> How to open Arfe model 68 safe

How to open Arfe model 68 safe

Whenever we need to protect our objects of greatest value or importance, we seek the help of a safe. These devices are capable of providing us with a large number of benefits, just by having them available in our home or business.

The world of safes it is really wide; since there are many brands, models and types. Each of these with different characteristics that make them unique if we compare them with each other; but, they all serve the same purpose: provide content security may he take shelter in them.

In most cases, safes are used to store jewelry, documents, cash, weapons, passports or anything else. object that is of great importance for the owner of the device.

This is how, they exist older models
of safes, in which their security mechanisms are completely manual. We can also find more modern designs such as Arfe safes; which use electronic security systems and are managed electronically.

Although many Arfe models use keyboards to enter their combinations, the 68 model stands out for having a dial. If you find yourself in the situation where You cannot find your key or you have forgotten the login password; do not worry, we will tell you below how to open an Arfe model 68 safe.

Arfe Safes: A Small Safe Environment

Like any Arfe safe, the Model 68 is a safe product. The manufacturer takes very seriously, ensuring that its devices comply with the use for which they have been designed. Therefore, they put all their effort into improve security levels and make boxes easier for owners to use.

A curious feature that these models of safes have is that, although their systems are designed for easy interaction of the users; internally they are extremely complex. This is the reason why there may be cases, in which the owner can’t open the box and end up in a difficult situation, not being able to access the stored content.

This leads us to conclude that, regardless the type of safe Arfe, whether with mechanical combination, key lock, electronic or dial; the best solution is to resort to the manufacturer’s technical service. This option is the one that will give us the best results; although logically, it will be the most expensive. But before more serious problems As an internal malfunction of the system, it will undoubtedly be the most opportune solution.

In any case, thanks to the model 68 having a dial; it is possible to try open it with non-invasive methods. So we could end up getting the answers we are looking for without having to break down our safe, without having to call technical service and without spending a penny.

Step by step: How to open Arfe model 68 safe

The technique that we will teach you next is perfect for dial safes. So you could use it not only in your Arfe model 68, but also in others whose opening mechanism is similar.


  • Stethoscope.
  • Sheet of paper and pencil.

PART 1. Looking for the number

If you have forgotten the combination of your safe, surely you will not remember the number of digits that comprise it. That is why, the first thing we will do is look for this figure.

Step 1: Give the dial several full turns, clockwise. What we are looking for with this is that each wheel inside the lock disengages and returns to its point of origin. Then set it to 0.

Step 2: Put the stethoscope on the plate near the dial, at a point where you feel there is good acoustics. Now slowly turn the dial to the left and pay attention to each click the wheels make as they are turned. You should notice how in a digit of the dial, you hear a Double click. Once you can identify this sound, return the dial to number 0 from the right side.

Step 3: Repeat the above process, paying close attention to the value indicated on the dial when the double click is heard. Whenever you hear this double jump, write it down on the piece of paper and repeat the process of returning the dial to 0 from the right side.

What we are looking for is to test each number indicated on the dial, to locate the number of digits that comprise the combination. When you have checked all the numbers and return to 0, we will move on to the next point.

PART 2. Looking for the combination

As we will work with complex numbers and processes, it will be best to keep track of the figures that are handled. For that, we will make two graphs on the sheet of paper:

  • Draw a straight horizontal line and call it X axis. In it you will locate the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat comprise the dial; starting from 0 to the highest number.
  • In the left corner of X, draw a vertical line and name it Axis y. Here you will note every match between the dial value and the double click sounds.

Step 1: Starting from 0, turn the dial to the left and listen carefully until you hear the double click. Once you have it, write down on the graph in value. Suppose you hear it at the value 3, you will have to write X = 0 / Y = 3. You will repeat this process with each value of X, until you return to 0 again.

Step 2: When you are done with searching for the digits, you will need to make sure you have the length of the password. That is, if you had established that it comprises 8 digits, you should have 8 potential combination digits. If not, it is best to repeat the graph before continuing.

Step 3: Proceed to find the correct sequence. To do this, copy on a sheet of paper all the possible combinations available with the numbers you have found and check one by one. Remember to cross off the list the ones you have inserted and also pull the door with each one. Sometimes it is possible to forget this very important step, in an effort to open the door.

Step 4: If you have checked all the possible combinations and still cannot open the box; you will have to try using the adjacent numbers. To do this, you will have to establish a margin of error of 1 to 2 numbers per digit. It is best to change value by value, to avoid confusion.


  • Before setting the possible security combinations, it is recommended to repeat the charts 2 to 3 times. In this way you will be able to check which numbers are repeated in each graph, with which you will have more certainty about which are the correct values.
  • An Arfe model 68 blueprint could be useful in the opening process. If the possibility of accessing one, do not hesitate to do so.


The goal of this article is to provide you with a free, quick and easy alternative; to people who need to open a safe, in order to solve a problem.

Apply these techniques only in safes that you own or with the explicit authorization of their owner. Also, take into consideration that performing these methods in public spaces may be frowned upon by other people or by the authorities. Remember that damage to private property, theft, theft and misappropriation; they are criminal offenses.

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