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How to open an ARFE safe

Safes come in many makes, models, and types; but regardless of their characteristics, they are all designed to fulfill the same function: protect the objects that are inside.

These security devices can generally be found in offices or businesses where they are located objects that require special protection; such as: jewelry, currency, cash, unique objects and documents of great importance.

The most common models of safesThey are usually the ones we see in the movies; which are usually exclusively manuals. But, since the advent of technology, the security mechanisms of safes have been modernized until they become electronic.

For its part, the manufacturer of ARFE safes is part of the select group of companies that design avant-garde models with electronic security systems and automatic controlled.

If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you have
lost access to your safe and you need to open it; you came to the right place. In this article we will tell you how to open a safe Y
how to maintain it
. Alright, let’s get started!

Previous considerations: ARFE safes

The safes designed by ARFE are high quality safe products. The manufacturer puts all its effort into creating devices that meet all the characteristics and needs of their customers. Although their systems are digital, they are really simple to use, which makes correct use much easier both at home and in business. But, despite seeming to be simple systems; its internal composition is much more complex than you can imagine.

The complexity of the internal mechanism of the safe, is the main reason why when trying to open the safe using invasive methods, the owner can’t open it. These boxes have key locks or mechanical combinations, so to open them, the safest and fastest option is request technical service assistance of ARFE.

On the other hand, when the problem is not the forgetting of the password, but a malfunction of the safe; it can be much more complicated to fix. This type of problem occurs more frequently in ARFE safes that have electronic combination lock; in which the battery that powers the device can be depleted.

Dead battery

In the event that the safe has run out of battery and you are unable to enter the combination, because the numeric keypad does not emit signals; you don’t have to be overwhelmed. Most of these safes have a system through which the owner can access the content of the same from manual way.

In this type of situation, there are three different cases; which can be:

CASE 1. Using a security key: ARFE safes generally have a security key that allows it to be opened in these types of situations. The device fulfills the function of allowing the user access to the contents of the safe; so these keys are usually extremely beneficial and allow you to safeguard the content that is protected.

This is a security measure with which, if something like battery depletion occurs, the box can continue to be used without any inconvenience. The only problem with security keys is that if the key were to be lost, the integrity of the safe and its contents would be compromised.

Despite the above dilemma, it is best to ask the manufacturer to add a security key. This must be protected at all times and kept in a different location than where the safe is located.

CASE 2. External keyboard for the lock: In the event that the battery supplies power to the lock and it runs out, we will proceed to change it. This model of boxes has a hidden slot, in which we can change the batteries that power the keyboard through the control panel.

This method is less risky than the security key; because the owner can change the batteries whenever necessary, without compromising the integrity of the box. Thanks to this added security, it is the method most used in safes.

A curious fact is that the electronic panel is removable, so it can be separated from the box to facilitate changing the battery. The procedure to remove it is quite simple and if you have any questions, you can always consult the user manual provided by ARFE.

CASE 3. External connector for the electronic lock: Most ARFE safes have an external connector that allows the battery to be charged without having to remove the electronic panel. This is the method most used by users; since thanks to it it is not necessary to disassemble anything, nor to complicate a lot by changing the battery.

In general, the connector is located next to the door of the safe and to supply the power, it does so through a second battery that is entirely external.

Maintenance of ARFE safes

The manufacturer has a technical assistance service, capable of meeting the highest priority needs of users such as the repair and maintenance of safes.

At their headquarters in Navarra, they have a warehouse with a large number of spare parts to solve any inconvenience, regardless of the model of the box. This service is provided by a team of qualified professionals for the repair, opening and maintenance of safes.

Among its services, the restoration of the boxes is offered, as well as their modification according to the needs of each client. Being able to install time lock systems, electronic locks or duplicate opening keys.

Therefore, ARFE safes are specially designed to offer a maximum level of protection and resistance against any type of thermal or mechanical attack and everything; complying with the safety regulations of the European Union.


The goal of this article is to provide you with a free, quick and easy alternative; to people who need to open a safe, in order to solve a problem.

Apply these techniques only in safes that you own or with the explicit authorization of their owner. Also, take into consideration that performing these methods in public spaces may be frowned upon by other people or by the authorities. Remember that damage to private property, theft, theft and misappropriation; they are criminal offenses.

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