal parts, one of them bent at one end in the form of a hook, this will be the one that is inserted first through the center of the lock.
  • Later, we will try to put another one in the same place. If for some reason you feel that something is being an obstacle, it could be the pistons of the lock, so fear not, that insurance is the reason why the lock is stuck, it only remains to put a little force on them until they go up .
  • It is just at that moment that the third element should be introduced. If it passes without difficulty, it is because the work is almost finished, except that we must turn the three elements that we insert clockwise.

With this, the door should open without problems, try as many times as necessary until you can identify the aforementioned signals.

Pick the lock

The locks can be picked with many tools such as: screwdriver, knife, razor or another that is more invasive, the drill. It should be noted that these tools can damage the lock and render it useless.

  • With a knife and a razor you can use the same technique as with homemade lock picks. But with the difference that the thickness of these elements will not allow penetration in a simple way. However, it is functional anyway.

Now, if you intend to use the drill, we recommend equipping yourself with certain elements to start the project: lock lubricant, simple drill and a normal drill bit.

  • To begin, the lubricant must be applied to the lock. Ideally, it goes to the depths.
  • Then, the drill bit is introduced, which has to be thicker than that of the center of the lock, so that when we try to make rotary movements inside it, the bit will destroy the pistons that maintain the closure.
  • The latter is super simple. Just by pushing the drill to the end you will feel the universal sound of a door opening.

Don’t forget to wear safety glasses because metal particles will jump everywhere.

Normally when we see the word “force”, we imagine a world of things, but it is nothing more than trying to do something that resists, but that for some reason may be the right thing to do.

That said, it is important to note that this does not include harm to the physical integrity of human beings. That despair does not lead us to commit hasty and reckless acts, that is why it is not advisable to use the human body to try to open an old lock, due to the characteristics that we have already mentioned.

Disarm or break the lock

Neither wants to reach this point of no return. But if you have a locked lock and you don’t have keys, you’ve tried everything and nothing, and above all, you find yourself in an emergency where opening that door is a priority, then you have to do it.

In case you want to disassemble it only, and then calmly put it back together, just place the hinge screws in the old lock, with a screwdriver it will be enough to proceed to disassemble it. What if, rather, the goal is to break the lock for speed, then arm yourself with a hammer, saw, drill, or any other item that is just as destructive. Use all the force you have to hit the lock. It will open so fast that you won’t even notice.

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