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How to open ball plate

The ball plate locks
They are common on bedroom, bathroom, or warehouse doors. This is not to say that we cannot see or place a ball plate at the exit door of the home. But the truth is that the level of security it provides is not very high.

Ball locks are typical knob locks, which are made of metal. We can say that these locks are easy to break, but the truth is that they are a bit complicated if we don’t know how to open them without having a key or how to force them.

It may be that our case involves an emergency and warrants opening it before finding the key, thinking about that we bring you some ways to how to open ball plate. You can review each one in detail, look for the necessary tools to apply it and thus open that door before it starts to give you a headache.

Unfolding a paper clip

Paper clips are widely used in offices to keep documents organized. They are also used in schools to, in the same way, organize a certain amount of paper.

We can find clips lined with plastic of different colors, or uncoated. For the application of this method we will preferably use a clip without plastic lining. Of course, if we only have lined, we can also try to remove the plastic with a knife.

What we will do first is unfold the clip, creating a kind of J or hook at one end, we can leave a piece without unfolding so that it is easier to handle. Now we will introduce the clip tip through the keyhole and try to make a movement as if we were pulling.

What we really want is to move the system that is inside the lock. We can also turn the knob in the direction that opens the mechanism, in order to open it more easily.

Introducing a hair clip

It is a well-known method and for its application we will only need a hair clip. Hair hooks Hairpins are bent pieces of metal, some with plastic on their ends. To those, we need to remove the plastic tips to prevent it from staying inside the lock and locking it.

The tips can be removed with tweezers or pliers, pressing and pulling hard. With the hook ready, we will proceed to insert it through the keyhole, as much as we can.

Once it is well inside, we make a movement in the same direction as the hands of the clock, while at the same time we turn the handle or knob with the other hand, in the same direction that we have turned the hook. We must apply sufficient force to be able to open the lock.

Using a screwdriver

For this method we will need a screwdriver, preferably a shovel, that has the necessary dimensions to enter through the keyhole. It should not be a very thin or long screwdriver, as we will apply some force in the execution of the method and we could break it. Also, that we must be careful not to hurt ourselves.

Having the chosen screwdriver, we must insert it through the hole where we enter the key in the lock and, as we explained in the hook method, we will insert the screwdriver as far as possible, and then make a clockwise movement.

As in the previous method, we can turn the handle or knob in the same direction in which we have turned the screwdriver. In this way we can open the lock.

It is possible to substitute the use of the screwdriver for a long knife, or a butter knife that, as expected, has the appropriate dimensions to enter through the keyhole and, finally, apply the method explained in the previous part.

Using a card

If we are out of the room, a plastic card can also help us to solve the problem in question. From a credit card to a thin and resistant plastic can help us in this task.

In this case, it is important to be careful with the card to be used, as it can be damaged by the effort that you have to make. If you don’t want to risk it, a sturdy plastic is the best option.

What we now have to do is take the card vertically and insert it into the opening between the frame and the door. We must start a little above the position where the lock is located, and lower the card vertically following the direction of the slot towards the lock.

Applying some pressure, we will get to the point where the metal latch is located; This has a curved part and we must ensure that the card is inserted between it and the frame, which we can achieve by applying a little more pressure.

As we keep moving the card, we will apply a movement that tilts the card towards the knob, this to achieve that the curved part of the knob slides more easily through the card. If the movements made are precise, we have the lock open

If we still have not managed to open the door after several attempts, we can add what we are going to consider as a plus: it is about pushing the door with our free hand, and in doing so we have to make backward and forward movements while we maneuver with the card.

We can also rest our body on the door, while with the other hand (with which we do not hold the card) we turn the door handle. If we apply the movements at the same time, we should be more effective and open the lock.

Open a ball plate For the first time it is a complex task, but with enough effort and patience we can achieve it. The secret for these techniques to work is to perform them when we are physically and mentally prepared, and without any stress.

Otherwise, it is best to call an expert locksmith or, ultimately, knock down the door or break the lock; even if that case involves spending money.

DON’T USE A BALL CATCH LATCH! (Use this instead…)

DON’T USE A BALL CATCH LATCH! (Use this instead…)

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